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Facebook and government - Digital innovation: bringing your staff along with you


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Presentation by Paul Chandley, General Manager Online Strategy and Communication, Department of Justice, Victorian Government, 23 April 2013.
Today’s seminar is designed to give you useful and practical insights into how Victorian agencies can more effectively engage on the platform that more than 12 million Australians actively use.

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Facebook and government - Digital innovation: bringing your staff along with you

  1. 1. Strategic Communication BranchDigital InnovationBringing your staff along with youPaul ChandleyGeneral Manager, Online Strategy and CommunicationVictorian Department of JusticeUsing Facebook to Engage with Victorians23 April 2013
  2. 2. <2>Welcome• The authorising environment for digital innovation inVictoria• Where to find out what others are doing• How widespread Facebook now is in government• The way we approach digital innovation at Justice
  3. 3. <3>An authorising environmentStrategic Communication
  4. 4. <4>Digital innovation in VictoriaStrategic Communication
  5. 5. <5>Facebook and governmentStrategic Communication
  6. 6. <6>Strategic Communication BranchInnovation at JusticeSome of the ways we involve, equip and empower stafffor digital innovation•Setting our online vision with our Online / DigitalStrategy•Seeding innovation with our innovation andenvironment fund•Empowering staff for digital engagement•Working with staff and citizens to design services
  7. 7. <7>Strategic Communication BranchSetting our online vision• The Online Services Strategy – Vision and initiativesover the last four years• Building internal digital capabilityo New intranet (J-Info)o Better governance and policyo Social media, mobile and live broadcastingo New enterprise web platform selected• Delivery of citizen facing serviceso New enterprise web platform implementedo Intuitive and easy to find informationo Improved self-service and citizen engagemento Extended mobile web services
  8. 8. <8>Strategic Communication BranchSelling the strategy
  9. 9. <9>Strategic Communication BranchSeeding innovation with an internal fund• Innovation and Environment Fund provides funding andan evaluation process to support good ideas from staff• Annual budget of $500,000 – funds are allocated in atwo-stage process, twice each year• Ideas Jam over a two week period• Online crowd-sourcing system (Ideation)• A channel for all staff to suggest, comment on and voteon ideas• High participation due to seamless and easy to usetechnology• Ensuring ongoing staff involvement in the department’sdigital investments
  10. 10. <10>Strategic Communication BranchSeeding innovation with an internal fund (cont.)
  11. 11. <11>Strategic Communication BranchEmpowering staff for digital
  12. 12. <12>Strategic Communication BranchEmpowering business areas to use social media• Clear process for authorisation• Yammer and J-info used to prepare staff for externalsocial media• Several training options• Risk Management Workshops• General Social Media Moderation Guide• Campaign-specific moderation response guides• Ongoing support, strategic advice and issuesmanagement from a professional team• Facebook and Government Workshop
  13. 13. <13>Strategic Communication BranchEmpowering business areas to use social media
  14. 14. <14>Strategic Communication BranchEmpowering business areas to use social media
  15. 15. <15>Strategic Communication BranchCo-design with citizens• The new Victorian Government ICT Strategy promotesco-design of services with citizens• The Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages (BDM) isusing the citizen co-design methodology in designingthe future BDM• Both face-to-face and digital channels• Staff, stakeholders and citizens to engage in the onespace online• Using relevant elements in existing social media policy• Empowering staff to participate and experiment but notmake it up as they go along• Will use the experience to inform new policydevelopment
  16. 16. <16>Strategic Communication BranchCo-design with
  17. 17. <17>Strategic Communication BranchA new Digital Services Strategy – Digital First• Just as our Online Strategy set a clear direction forstaff four years ago, so will our new Digital ServicesStrategy (in development)• Our aim with Digital First will be to Make our digital services so easy and convenient thatpeople prefer to use them, whilst those who choose not toare not disadvantaged Embrace and embed digital in everything we do becauseit enables us to deliver better outcomes through moreefficient, consistent and collaborative ways of working
  18. 18. <18>Strategic Communication BranchThanksPAUL CHANDLEYGeneral Manager, Online Strategy and CommunicationDepartment of JusticeEmail - - @Tretchitoff