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Nic 2012 statereport_indiana

  1. 1. INDIANA INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012INSIDEIndiana State PoliceBus Inspections.................. Portal Statistics....... 5II Delivers SeveralNew Solutions to BMV.. ...... 7Lost and The Program ProvidesFind Me 50+ New Solutions In 2012 TReuniting Children he Program, a partnership between the state of Indiana and Indiana Interactive, experienced an exceptional year of innovation andWith Parents growth in 2012. From the deployment of more than 50 new or enhanced I ndiana Interactive showcased a new applications and websites, to showcasing an innovative tool that increases child service offered by parent company NIC safety, the Program excelled at providing exceptional solutions andInc. during the 2012 Indiana State Fair. The services for the Indiana constituency.service, Lost and Find Me, is an innovative In addition to the deployment of a vast variety of services, the Programsolution which allows State Fair staff to quickly efficiently supported an existing library of more than 180 applications and 150reunite lost children with their parent or websites. Fulfilling more than 6,300 service requests from various agenciesguardian by scanning a bracelet with a unique across the state, staff worked diligently to maintain and update the portalQR code. Once scanned via any smartphone services in order to provide the highest level of service possible.equipped with a QR code reader, the service Throughout the year focused on three primary goals. The first was tosends a text message or email to the parent or provide and support innovative solutions that streamlined citizen and business inter-guardian indicating the location of the child. action with the state of Indiana. The second goal was to reinvest in the technologicalIn the event the individual does not have a infrastructure to ensure the successful growth of the portal. The third goal was tosmartphone, the code can be entered online at provide for the needs of the community through volunteer services and to notify the child’s The Program was able to achieve each of these goals through the course of theparent or guardian. Indiana Interactive and year. This achievement was made possible by the partnership between the state ofthe State Fair staff plan to offer the service Indiana and Interactive, an extremely talented and dedicated staff, and the support ofat the 2013 Indiana State Fair. n Indiana citizens by utilizing the new and existing services offered by n
  2. 2. Indiana State Police Bus Inspections Mobile Solution Provides Real-time Bus Data T he Indiana State Police (ISP) inspects all school buses The system has an online Web application. The Web application throughout the state to ensure the safety of school is used by schools to follow up on inspections and used by offi- children in the state of Indiana. Officers are now able cers to run reports, and they can complete an inspection online to complete inspections using a tablet or an online mobile- as opposed to using the tablet. optimized Web application. The objective of the system is to increase efficiency in the bus inspection process, as well as increase data entry accuracy and reporting. The Bus Inspection application allows officers to complete multiple inspections in a shorter amount of time by eliminating the paper process. While on the inspection site, when a previ- ously inspected bus is fixed, the officer is able to do an immediate reinspection to update the status of the bus. Once an Internet connection is established, the officer simply syncs the tablet and the data is sent to the master database. Each time an officer logs into the Playbook he or she will see any buses that have had an initial inspection but did not pass the inspection due to viola- tions. This feature informs officers which buses should not be operating and which buses require reinspections within 30 days. The Bus Inspection application provides one source for Once the officer reinspects a bus and performs the sync process, ISP and schools around the state to have an accurate status all approved buses are removed from the dashboard. on bus inspections.IN.govEnterprise Model Delivers New Search Functionality T he portal is one of a few in the Google Custom Search, was adequately In addition to the inclusion of the nation utilizing enterprise solutions serving the needs of the portal, the GSA KeyMatch and Related Queries, the IN.govthat can be leveraged by all of state govern- allowed for greater customizations and portal tagged more than 60,000 pages ofment. The benefits of an enterprise solution control over search results. content with specific META tags. These tagsinclude, but are certainly not limited to, The first task of implementation allow the GSA to organize pages by Agencystreamlined updates across the portal, a was to educate the agencies on the Google Name and Category. The GSA thensupport staff that can focus on a single solu- Search Appliance. Over a two-month span, uses the categorizations to allow users totion to become subject matter experts, and weekly training sessions were held to filter their search results.the ability for all participating entities to discuss the implementation and explain Since its inception, the GSA has becomeutilize new features and enhancements. the goal of the Internal Search Engine Opti- a vital part of the portal. It has mization (SEO) initiative. Each agency was successfully indexed more than 800,000Internal SEO asked to provide KeyMatch and Related assets within, and during high-trafficIn 2012, the Indiana Office of Technology Query terms to populate into the GSA. The time frames the appliance is responding topurchased a Google Search Appliance (GSA) agencies that participated in the training more than 150 search queries per order to improve the quality of searches sessions provided more than 3,000 terms, As with any tool, the portal isperformed within the portal. While the increasing the effectiveness of the portal continuing to evaluate new features toprevious search solution through Google, search engine. enhance the search experience in 2013. n2 | INDIANA INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012
  3. 3. Application Enhancements Department offor the Indiana Department of Natural ResourcesInsurance Deliver Convenience CheckINCertificate of Insurance Achieves 39 PercentThroughout previous years, entities completed a Patient’s Compensation Fund(PCF) Certificate of Insurance (COI) paper form and sent it via mail along with Online Adoptiona check payment to IDOI for processing. The process requires IDOI to perform adrawn-out sequence of manual steps to ensure each certificate is properly filled out and documented, and payment isreceived/deposited. T he Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ CheckIN Game system is a free online application that allows hunters to At the beginning of 2012, check their harvested game from any deviceprovided an electronic filing application that is connected to the Internet. Huntersthat eliminates the manual processing who use this system receive a confirmationof certificates and an electronic number that they write down on a temporarypayment option that eliminates the transportation tag for the harvested game. Inpaper check process. As of December addition to the free service online, hunters2012, the application is now mandatory also have the option to check their game viafor all COI filers to use. phone for a fee of $3 per harvested game. Thanks to enhancements deployed in parallel with the mandatory online filing Previously, hunters were required to go todate, entities can submit a single upload with up to 500 records in one submission, one of the game check stations throughoutor they may submit one record at a time. This system has reduced the amount of the state to check their game. The CheckINmanual work for IDOI and provides an online solution for carriers and producers system gives hunters the option to checkto file, pay for, and view all certificates filed. their game online, via phone, or at the traditional check stations.Residential Real Estate Acquisition During the fall/winter 2012 deer huntingof Licensee Information and Numbers season more than 50,000 deer were checkedBeginning in 2009, Indiana Interactive (II) and the Indiana Department of Insurance using the online system. Compared to 2011collaborated to develop a new Residential Real Estate Acquisition of Licensee Infor- harvested deer counts, this is more than mation and Numbers Database (RREAL IN). In compliance with Indiana statute, the a 39 percent adoption rate. As deer seasonRREAL IN database and application serve as an electronic system for the collection concludes in January 2013, the adoption rate and storage of information concerning is expected to increase. Hunters find the people who have participated in or online system easy to use and have given assisted with a single-family residential positive feedback to DNR. The CheckIN first lien purchase money mortgage Game system is also used by state conser- or refinance transaction. In 2012, II vation officers to validate licenses, types completed a third-phase enhancement of of weapons used to hunt, and to reduce the RREAL IN application that included poaching during the hunting seasons. new and improved reporting and notifi- Additional enhancements are planned for cation functionalities for administrative 2013 that will enhance the user experience, and state agency users. Now, when any add the ability to view previously checkedreported transaction includes a person with an expired license, interested state agencies game, and allow hunters to update their and administrators will receive automatic email notifications of the transactions and contact information.can ultimately enforce any penalties necessary for license infractions. n INDIANA INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012 | 3
  4. 4. 2012 Awards Best of Show Mobile Application It was Indiana Interactive’s pleasure to partner with agencies to deliver so many award-winning solutions throughout 2012. DNR iPhone Application Mobile Web Awards Emerging Media Innovator Award Best Travel Mobile Application DNR iPhone Application Summit International Awards Mobile Web Awards Gold Award Silver Award
(Government Website Category) Davey Awards Summit International Awards Gold Award Silver Award for Interactive Distinction
(Government Website Category) W Awards 3 The Communicator Awards Silver Award Silver Award for Interactive Distinction IDOI Rate Watch Application Indiana Transparency Portal (Web Application/Services Category) The Communicator Awards W Awards 3 Sunny Award Outstanding Government Website Top Transparency Website Sunshine Review Web Marketing Association’s Web Award TechPoint Mira Awards Nominee Driving Digital Government: Innovation of the Year State Government Category Mira Awards ISP Mobile Bus Inspection Application Digital Government Achievement Awards Indiana Interactive: Invested in Our Community I ndiana Interactive continued its commitment to team building and community involvement by partnering for a third straight year with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. In May, II planted an additional distributing shoes to those in need. In September, II collected a total of 86 pairs of shoes, including kids’ sneakers, men’s boots, and women’s dress shoes. Since 2005, Soles4Souls has delivered more than 19 million pairs 20 trees in an effort to restore and preserve natural landscape in an of shoes to individuals in more than 125 countries across the world. area surrounded by interstate highways and interchanges. Since 2010, In support of men’s health, Indiana Interactive had an official II has planted 170 trees and donated $15,000 to the program. Movember team, StacheINgo. II showed support by raising aware- Efforts to give back continued through the fall when Indiana Interac- ness and funds for men’s health through its own campaign slogan, tive linked up with Soles4Souls, a charity focused on collecting and “Ask me about my stache.”4 | INDIANA INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012
  5. 5. Portal StatisticsPortal Keeps Providing More ValueT he Portal is a vital resource for the state of Indiana. With and has shown significant growth in mobile visitors. Reports indicate a more than 150 online applications and more than 60,000 pages 12 percent increase in page views during the same period, contributing of content, the portal is rapidly growing to become a centralized to a total visitors increase of 7.2 percent and a new visitors increase ofhub where individuals can conduct business with state government. 19.3 percent. Additionally, mobile platform visits experienced the mostFrom 2010 to 2012 the portal experienced steady growth in website visits significant increase with a 404 percent increase from 2010 to 2012. n Monthly Page Views (Millions) Monthly Visitors (Millions) January January February February March March April April May May June June July July August August September September October October November November December December 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Monthly Platforms Windows 7 (64 Bit) Windows 7 Windows Vista (64 Bit) Windows Vista Windows XP Windows 2003 Windows 2000 Macintosh Linux LEGEND Google Android 2012 2011 2010 iPhone Blackberry Windows Mobile Unknown 0 5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000 40,000 45,000 50,000 INDIANA INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012 | 5
  6. 6. Mobile Compatibility New TechnologyCompleted in 2012 Invests in the Future T echnology is at the forefront of all aspects of the program. In 2012, theN increasingly popular way for consumers to ationwide, mobile devices are becoming an technical infrastructure was enhanced to ensure the continued and steady growth of the program. Some areas of focus for the investment have includedaccess the Web. Last year alone, mobile browsing software, hardware, and skilled resources.increased to approximately 10-11 percent of the One area to highlight of great importance in this effort is our decision to migratetotal website viewing audience nationwide and from a physical server environment to a more robust and nimble virtual environment.has experienced rapid growth over the past Utilizing a platform and extensive tool set, our footprint has decreased while ourseveral years. Indiana was no different. Reports capabilities and capacity have more than tripled. These capabilities also will lend to ourfor the portal websites found that mobile abilities to quickly enable services in a secondary facility that was procured in 2012.platform traffic increased 148 percent from 2010 A significant investment has also been focused on the data storage 2011, and another 103 percent from 2011 to During the year, a new storage platform was procured and introduced to the environ-2012. This represents an increase of more than ment. This platform has more than doubled our storage capacity and provides the7.4 million visits, or 404 percent growth, in ability to continue to grow with the portal. Another impressive aspect of the new storagemobile platform traffic from 2010 to 2012. platform is recognized by the system’s out-of-the-box ability to seamlessly replicate As more consumers continued to access the Web via between appliances in multiple environments. This further solidifies the efforts beingdevices other than traditional computers, it became put into place for disaster recovery capabilities.increasingly important that the websites Furthering our effort to provide the highest uptime and responsiveness of the portal,have designs that adapt to users’ screen resolutions. we recently changed the way and your applications connect to IOT and yourIndiana Interactive decided to meet these increasing databases. As of late 2012, the portal now has redundant dedicated and disparate commu-mobile site demands by implementing a respon- nication lines, further bridging the gap between the hosting facility and the state of Indiana.sive design across all standard websites and We are thrilled for all of the new technologies and infrastructure advances that willsubsites. The benefit of responsive design is its ability be added to the program in 2013. nto adapt to current and future mobile and handhelddevices by dynamically rendering the Web pagebased on the user’s screen resolution. This wouldallow the websites to be easily viewed using a Transaction Processing Twide variety of smartphones and handheld devices, he total number of transactions processed by Indiana Interactive through theremoving the need for separate mobile content. Transaction Processing Engine (TPE) increased yet again in 2012. The dramatic Indiana Interactive completed the deployment of increase in TPE transactions is partly due to the BMV payment processing project,responsive design on all standard websites which deployed in October 2012. saw an increase of nearly 51 percent in 2012and subsites on Dec. 12, 2012. The project involved over transaction amount totals for TPE in 2010. Since 2010, II has increased the totalthe migration of 149 websites and subsites, consisting TPE transaction amount from $450 million to $678 million. CDB transactions stayedof more than 60,000 pages of content within the steady in 2012 for a total of 4.9 million transactions involving more than $29.6 content management system, into a respon- In total, collected $708.2 million through TPE and CDB in 2012. nsive design. Deployment was completed in threephases, with 107 Phase 1 websites released in October 800 Yearly Dollar Amounts CDB Transactions ($M) CDB TPE and $700 TPE Dollar Amounts TPE Dollar Amounts CDB Dollar Amounts2012. This first phase was quickly followed with 40 $600Phase 2 websites in early December. The remaining, $500highly customized Phase 3 websites were completed $400on Dec. 12. Agency feedback has been very positive, $300prompting additional requests for mobile-friendly $200 $100websites from agencies who do not utilize’s $0standard templates. n 2010 2011 20126 | INDIANA INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012
  7. 7. II Delivers Several New Solutions to BMVPayment Processing Specialty Plate AuthorizationIndiana Interactive is now successfully providing payment Several organizations in the state of Indiana offer specialtyprocessing services to the BMV. This payment processing plates for approved drivers. These plates require authoriza-service provides fast and organized payment information for tion from the organization prior to issuance by the Bureau ofeach transaction. In addition to the standard payment options Motor Vehicles. The previous process required drivers to obtainat a BMV branch or online, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) a paper form from the issuing organization. The form wouldsystem was also developed. The IVR handles both registration be completed by the driver, submitted to the organizationpayments and reinstatements for the BMV. Along with the pay- for review and approval, and then returned to a BMV branchment processing, Indiana Interactive is providing new credit proving authorization. The new application allows authorizingcard swipe devices to all BMV branch locations in coordination organizations to submit approved drivers online and updateswith the BMV’s focus on providing fast, easy, and secure ways BMV’s internal systems instantly. This allows the driver to orderto do business. their plate in a BMV branch without the form and, more impor- tantly, online at Plate RegistrationIn addition to the payment processing initiative, II workedwith the BMV and the Indiana State Police in making stridesto streamline the application process for confidential driver’slicense plates. Confidential plates are issued only to vehiclesowned or operated by state, local, or federal investigative agen-cies. Instead of continuing to use a hard copy application, theprocess was developed into an online application. The onlineapplication provides a great benefit to the law enforcementagency by reducing the time and number of errors on licenseplate application submissions, as well as keeping them up-to-date and organized on the application submissions. The BMV CDL Skills Testis able to oversee the application process and can communicate Across the State of Indiana several approved CDL skillsdirectly with the individual who submitted the application. testing facilities test and score CDL permit holders in order to obtain CDL licensure. The testing facilities previously utilizedValiDate Fraud Prevention a software application installed on individual PCs. Due to theHoosiers’ safety is always a top priority, which is why local installation, it is very difficult for the BMV to deploydeployed ValiDate to fight against identity fraud. ValiDate is a updates and enhancements to the software. In order to solvefast and easy online method for verifying the authenticity of this issue, the CDL skills test online application was created.state-issued identification cards. ValiDate allows depository insti- Deployed in December 2012, the online application providestutions to efficiently and effectively verify Indiana-issued driver’s a secure login, updated user interface, and several validationlicenses, driving privilege cards, and state identification cards rules to assist the CDL instructors as they input data. Thepresented at the time of service. Authorized ValiDate users enter system automatically prints customized score sheets withbasic information including ID number, name, and date of birth. CDL permit holder information and testing criteria based offThe ValiDate service will then check the information entered with of the class, endorsements, and restrictions of the CDL permit.the information on file with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and will Instructors then use the printed score sheet to track progresseither confirm or deny that the information matches. Without a of the in-field test. Once the test is complete, the instructordoubt, ValiDate will have a meaningful impact for customers by inputs the detailed scoring results into the system for auto-putting them at ease when it comes to ID fraud. matic processing by the BMV. INDIANA INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012 | 7
  8. 8. 10 West Market Street, Suite 600Indianapolis, IN 46204(317) 233-2108© 2013 Services Deployed or Enhanced in 2012 In addition to the services and websites highlighted in the previous pages, a list of all 2012 project deployments is provided below. For a listing of all services offered by, please visit Applications • BMV Multiple Record Search iRecords • ICSB Charter School Board Website• IAC Grants Application • DNR Game CheckIN Enhancements • CHE Learn More Indiana – • BMV Driver Education Application • IDOI COI eFiling with Bulk Submission College GO! Week• BMV Bus Validate Application • DHS Design Release Service• DNR CheckIN Game Application • RREAL IN Phase 3 Website Enhancements• BMV Confidential License • DOR ePay • Senate Republicans Calendar Plate Application Implementation• IDOI Certificate of Insurance Application New Websites • 2012 State Fair Website• OAG Rule-Making Docket • IDOA Minority and Women’s • ISDA Website Redesign• ISC Clerk of Courts Portal Business Enterprises • SAB Calendar Implementation• AG Indiana Hope Card Application • SEAC State Employees • IEDC Calendar Implementation• PLA Real Estate License Appeals Commission • AG Calendar Implementation Transfer Application • CHE Learn More Indiana • IWC Calendar Implementation• IDEM OTC Application • Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council • INShape Calendar Implementation• State Fair Online Ticket Sales • CHE Learn More Indiana – • State Fair Responsive Design Website• ICW Torchbearer Awards Application KnowHow2GO • State Fair Fairgrounds Website• BMV Specialty Plate Authorization • DOC Evidence-Based Practice • Indiana State Fair WebCMS• BMV CDL Skills Testing Application CMS Subsite Implementation • ICRC Additional Agencies • ISDH Enhancements • GIS Website • CHE Website Redesign• DNR Reserved Hunt Registration • ISP CrossFit Website • SEAC PDF Search Enhancement Past Hunt Preference • CHE Learn More Indiana – • SSACI/CHE eStudent Enhancements• DNR SHAARD Web Service Cash for College • IOT Responsive Design Initiative• IDOI Rate Watch Application • Indiana Bicentennial Website • INPRS Document Search