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Exam overview


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Film Studies, WJEC, FM2, Exam Overview, Exam Preparation, Revision

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Exam overview

  1. 1. Film Studies Exam FM2 British & American Film
  2. 2. Three Sections A. Producers and Audiences B. British Cinema C. American Comparative
  3. 3. Three Sections A. Producers and Audiences (The Film Industry) B. British Cinema (British Horror) C. American Comparative (War of the Worlds)
  4. 4. A. Producers and Audiences  You need to be able to write about:  Hollywood & conglomerates  UK Film Producers & Independent Production  The importance of genres & stars for producers and audiences  Film Marketing (Awards, Festivals, Online, Viral, Traditional)  Film Reviews (Critics’ and Audience’s)  Film Distribution (Release Patterns and Strategies)  Film Exhibition (Types of Exhibition , Digital Cinema)  Foreign Language film in the UK  Audience participation in film & the impact of convergence.
  5. 5. British Cinema  You will need to write about:  Genre (horror) & how it is given a distinctive British flavour / feel  Narrative & Themes in the set films  Representation of key characters, places, events
  6. 6. US Comparative  You will have to write about:  The differences in narrative between our two films  Contextual Study (Background to the Film)  Representation of key characters (how these have changed over time)
  7. 7. The Paper - Structure  Three essays in total:  Section A - One stimulus-response question from a choice of two.  Section B - One question from a choice of two on each of the six topics.  Section C - One question from a choice of two.
  8. 8. The Paper - Timing  Duration: 2 Hours 30 minutes – Understand & prepare the stimulus material (15 minutes) – Section A - Producers and Audiences (45 minutes) – Section B – British Film (Horror) (45 minutes) – Section C – US Comparative (WotW) (45 minutes)
  9. 9. Revision – Section A  Revise the case studies (Smaug, Xmas Candle & Blue)  Understand the key stages of the film industry  Prepare a list of key terms and get an professional example for each  Read background articles and reviews  Be able to offer evidence from your own consumption / participation in films
  10. 10. Revision Section B & C  Know the set films & key scenes from the films  Understand the narrative shape/progression of the films  Identify key themes from the film (conflict)  Understand narrative positioning  Understand the characters’ objectives and relationships  Choose key narrative sequences  Do a character / representation study for main characters  Understand the genre and how far the film fit into the genre  Offer evidence in terms of micro features from key scenes to back up your points
  11. 11. Revision Advice  What advice would you give each other on how to revise?  What has or has not worked for you in the past?
  12. 12. Assessment Criteria  Terms you’ve learnt in Film Studies  Examples from case studies and set films which illustrate your ideas /arguments  Analysis of the films or understanding of the how film producers and audiences work