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Plenary2 maria carolina hoyos

  1. 1. 28.09.2011 Maria CarOlina Hoyos Turbay Vice Minister of ICT of ColombiaOur responsibility as an industry is to develop the Internetto help reduce poverty Relationship between poverty and Internet users Poverty rate (< US 1,25 (PPP), 2005 More Internet Less Poverty Internet user x 100 inhabitants 2009 Y= -12.44 Ln (x) + 52.96 | R2= 0.59SOURCE: UNCTAD, Information Economy Report 2010 1
  2. 2. 28.09.2011And ICT has a great impact on productivity and competitivenessSOURCE: Raul Katz, Columbia University, 2010, UNCTAD Information Economy Report 2010, NASSCOMColombian has improved significantly the penetration of mobile phones,computers an internetSOURCE: World Bank 2010 , World Economic Forum, The Global Information Technology Report 2
  3. 3. 28.09.2011In households the opportunities is concentrated on social strata levels 1, 2 and3(1) Based on electrical service coverage(2) SOURCE: SUI, DANEIn businesses, the opportunity is focused in the micro companiesIt is estimated that there are more than 1.600.000 companies in the countrySOURCE: SUI, DANE 3
  4. 4. 28.09.2011Vive Digital Plan is governed by 5 basic principles “The market as far as possible, the State as far as needed.” 1: 1. Promoting public private partnership to expand infrastructure and provide service Comprehensively encourage the supply and demand of digital services 2. to reach a critical mass Reduce tax and regulatory barriers to facilitate the display of 3. infrastructure and supply of telecommunication services 4. Prioritize government resources in capital investment 5. The Government will give Example(1) The Third Way, 1999, Dr. Juan Manuel SantosAnd it will have the following specificobjectives: Multiply by 4 the number of Internet connections 8,8 X4 2,2 Mobile (3G/4G) 0,8 Fixed (>1 MB) 1,4 2010 1T Target 2014 Millions of Internet connectionsSOURCE: SIUST 2010; CRC, March 2010 4
  5. 5. 28.09.2011In the year 2014 The Digital Ecosystem of the country willaccomplish:(World Bank Building broadband: Strategies and policies for the developing , January 2010 Online Government, at a “click” from the Government APPLICATIONS Government online Strategy GENERAL PURPOSE Online Government is a Strategy of the National Government, led by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies that contributes on building a more efficient, transparent and participative Government, which collaborates with the whole society to provide better services by taking advantage of ICT. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES To drive efficiency and To Strengthen the To promote citizen collaboration across and To contribute to the conditions to raise participation and between all Government increase of transparency competitiveness engagement agencies, as well as in public management and improve by the use of ICT society as a whole quality of life 5
  6. 6. 28.09.2011Government online, at a “click” from theGovernment APPLICATIONS Government online Strategy The Strategy is a priority from President Santos in the context to the Good Governance The strategy is part of the National development plan 2010 – 2014 “Prosperity for all” It is a fundamental axis of the plan Articulates with the Governance and Administrative Efficiency Policy It is one of the fundamentals of the ICT Act National Competitiveness Policy - Conpes 3527, 2008 Public Policy, Online Government Strategy Declaration - Conpes 3650, 2010Government online, at a “click” from theGovernment APPLICATIONS Government online Strategy 6
  7. 7. 28.09.2011Government online, at a “click” from theGovernment APPLICATIONS Government online StrategyHow we are in procedures and services APPLICATIONS Online and partially online 701 701 procedures and services have increased between october 2007 to date 959% only in national order entities 523 73 2007 2010 2011 SOURCE: Online Government Program –August/11 7
  8. 8. 28.09.2011Goals 2014 APPLICATIONS Government Intranet ❖ 150 entities connected to the High Speed ❖ 35 new entities that use the Data Center20 national Network10 additional cities covered by the High entities using the Citizen Contact Center Speed Network ❖ 1134local authorities (mayors and governors) progressing in all phases of the Strategy Government online ❖ Onaverage 3 procedures and services displayed in ❖6 applications developed (killer applications) for citizens, businesses and institutions in the local order electronic means in all local authorities ❖ Regulation that regulates the paperless strategy ❖ 15% of local authorities (Municipalities and Paperless ❖ 60% national entities implementing paperless actions Governments) implementing paperless actions ❖ 100%national and territorial entities linked to the Electronic System for system10.000 providers trained in the use of the ❖ 100% of hiring processes of public entities managed Public Contracting – SECOP through SECOP system Crystal Urn ❖ 100% implementing 3rd phase: Public Management ❖ 100% implementing 2nd phase: citizen interaction and planningGoals 2014 APPLICATIONS ❖ 50% of the Notaries implementing and using the ❖ 100% Notaries unsubsidize and subsidize Colombian Notary Single Portal50% of Notaries Online Notaries progressing in the implementation of the implementing and using the Single notary transaction information and interaction phases window ❖ 60% national entities implement the rendering of ❖ Fiscal control entities implementing the Single Online Control fiscal accounts and audit tax online Window complaints ❖ 30% of the territorial entities implement the rendering of fiscal accounts and audit tax online ❖ 50%of Department Assemblies online30% of ❖ 100% of Congress online implemented Corporations online Municipal Councils online ❖ 100%of Innovation Centre in Government Online Innovation Centre in implemented Government online center for research, Government online development and innovation implemented ❖ IImplementing the integrated information from the Emergencies ❖ Emergencies care system implemented with the sectors modules of transparency and monitoring attention online 8
  9. 9. 28.09.2011 9