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Nic 2012 statereport_kansas

  1. 1. KANSAS.GOV ANNUAL REPORT 2012INSIDELet’s Celebrate................... 2Keeping Kansas Secure....... 3Providing Efficiencies......... 4 CEO Letter Mobile Technology Leadership Provides Digital Access Across All Channels A Year In Review A had a productive, but s we celebrated our 20th anniversary, NIC is at the technology forefront for providing electronic government services for all types of devices, and today is the largest provider of official government mobile apps in the United States. The company has launched more than challenging year in 2012. I acknowledge 100 government mobile applications, and was the very first to develop government several performance problems, and we worked iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone diligently to address each of them. A key issue applications. NIC is focused on ensuring identified under my leadership was application that our partners have access to the latest maintenance backlog. Obviously, this would technologies for providing electronic be an issue for any contractor responsible services. We are constantly reviewing, for building new services while simultaneously testing, and developing for these maintaining and enhancing more than 300 innovative new technologies. Web applications, websites, and products. We employ a “mobile first” strategy, There is always room for improvement, and and believe that today’s evolving we feel that our current aggressive strategy of technology requires all online services hiring additional resources to focus exclusively to be developed with a mobile consideration. A November 2012 study by the Pew on reducing the application maintenance Center’s “Internet & American Life Project” reported that 56 percent of all cell phone backlog is paying off. In May 2012, owners use the device to access the Internet – up from 25 percent just three years ago. made the decision to make an upfront And the Center’s April 2012 study noted that among smartphone owners, young | continued on page 2 | adults, minorities, those with no college experience, and those with lower household | continued on page 4 |
  2. 2. Let’s Celebrate20 Years of eGovernment ExcellenceB efore the Internet was available to the public 20 years ago, Information Consortium, now an NIC subsidiary, the network manager NIC Inc. helped shape the eGovernment industry, revolutionizing contract and began eGovernment operations in 1992. the way citizens and businesses interact with federal, state, and “Kansas has always had a pioneering spirit,” said Bradley. “It waslocal government. Today, it remains the company most closely identified very progressive in making government information accessible viawith fueling the development and growth of eGovernment. modem-to-modem in the early 1990s.” “Since 1992, part of NIC’s DNA has been finding efficiencies for From its modest start serving only Kansas, NIC now develops onlinebusinesses and citizens as they interact with government,” said Harry eGovernment services and manages the official Web portals for 27Herington, NIC’s chief executive officer and chairman of the board. states and two federal agencies. In its 20-year history, NIC has created“This focus on efficient solutions has driven us to launch many more than 7,000 online services and in 2011 securely processed more thanfirsts on behalf of government – the first live chat customer support $17 billion on behalf of its government partners.on a state website, the first state government iPad application, and For its part, has broadened from a subscriber-based emailmuch more. Our future success depends on NIC continuing to drive service to building online applications for state agencies and localeGovernment innovation.” government partners. We currently provide services to more than 50 NIC executive vice president, chief administrative officer, and state agencies and more than 200 local government partners, includinggeneral counsel, William (Brad) Bradley, working as a state bar cities, counties, schools, rural water districts, and libraries.association volunteer, drafted the 1990 legislation that authorized We would like to thank the state and its constituents for 20 wonderfulcreation of the Information Network of Kansas. INK awarded Kansas years of cooperative partnership. nFueling eGovernment Growth A Year In ReviewBuilding Partnerships and Strengthening Relationships K has recently undergone an exciting expansion with the addition of seven | continued from page 1 | new positions since 2011. Two of these positions are currently held by Jenna Coates investment to hire six new developmentand Todd Smith, the business development managers (BDMs). The BDMs act as resources to ensure partner satisfaction. Inthe face of, working closely with both new and existing partners to develop less than six months, our customers havebusiness opportunities, cross-promote products and services, and support experienced a:partner satisfaction efforts. • 90 percent increase in deployment of new 1 “State partnerships are very important to the well-being of our business, and vice versa. services and enhancementsOur self-funded model allows the state to provide online services to Kansans without • Decreased average project delivery by 66 daysthe use of tax dollars,” said Todd Smith. • ore than 200 percent increase in the M Originally from Ohio, Todd moved to Topeka in 2007. He has gained valuable insight pipeline for new projectsinto the operations of government entities after working for both the city of Topeka and the continues to work diligently tostate of Kansas. He has three daughters under the age of 9 with his wife, Angela Smith. improve its performance for more than 200 stateHe understands how to grow business and is focused on maintaining’s agencies and local governments. I thank you forrelationships throughout the state. fueling eGovernment to enable businesses and Jenna, a native Topekan and graduate of Kansas State University, has had quite a busy citizens to complete government transactionsyear. Shortly after joining in April 2012, she married her fiancé, Ryan. In securely and efficiently across all channels ofNovember 2012, she and Ryan welcomed their first baby boy, Bentley Coates, into the world. digital government.Jenna is a natural communicator and excels at building relationships with prospective partners. “People are my specialty,” said Jenna,“I love to find opportunities that match partners to Shane Myersthe products that make the most sense for their organization.” CEO Please join us in welcoming Jenna and Todd to the family. n2 | KANSAS.GOV ANNUAL REPORT 2012
  3. 3. A Culture of Employees Focus on Local Charity KeepingT Kansas Secure here is a saying that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” While the people in this office are all deeply committed to our own personal causes and crusades, we realized that our impact on the community could be even A Cybersecurity Breachmore powerful by focusing on a common goal. In 2012, the portal focused Could Cost States a Lotits volunteerism efforts on the Topeka Rescue Mission. The Topeka Rescue Mission is a homeless shelter, dedicated to providing food, More Than Credibility Eshelter, and basic necessities to those in need since 1953. For 60 years, those who veryone talks about cybercrime and theare less fortunate could walk into the Mission and receive compassionate support. need for heightened security measuresRemarkably, the Topeka Rescue Mission is able to provide this vital assistance for state enterprises. In fact, 81 percent of (meals, shelter, clothing state officials surveyed said cybersecurity banks, recovery programs, is the most important challenge they face. work training programs, The question is, are states doing enough to health clinics, furniture, protect their sensitive information when toiletries) while subsisting cybercriminals and hacktivists are on the entirely on private donations increase in numbers and sophistication? and receiving zero Unfortunately, the wealth of personally government funding. identifiable information (PII) and sensitive As a Christian-based business data makes states attractive targets. community organization, The investment to keep security measures the Mission refers to its current and valuable data safe is relatively brand of social service as small when compared to the potential costs“faith with its sleeves rolled up.” With that in mind, the team rolled of a major breach. Consumer confidence canup their proverbial sleeves and got to work finding out how we could help support plummet, reputations can be damaged beyondthe efforts of the Topeka Rescue Mission. To date, the team has repair, legal action can drain resources and thesupported the Mission by donating more than 2,200 items, including household negative effects can ripple far and wide, evengoods, bedding, food and pantry items, paper goods, toys, and clothing. entangling elected officials as high up as a By receiving donations of both time and resources, the Mission is able to focus on governor in one state.providing more than 900 meals each day.’s contributions also help NIC’s corporate and portal security teamsprovide necessary items to the 200 men, women, and children who shelter at the continuously monitor online applications andRescue Mission. systems to detect vulnerabilities, and adhere is proud to make a difference in the lives of others by supporting this to the highest levels of payment card industrygreat organization. n (PCI) compliance. Yet, even with most of the risk outsourced, partners still need to be aware that 100 percent of the risk cannot be outsourced. 2012 Staff Donations NIC’s chief security officer, Jayne Friedland to Topeka Rescue Mission Holland, helps educate partners on the many layers and complexities involved with PCI compliance and security issues. In a Paper Goods Food and Pantry recent white paper by the Center for Digital Clothing Household Goods Government, she cites, for example, that many call centers record agent conversations for Toys Bedding | continued on page 4 | KANSAS.GOV ANNUAL REPORT 2012 | 3
  4. 4. ProvidingEfficienciesGenerating Long-term 534 S. Kansas Ave., Suite 1210 Topeka, KS 66603Value for Kansas (785) 296-7171 S ince 2000, KIC has invested more than $42 million This investmentrepresents the costs to deliverthe diverse elements of the self-funded model, including hardware © 2013 Trozzolo.comand software, hosting, marketingand promotion, customer service,security (including PCI compliance Mobile Technology Leadershipcertification), maintenance services, | continued from page 1 |and telecommunication costs. income levels are more likely than other groups to say that their phone is their main sourceSaid another way – if Kansas had of Internet access. Mobile is expanding the availability of eGovernment services to moreinsourced in 2000, our Americans, and NIC is developing new mobile services as accessibility continues to grow.conservative estimate is that it In addition to native mobile apps, we also lead in mobile Web expertise, using HTML5 orwould have cost the state at least “responsive design” to write one set of code that automatically detects what type of device$42 million more than the last 12 is being used, be it desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Responsive design notyears to operate, maintain, and only automatically detects the device, but scales the design and formats content accordingly.enhance the portal. This approach not only provides convenience to those using the service, but is also efficient This data is supported by a for government partners as one set of code is written and released by the University Another aspect of our mobile expertise allows our portals to work together to share theof Utah in October 2012. A nine- code so that other apps can be quickly created. For example, a practice driver exam app for themonth evaluation of iPad was rapidly deployed to six state portals. This sharing allows all of our portal partners torevealed the state has saved benefit from the applications we develop as well as the best practices we have established.$61 million during the last five Since we developed the first mobile application for Palm devices in the mid-1990s, weyears by putting services online never stopped innovating and harnessing the power of the latest technology to deliverunder the self-funded model. efficiencies to citizens and businesses. nThe research showed the averagecost of conducting a transactiononline is $4 while the cost for Keeping Kansas Securethe same transaction offline was | continued from page 3 |$17. This savings underscores the quality assurance purposes. If those recordings include customers providing their creditvalue of eGovernment to state card information, then the recordings must be secured in accordance with PCI guidelinesagencies. believes and standards. Examples such as this are areas where some forget the many layers ofthe findings from this study compliance that keep data secure.would apply directionally to How secure are your applications and data? Do you know which complianceany state that provides similar issues are the responsibility of the portal and which are the state’s responsibility?self-funded eGovernment Your portal’s teams can put you in touch with NIC’s Corporate Security Team for aservices – including Kansas. n presentation on compliance and security. n