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Nic 2012 statereport_psp


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Nic 2012 statereport_psp

  1. 1. Pre-Employment Screening Program REPORT 2012INSIDEReaching the MotorCarrier Industry.................. 2NIC Cares........................... 3Operational Excellence....... 4 A Unique Partnership A No-Cost Contract Yields Efficiencies and Results for All Stakeholders n 2009, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration I (FMCSA) awarded a unique, no-cost contract to NIC for the Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP). FMCSA pays nothing to NIC for any aspect of the PSP service. NIC recoups its investment through fees paid by the motor carriers and drivers accessing PSP information. This innovative approach to IT delivery allows FMCSA to offer a best-in-class, secure web application without using any of the agency’s budget dollars. FMCSA provides all oversight and guidance for the PSP program, and maintains ownership of the PSP data at all times. NIC provides the hosting, infrastructure, development, marketing, customer service, industry outreach, and day-to-day Celebrating at Arlene Thompson’s retirement party. L-R: Laura program management. NIC maintains compliance with all Fredrickson, Arlene Thompson, Michael Johnsen, Elizabeth Pemmerl, and Scott Valentine. applicable accessibility, privacy, and information security regulations and standards. General Manager Elizabeth Pemmerl service. Arlene was a tireless champion of PSP and all team is responsible for all aspects of NIC’s PSP service delivery. members greatly enjoyed working with her. Jeff Secrist and During the year, it was bittersweet for all team members to Vivian Oliver have assumed PSP leadership duties, and NIC wish Arlene Thompson farewell as she retired from FMCSA looks forward to a productive and successful partnership in 2013!
  2. 2. 2012 Brought Exciting Enhancements tothe Pre-Employment Screening ProgramThe Program Expands Through PSP 2.0, the PSP iPhoneApplication and Account Holder Audits2012 was another successful year for PSP as FMCSA launched improvements and enhancements to theprogram. Headlining the developments was PSP 2.0. The second To help account holders understand the audit process, NIC hosted more than 20 webinars to communicate and explain the details. In addition, educational collateral was developed by NIC and distributediteration of PSP allows industry service providers, or “ISPs,” to through email campaigns and at trucking industry events. NIC hasdirectly access PSP driver records. ISPs are companies that are not also worked closely with the American Trucking Associations andnecessarily motor carriers, but are directly involved in the hiring of various industry organizations to offer webinars and provide news-drivers. This group includes driver staffing companies, driver leasing letter articles. It has been NIC’s goal to ensure that all carriers arecompanies, third-party screening businesses, and intrastate carriers. aware of their obligations and are using the PSP system according to 80000 On the heels of the September PSP 2.0 launch, FMCSA and defined terms and conditions.NIC announced the launch of the PSP iPhone application. Thisapplication offers PSP subscribers the ability to request and view Monthly PSP Record Requests 70,000a driver’s PSP report from their iPhone or iPad. The app mirrorsthe functionality of the PSP online service, while presenting theinformation in a format that is optimized for mobile devices. The 60,000NIC-developed application is available for free download iniTunes. Approximately 500 PSP subscribers downloaded theapp in the fourth quarter of 2012. 50,000 In 2012, the NIC and FMCSA teams were also pleased to launchimprovements to the account holder audit process. When enrollingin PSP, each account holder agrees that they will obtain a driver’sconsent before requesting the driver’s PSP record. To ensure all 40,000 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Decaccount holders are adhering to this obligation, NIC runs monthly PSP record requests by monthaudits on behalf of FMCSA. A random sampling of motor carriersand ISPs is selected for the audit. They are each required to submit During the year, FMCSA and NIC finalized procedures for motorup to three specific driver consent forms. Each form is evaluated by carriers that do not successfully complete the audit process. Companiesa member of the PSP customer service team to ensure it meets that fail to comply with the driver consent process are subject toFMCSA-defined standards. During 2012, more than 2,200 PSP penalties that range from warnings to suspension or termination fromrecord requests were audited. the PSP service. nPSP Team Works Hard to Reach Motor Carrier Industry A NIC provides PSP education and s part of the PSP partnership, team participates in as many events and coincides with agency messaging. All costs associations as time allows. In 2012 alone, for travel are covered by NIC.outreach to motor carriers, industry the NIC team provided 33 presentations Another way NIC reaches the motorservice providers, and commercial and webinars to thousands of people in carrier industry is through participation indrivers. PSP is a sought-after topic at the motor carrier community. Prior to a meetings, conferences, and exhibitions. Inmany conferences and meetings. Under PSP presentation or webinar, the NIC team 2012, the NIC team attended 18 industrythe leadership of Laura Fredrickson, the works with FMCSA to approve all slides events and staffed a PSP booth. These eventsmarketing team ensures that the NIC and content, ensuring the presentation | ontinued on page 4 | c2 | NICT - PSP REPORT 2012
  3. 3. NIC CaresNIC’s 2012 Community Involvement ne of NIC’s core philosophies is to improve the communities O where we live and work. Our work – bringing eGovernment solutions to businesses and constituents – is the beginningof how we improve the lives of fellow citizens. We are also very activewith community organizations and initiatives. The Arlington-based NIC Technologies team donates time, resources,and talent to organizations in the D.C. area. In 2012, one of NIC’s activitieswas volunteering at the Capital Area Food Bank. On multiple occasions,NIC employees worked alongside CAFB employees and other volunteers NIC Technologies volunteering at the Capital Area Food pack and sort food donations. NIC participated in an annualon-site work blood drive, donating many pints of blood to a localblood bank. The team was also involved with collecting new and gentlyused shoes for the Soles for Souls program. To make sure we’re at our best at work, we foster a culture thatencourages health and wellness. In May, NIC’s Elizabeth Pemmerl andLaura Fredrickson joined 20 colleagues from more than 10 NIC businessunits to complete a half-marathon in Providence, R.I. Elizabeth wasthrilled to have so many employees support her home state, as the raceproceeds benefit many local organizations. In addition, the team participates in “healthy weight” and“10,000 step” challenges sponsored by NIC. We encourage one another Elizabeth and Laura are feeling strong at the finish of the Providenceto make health a priority and have fun while we’re doing it! n Half Marathon!The NIC team is all smiles after another successful year. NICT - PSP REPORT 2012 | 3
  4. 4. PSP Team WorksHard to Reach NIC Technologies, LLC A member of the NIC family of companiesMotor Carrier Industry 4601 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 1160 Arlington, VA 22203| ontinued from page 2 | c (877) 642-9499allow motor carriers, drivers, and industry to conduct one-on-one,detailed discussions about PSP and itsimportant role in safety. Outreach is a key way to increase PSPadoption. In 2012, nearly 2,000 new accountswere enrolled in PSP. Collectively, all PSPusers requested 25 percent more drivers’ PSPrecords than in 2011, an exciting demonstra-tion of PSP’s growth and its importance tothe industry. Sarah, director of operations at ArkansasTrucking Association, shared, “Thank youso very much for hosting and organizingthe webinar for the Arkansas TruckingAssociation. I truly appreciate it. You arealways very informative and your delivery © 2013 Trozzolo.comis well-received.” n Operational Excellence Security and Customer Support Remained an Important Focus in 2012 NIC and FMCSA place top priority on IT security. In 2012, under FMCSA’s guidance, NIC began a project to complete a full PSP-system security authorization more than 2,000 new account holders. This talented team performs a variety of functions including account enrollment, gathering customer feedback (that generally drives system enhancements), process with a third-party security assessor. Ensuring that PSP password resets, and answering all program-related questions. adheres to FISMA and DOT security controls is a top priority The customer service team is 100 percent dedicated to the PSP to the NIC staff. The security authorization is scheduled to be application, which leads to high PSP user satisfaction. completed by mid-2013. As with all aspects of this no-cost PSP users have sent NIC feedback praising the benefits of contract, NIC assumes the costs associated with the security the program. authorization process. Rick from Super Service LLC writes, “PSP has been a great tool The PSP users enjoy the benefit of a very knowledgeable and in our hiring process. Thanks!” accessible customer service team. The team serves as the PSP Jill, director of safety at National Carriers, shared, “Awesome – experts for more than 25,000 users. During 2012, under the [PSP] gives us another tool to measure a driver’s performance.” direction of Joan Kalvaitis, the customer service team handled Derentz from Southland Transportation Company said, “PSP is the 23,000 phone calls, responded to more than 10,000 emails, and enrolled best thing that has happened to the trucking industry in a long time!”