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Nic 2012 statereport_arizona

  1. 1. ARIZONA INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012INSIDEFeatured Projects............... 2Sites and ApplicationsCompleted by theArizona Portal.................... 42012 Transaction Data. . ...... 7 Executive Summary Fun Facts Vision for the State One of the top priorities of Arizona’s Chief Information Officer Aaron Sandeen Phoenix, Ariz., is the fifth-largest has been data sharing among agencies in an open and secure environment. In city in the U.S., with a population 2012, the Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology office – Arizona Department of 1.4 million. of Administration (ASET-ADOA) began work on building a state-managed central repository for agency-related open data. The new Data Sharing Platform (DSP) will enable agencies to consume, populate, and display agency, employee, and services-related data from the DSP as well as aggregate and display feed data from external agency data sources. In conjunction with the state’s DSP project, Arizona Interactive was appointed Phoenix to complete a redesign of, the state’s official website. The redesign included the website template design, the design and installation of a Drupal infrastructure, development of the site’s dynamic applications, and the integration with the state’s DSP. Working collaboratively with the state, Arizona Interactive deployed the new alpha site on Dec. 26, 2012. The amount of copper on the roof As online systems have become increasingly critical for the smooth operation of the state’s Capitol building is of the state, the importance of ensuring the continued operation of those systems, equivalent to 4.8 million pennies. and their rapid recovery, had become paramount. It became pertinent to have a secondary disaster site in place that would allow the state to failover, in minutes, Blue and gold are when a problem was detected, protecting against unwanted downtime, and the official state colors. ensuring that state citizens and employees did not experience a loss of service while the failover occurred. | continued on page 5 |
  2. 2. Featured Projects Arizona Game and Fish Department – The success of the Hunt Draw Application AGFD Hunt Draw appli- In late 2011, Arizona Interactive launched the Hunt Draw application cation has solidified the for the Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD). After multiple portal’s ongoing partner- failed attempts by other vendors to provide citizens with this online ship with the Arizona service, AGFD and Arizona Interactive partnered to launch the first Game and Fish Depart- successful Hunt Draw application in Arizona. By the end of 2012, ment. In the upcoming approximately one year after launch, four hunt draws had successfully years, AGFD seeks to completed; the adoption rate had increased nearly 100 percent and continue improving its survey results reflected a 97 percent positive user satisfaction rating. Online Licensing System, In October of 2011, the portal closed the first hunt draw for AGFD. build a Dealer Licensing The application was available to the public for only 10 days during Automation System, the normal six-week window, yet, during this time, the system provide multiple mobile solutions to Arizona citizens, and build a processed more than 7,600 transactions and accepted more than Game and Fish portal. AGFD has expressed the desire to continue $326,000 in payments. working collaboratively with Arizona Interactive to build and deliver In each subsequent hunt draw window, AGFD realized greater these online solutions to Arizona citizens. adoption rates and increased customer satisfaction. By the end of 2012, the Hunt Draw application had processed more than $4.5 Redesign Initiative million. The tables below reflect the 2012 AGFD hunt draw transaction ASET-ADOA and Arizona Interactive understand that the and survey results. state Web portal ( is the gateway to Arizona, and is 2012 Draw Results Application Application Permit Permit Hunt License Total Hunt Year Season Applicants Trans. Dollars Trans. Dollars Dollars Dollars Dollars 2012 S 11,707 7,396 $87,802.50 4,800 $203,431.00 $291,233.50 $238,619.00 $529,853.00 2012 F 85,942 64,590 $644,565.00 8,995 $1,889,3853.50 $2,533,950.50 $1,919,977.75 $4,453,928.25 2012 M 74,275 54,505 $557,062.50 15,325 $1,015,710.25 $1,572,772.75 $354,208.75 $1,926,981.50 Totals 171,924 126,491 $1,289,430.00 29,120 $3,108,526.75 $4,397,956.75 $2,512,806.00 $6,910,762.75 2013 S 23,387 14,920 $175,402.50 – – $175,402.50 $390,283.75 $565,686.25 2013 F – – – – – – – – 2013 M – – – – – – – – Totals 23,387 14,920 $175,402.50 – – $175,402.50 $390,283.75 $565,686.25 Note: The 2013 fall and mid-year hunts are pending. 2012 Year-End Survey Results How Satisfied? Very Satisfied Very Satisfied 2014 71.12% Satisfied Quite Satisfied Quite Satisfied 629 22.21% Satisfied Satisfied 117 4.13%2 | ARIZONA INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012
  3. 3. Arizona Interactivefundamental to providing insight regarding how Arizona citizens Supports the Communitywork, live, play, and interact with state government. The shift toa dynamic site that enables citizens to obtain desired informa- M embers of Arizonayear including the Susanto several commu- nity projects this Interactive contributed G. Komen Race fortion from one location is integral to the state’s new vision, and in the Cure, Toys for Tots, and St. Mary’s Food Bank.late 2012, ASET-ADOA and Arizona Interactive began workingcollaboratively to reshape the state portal website. In early November 2012, ADOA began work on building the Susan G. Komen Race for the Curestate’s new Data Sharing Platform (DSP) and Arizona Interactive Fifteen members participated inwas contracted to design and implement the first two phases our NIC Strive to Surviveof the Drupal Hosting Architecture, build multiple PHP team for the third consecutive year and participated in the 5K walk to support breast cancer awareness. The Phoenix area race had more than 21,000 participants in total, raising enough donations to provide almost 32,000 mammograms to Arizona residents. Toys for Tots All members of Arizona Inter- active, along with multiple building employees, contributed to this drive. Together, we wereapplications, and design and build the website pages in Drupal’s able to collect a significant number of toy donations this holidayOpenPublic platform. Working in conjunction with the Arizona season for local children in need.Department of Administration (ADOA), the redesign of AZ.govwill be completed in a phased approach, with the alpha sitedelivered in late December 2012, the beta site completed in the St. Mary’s Food Bankfirst quarter of 2013, and the final production site launched by This year, members of our portal staff took time out to assist the foodthe second quarter of 2013. bank in packing food to help those who are less fortunate in our Starting in early November, Arizona Interactive completed community. In one evening, we were able to collectively pack 29,160the design and implementation of the responsive Drupal theme, pounds of meals comprised of 3,240 emergency food bags.built the APIs needed to communicate with the state’s DSP, and This effort resulteddesigned and built the Agency Directory, Search and Results in more than 3,000pages, and RSS feed applications for the new site. Addi- families receiving foodtionally, the portal built a robust hosting environment in both during these difficultthe ADOA Phoenix and Tucson failover data centers. economic times. As the new website continues to evolve, ASET-ADOA Additionally, thisand Arizona Interactive are dedicated to becoming a leader in year also marked our second year collecting nonperishable itemsstate government by delivering continued innovation, new for our local food bank during the holiday season. In this effort, wemobile services, and state-of-the-art design. Working together, collected almost 200 pounds of food for those less fortunate in our area.ASET-ADOA and Arizona Interactive expect the delivery of an In 2013, the portal is committed to increasing our community serviceaward-winning site to the citizens of Arizona in 2013. and plans to add additional projects such as Habitat for Humanity, as well as other donation drives benefiting local organizations. n ARIZONA INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012 | 3
  4. 4. Sites and Applications Completed by the Arizona Portal 2012 Completed Projects Each Quarter I n 2012, Arizona Interactive completed 30 projects for the state of Arizona, including five new website 1st Quarter 2012 PROJECT designs such as the Governor’s Office of Innovation ASET Education Dashboard AZ Ready site, the first website design in Drupal OpenPublic Redesign and Improvement for the Department of Weights and Measures, and the alpha ASET Annual Report version (phase one) of the state’s official website, Template Redesign In mid-July, the Arizona Ready website was launched to Variable Projects Template Redesign (addendum) the public by Governor Jan Brewer. This initiative provides AGFD Watercraft Enhancements Disaster Recovery Initiative (*excluding CAVU effort) specific and measurable goals recommended by statewide MVRRS File Encryption Key Setup for Mobile Home education and business leaders. Additionally, the website Customers offers an online data tool that monitors the state’s progress in Event Registration OWN – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server reaching education goals. Governor Brewer is very proud of Internal Projects AZ: Secure Checkout Service Enhancements this initiative, stating “This online Build New SQL Server Environment for DB2 Migration Education Report Card puts right ASET Drupal Environment Build/Setup at parents’ fingertips some of the most critical information about 2nd Quarter 2012 PROJECT the quality of our schools and the ASET – Two-Page Illustrator File achievement of our students.” & PowerPoint Template Design In July 2012, Arizona Interactive AZ Dental Board – SCS Integration ADEQ CGP Project and Integration with SCS completed the redesign of the Variable Projects RCE Licensing and Admin App Rewrite Department of Weights and Measures website in Drupal. MSGP SWPPP Enhancements With the state’s Drupal content management initiative in ADWM Website Design + Photos place, the state was determined to make forward progress AGFD Watercraft Licensing Period Enhancements on the redesign of the state’s official website, The RCE Website Physical Therapy – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server new website is responsive in design and dynamic in DES Administration – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server content, has been designed to integrate with the state’s Data Internal Projects Cybertrust Certification Effort (1st & 2nd Quarter) Sharing Platform, and is accessible through various mobile Turn Off 1st Set of IBM Servers (2nd Quarter) devices. In late December, working in conjunction with the state, the portal delivered the first phase (alpha version) of the 3rd Quarter 2012 PROJECT new responsive website design. The site captures the MVRRS QDSEE Printing Enhancement beauty of Arizona while providing smart search ability and MVRRS Report Sorting enhanced usability. MVRRS Report Exporting Variable Projects MVRRS ACR-12_QDSEE Segment Changes In addition to the projects completed for various state Watercraft Enhancement 2 agencies, the portal completed 39 internal projects this Hunt Draw Application Enhancements year. These projects resulted in a cost savings to the state Moved MVRRS Off of WebSphere onto JBoss and portal, provided additional security to the state’s AGFD Hunt Fish – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server infrastructure, and/or facilitated enhanced functionality to AGFD Hunt Draw – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server Convert from Tivoli Monitoring to Zabbix existing systems. The internal projects completed in 2012 Internal Projects Turn Off 2nd Set of IBM Servers included the conversion of 20 applications from DB2 to Blade & ESXi Upgrades SQL Server, Secure Checkout Utility enhancements, Drupal WebDefend Configuration environment installation, Terremark SMP Certification efforts, SiteScope Migration From IBM Server and Upgrade SISPO Upgrade and installation of upgraded equipment.4 | ARIZONA INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012
  5. 5. Executive Summary | continued from page 1 | Disaster Recovery The completion of a robust disaster recovery site in Arizona4TH Quarter 2012 PROJECT marked another major milestone for the state of Arizona in 2012. Drupal Hosting Environment Installation – Prior to this failover solution, the state’s disaster recovery capabili- Phase One ties consisted of tape restoration at an off-site location. The new Arizona OpenBooks Public and Administrative Application V2 Project solution provides a complete failover site, located at the ADOA – Arizona OpenBooks Public and Administrative Tucson Data Center facility. The new site utilizes load balancing Application V2 Project – Enhancements and real-time synchronization of most data. It is architected to take MVRRS Batch Encryption Setup for Maricopa County Dept. of Finance over in the event of a partial or full outage at the main ADOA –Variable Projects MVRRS Batch Encryption Setup for City of Mesa Phoenix Data Center location. Personnel Department MVRRS Batch Encryption Setup for American Traffic Solutions Inc. Website Redesign Initiative – Applications Phase One Website Redesign Initiative – Design Phase One Build the Border Fence – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server Keep AZ Safe – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server Contact AZ – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server License Lookup – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server License Administration – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server GOHS DUI Reporting – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server GOHS DRE Reporting – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server ASBP Administration – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server ASBP Licensing – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server & Pharmacy Convert to New Template and File Encryption State TransparencyInternal Projects AZ: Secure Checkout Service – In March 2012, the Arizona OpenBooks Transparency applica- DB2 Conversion to SQL Server and Update Template tion was again acknowledged in “Following the Money 2012” SOWS (SowsDailyStatisticsReport) – as one of the top transparency sites in the United States. Addi- DB2 Conversion to SQL Server tionally, according to the annual report by the Arizona PIRG SOWS (SowsParser) – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server Watercraft – DB2 Conversion to SQL Server Education Fund, “Arizona was ranked as one of the leading Secure File Transfer – states with the most comprehensive transparency websites, DB2 Conversion to SQL Server along with Texas, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, GovInfo – Import New Map and Legislator Info and West Virginia.” Invasive Species Site Update (4th Quarter) In an effort to increase transparency in Arizona, Arizona Migrate Load Balancers from IBM Equipment Interactive worked with the General Accounting Office this year Convert from IBM NFS to GlusterFS to enhance the existing OpenBooks application by providing Migrate Off of TSM Backups functionality that will permit approved Arizona schools, munici- JBoss 7 Server Build and Config. palities, cities, and other state entities to utilize the capabilities Migrate DOI Lookup From WebSphere to JBoss of the new Arizona OpenBooks system. This enhancement will enable the state to provide greater transparency to constituents. n ARIZONA INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012 | 5
  6. 6. Featured Employee: Mobile Technology Leadership Charity Carney NIC is at the technology forefront for providing electronic government services for all types of devices, and today is the largest provider of C harity began her career with Arizona Interactive in June of 2010 as the office administrator. It was not long before official government mobile apps in the United States. The company has launched more than 100 government mobile applications, and was the very first to develop government iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone applications. NIC is focused on she was successfully running the office, ensuring that our partners have access to the latest technologies for providing identifying new ways to save the portal electronic services. We are constantly reviewing, testing, and developing for these money, improving existing processes, and innovative new technologies. overseeing community service initiatives. We employ a “mobile first” strategy, and believe that today’s evolving tech- Therefore, when the opportunity arose in nology requires all online services to be developed with a mobile consideration. October of 2011 to promote Charity, the A November 2012 study by the Pew Center ’s “Internet & American Life Project” decision was simple. reported that 56 percent of all cellphone owners use the device to access the Internet – up from 25 percent just three years ago. And the Center ’s April 2012 study noted that among smartphone owners, young adults, minorities, those with no college experience, Charity Carney and those with lower Charity has now been in the role of household income Project Manager for just over a year. During levels are more likely this time, Charity has built a strong rapport than other groups to with her partners and team members. say that their phone Charity is dedicated to performing a great is their main source of Internet access. Mobile is expanding the availability of job and applies her drive and dedication to eGovernment services to more Americans, and NIC is developing new mobile all her job responsibilities. With her deter- services as accessibility continues to grow. mination and ambition, Charity has quickly In addition to native mobile apps, we also lead in mobile Web expertise, using become the team superstar. HTML5 or “responsive design” to write one set of code that automatically detects Charity’s commitment to quality was what type of device is being used, be it desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or evident in her performance when she began tablet. Responsive design not only automatically detects the device, but scales the managing a licensing application for the design and formats content accordingly. This approach not only provides conve- Arizona Board of Respiratory Care Examiners. nience to those using the service, but is also efficient for government partners, as Charity worked very closely with this partner one set of code is written and maintained. to isolate and resolve any issues and concerns Another aspect of our mobile expertise allows our portals to work together to expressed by this partner. She identified share the code so that other apps can be quickly created. For example, a practice a useful method to track and manage the driver exam app for the iPad was rapidly deployed to six state portals. This sharing project’s progress and communicated with the allows all of our portal partners to benefit from the applications we develop as well partner every day. We hope your agency will as the best practices we have established. have the opportunity to put her skills to work Since we developed the first mobile application for Palm devices in the mid- for your next application project. 1990s, we never stopped innovating and harnessing the power of the latest technology to deliver efficiencies to citizens and businesses. n6 | ARIZONA INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012
  7. 7. 2012 Transaction Data This year the portal processed more than $68.2 million in payments for the state of Arizona. This is an increase of almost 16 percent from last year. Total Credit Card Transactions Total Cash and ACH Transactions Total number of CAVU Total Amount of CAVU Number of Total Amount ofMonth/Year Month/Year Cash & MVRRS ACH Cash & MVRRS ACH CC Transactions CC Transactions Transactions Transactions Jan. 2012 40,012 $3,278,763.90 Jan. 2012 3,660 $2,134,702.03 Feb. 2012 66,948 $4,385,925.39 Feb. 2012 4,209 $2,595,127.67 Mar. 2012 28,025 $4,245,973.78 Mar. 2012 5,829 $2,887,575.69 Apr. 2012 20,035 $2,804,967.14 Apr. 2012 4,245 $2,631,590.80 May 2012 35,282 $3,102,786.63 May 2012 4,978 $2,594,066.77 June 2012 64,592 $3,818,696.09 June 2012 4,059 $2,436,148.73 July 2012 36,078 $3,967,508.42 July 2012 3,826 $2,196,102.07 Aug. 2012 22,472 $3,113,947.64 Aug. 2012 4,252 $2,338,887.10 Sep. 2012 23,215 $3,218,969.61 Sep. 2012 3,532 $2,294,649.29 Oct. 2012 39,223 $4,334,367.63 Oct. 2012 4,113 $2,229,407.76 Nov. 2012 24,776 $2,559,047.78 Nov. 2012 3,579 $2,255,175.27 Dec. 2012 16,619 $2,133,275.91 Dec. 2012 3,288 $667,103.69 Totals 417,277 $40,964,229.92 Totals 49,570 $27,260,536.87 Total Credit Card, Cash, and ACH Transactions Total Credit Card, Total Credit Card, Total Credit Card, Cash, and ACHMonth/Year Cash, and ACH Cash, and ACH Payments Processed ($M) Payments Received Payments Processed JAN. 2012 Jan. 2012 43,672 $5,413,465.93 FEB. 2012 Feb. 2012 71,157 $6,981,053.06 MAR. 2012 Mar. 2012 33,854 $7,133,549.47 APR. 2012 Apr. 2012 24,280 $5,436,557.94 MAY 2012 May 2012 40,260 $5,696,853.40 June 2012 68,651 $6,254,844.82 JUNE 2012 July 2012 39,904 $6,163,610.49 JULY 2012 Aug. 2012 26,724 $5,452,834.74 AUG. 2012 Sep. 2012 26,747 $5,513,618.90 SEP. 2012 Oct. 2012 43,336 $6,563,775.39 OCT. 2012 Nov. 2012 28,355 $4,814,223.05 NOV. 2012 Dec. 2012 19,907 $2,800,379.60 DEC. 2012 Totals 466,847 $68,224,766.79 $0 $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 ARIZONA INTERACTIVE REPORT 2012 | 7
  8. 8. 400 E. Van Buren St., Suite 350Phoenix, AZ 85004(602)© 2013 A Cybersecurity Breach Could Cost States a Lot More Than Credibility E veryone talks about cybercrime and the need for partners still need to be aware that 100 percent of the risk heightened security measures for state enterprises. cannot be outsourced. In fact, 81 percent of state officials surveyed said cyber- NIC’s chief security officer, Jayne Friedland Holland, helps security is the most important challenge they face. The question educate partners on the many layers and complexities involved is, are states doing enough to protect their sensitive information with PCI compliance and security issues. In a recent white paper when cybercriminals and hacktivists are on the increase in by the Center for Digital Government, she cites, for example, numbers and sophistication? Unfortunately, the wealth of that many call centers record agent conversations for quality personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive business assurance purposes. If those recordings include customers data makes states attractive targets. providing their credit card information, then the recordings The investment to keep security measures current and must be secured in accordance with PCI guidelines and stan- valuable data safe is relatively small when compared to the dards. Examples such as this are areas where some forget the potential costs of a major breach. Consumer confidence can many layers of compliance to keep data secure. plummet, reputations can be damaged beyond repair, legal How secure are your applications and data? Do you know action can drain resources, and the negative effects can ripple which compliance issues are the responsibility of the portal and far and wide, even entangling elected officials as high up as a which are the state’s responsibility? Your portal’s teams can put governor in one state. you in touch with NIC’s Corporate Security Team for a presenta- NIC’s corporate and portal security teams continuously tion on compliance and security. monitor online applications and systems to detect vulnerabili- With states currently targeted by literally millions of security ties, and adhere to the highest levels of payment card industry threats every week, heightened vigilance is of immediate and (PCI) compliance. Yet, even with most of the risk outsourced, critical importance.