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End-to-End processes


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End-to-End processes diagrams

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End-to-End processes

  1. 1. Jan, 2013
  2. 2. Richard Sherman
  3. 3. Plan Horizontal Processes Demand Performance Demand Fulfilment Demand Creation Inovate Validate Develop Commercialize Channel Capture $ Account Receive Distribute Profits Shareholders Source Make Deliver Manage Relationships Channel Product Strategy (GoToMarket) or Demand Chain Financial Strategy or Value Chain Channel Strategy or Supply Chain
  4. 4. Plan DeliverMakeSource Return Source Return Deliver SellMarketCreate ServiceInnovate ValueMeasureInvest ROICCapital Demand Management Macro Processes Demand Preformance Demand Fulfilment Demand Creation
  5. 5. Create Go-to-Market DeployPLCOR CCOR SCOR Research Design Integrate Amend DCOR Relate Sell Contract Assist Source Make Deliver Revise Return Requirements Design Sales Pipeline Contracts Marketing Plan Deliveries Final interface modeling is planned to be in line with xCOR standards
  6. 6. DeliverMakeSource Return Enable ContractSellRelate Assist Enable IntegrateDesignRessearch Amend Enable LaunchDevelopIdeate Revise Enable Plan PlanPlan Plan Product Management SupplyDesign Sales