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Paper presented by Ross Hinkley, Assistant Director, Service Tasmania, at the Serve You Right Conference, Melbourne, September 2011. Provides an overview of the user-friendly service that links customers to an array of government information and services

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Service Tasmania

  1. 1. Serve You Right Melbourne, September 2011 Ross Hinkley Assistant Director Service TasmaniaDepartment of Premier and CabinetService Tasmania Unit
  2. 2. Service TasmaniaGovernance Arrangements Service Tasmania Board Service Tasmania Unit Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPAC) Department of Education TMD Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Whole of Gvt LINC Tasmania Water & Environment Banking Contract (DPIPWE) (Managed by Treasury) Service Tasmania Online Service Tasmania Contact Centre Service Tasmania Shops Telephone & Internet Bill Payments Master Level Agreement Master Level Agreement Master Level Agreement
  3. 3. Service TasmaniaThrough Service Tasmania customers can:• pay government bills.• apply for licences, permits and grants.• purchase government products, e.g. maps, guides and street atlas.• obtain information.• make bookings for specialist services.• change address and contact details for a range of services (Client UpdateService).• seek help from and provide feedback to the government.
  4. 4. Service TasmaniaService Tasmania – providing choice forcustomersover the Phone or Online Face to Face, There are 27 shops across the State, in urban, regional and rural areas: • 546 discrete services available in every shop. • 1.9 million transactions per annum completed face to face. •178 employed staff in Shops across Tasmania (FTE 123.39) • State-wide Shop Network costs $10.568 million (2010-11)
  5. 5. Service Tasmania Over-the-phone Call the One Number for Government – 1300 135 513 • Calls are answered by real people. • Information is provided on behalf of Government agencies. • 180,000 calls answered per annum. • Least developed of the three service delivery channels but the biggest opportunity for development and integration. Customers can use automated (self service option) for payments: • 40 telephone bill payments. • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. • Seeing a shift from Phone payments to Online payments.
  6. 6. Service TasmaniaOr OnlineService Tasmania Online –•user-friendly service that links customers to an array of governmentinformation and services.• access to more than 3500 State, Local and Commonwealth Governmentresources.• 40 bill payments online.• access to information, applications, forms and links.• online help and feedback service.• 1,267,315 million requests for information received in 2010-11.
  7. 7. Service Tasmania
  8. 8. Service Tasmania Transactional Levels
  9. 9. Service Tasmania CUSTOMER SURVEY 2011Timeframe: Four Weeks between May and June 2011 Survey Type: Online survey developed by Market Solutions.Delivery Channel: Feedback from Service Tasmania phone, shop and internet users.Survey Analysis through Interpretation of Agreement Index (AI) to rate their agreement to a series of attitude statements andMeasurement interpretation of Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)./AnalysisNumber of 1,093: of the participants most had recently visit Service Tasmania through:completed - Shop (972)surveys - Phone (97) - Online (39)Summary • ‘I was treated fairly’ – 96% either strongly agree Summary • Overall customer CSI of 89.6.Satisfaction or agree. Agreement • CSI of 88.7 for accessibility of service andRatings • ‘Was well informed’ – 93% either strongly agree Ratings 87.8 for the amount of time it took to get or agree. the service. • ‘Staff were knowledgeable’ – 93% either strongly • 94% of respondents were either very agree or agree. satisfied or satisfied.Customer 60% of participants indicated a 59% of participants would prefer to 81% of participants indicated apreferences for preference to speak to an operator have one number for Government satisfaction with the current operatingservices over the (even if they had to wait longer) (41% want direct numbers). hours.phoneExpectations: Overall: Shop: Online: Phone: • 43% - a lot better • 44% - a lot better • 23% - a lot better • 33% - a lot better • 15% - a little better • 15% - a little better • 8% - a little better • 19% - a little better • 40% - as expected • 39% - as expected • 59% - as expected • 44% - as expected
  10. 10. Service TasmaniaMAJOR PROJECTS• QUEST Replacement (Knowledge Management System);• Client Update Service (CUS);• Integrated Tasmanian Government Contact Centre Project;• Service Provision Review;• LINC/Hub Project (Queenstown, Bridgewater, Scottsdale and GeorgeTown);• Local Government Engagement;• Financial Management; and• Funnelback / Mobile Devices
  11. 11. Service Tasmania Procedural Information Management System (PIMS)The PIMS project is looking to replace the current Knowledge Management System(QUEST). Significant challenges over the past 12 months:• Project deferred in August 2010 due to hosting and authentication complications.• Since August 2010 – significant internal review completed: • Hosting and licensing solutions now resolved. • Sourced additional recurrent funding to support operating costs.• Seeking Treasurer’s Exemption to progress with the final development.• Development expected to take 3-4 months.• Launch expected towards April 2012.
  12. 12. Service Tasmania Local Government Engagement• Looking to expand presence and opportunities in the Local Governmentenvironment (State and Federal environments well advanced).• Existing service agreements in place with Meander Valley, George Town, Kentishand Northern Midlands.• Considerable amount of time and resources allocated to engaging with LocalGovernment environment, including ongoing discussions with Local GovernmentAssociation of Tasmania.• Aligning with independent Local Government reviews (i.e. potential amalgamationopportunities).• Initial stakeholder discussions completed and now a specific overall strategy beingdeveloped.
  13. 13. Service TasmaniaContact Details: