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Policy primer

  1. 1. Policy Primer Facebook’s Use of Data Policy
  2. 2.  Signing up for FaceBook?  Have you read all the terms and conditions?  What about USE of DATA POLICY?
  3. 3. USE of DATA POLICY  Before becoming a member of social site Facebook you must accept terms and conditions provided for you by the website  Facebook privacy policy is outlined on a separate page from the the general terms and conditions under “Data Use Policy”  Policy describes policies related to information sharing and how facebook collects and USES your information
  4. 4. Privacy  Registration information that is name, age, gender and email address.  You can select what information can be viewed by users by selecting the level of privacy you want  However certain information is available to public even if your profile is set on “private”  This “basic info” can be accessed by anyone even if they do not use Facebook
  5. 5. Privacy  Facebook reserves the right to use your information!  The way your information can be used is provided to reader  Facebook provides user with various examples of ways it can use your information  However policy does not specify all of the way it can use your information!
  6. 6. SO… What does Face book use your information for ????
  7. 7. Facebook can use your information as long as it is…..
  8. 8. Data Use  Facebook Policy does not explain what does “in connection with means”  All of the ways FaceBook uses your data is unknown…….  Thus face book can use your information in any way they want if it is “in connection with the services and features” that facebook provides…..
  9. 9. Don’t want to have face book any more?
  10. 10. Deletion and Deactivation  If you deactivate your account your information still will be available to a third party website, facebook, game or application  If you decide to delete your account facebook will store your information for 90 days  Certain information will still remain on the site even after you have deleted your account…..
  11. 11. Sharing  You can choose the ammount of information you share but…..  Information about you controlled by your friends can be publicly shared  You can disable your friends lists but… you will still appear on your friend’s “friends list”  You have no control over your information if it is controlled by someone else…
  12. 12. Applications  Application describes how websites, games and applications may use your face book information  Facebook provides third party websites your Facebook ID number every time you long on using Facebook credentials!  Every time you visits a web page with face book plug in (e.g like or share button), face book is provided with information about your visit.  This is done by face book installing cookies on your computer
  13. 13. Facebook Partners  Facebook is partners with other websites  Theses websites can access your information while you are logged on to facebook  This is known as “instant personalization”  If you decide to turn off instatant personalization, your information from your previous visits may still be sored by these websites
  14. 14. Cookies  By agreeing with Facebook Use of Data Policy you agree for facebook to install cookies on your computer  Cookies are designed to follow your activity on the internet  As a result Facebook can trace your activity on the internet even if you are not logged on to Facebook
  15. 15. So…  By agreeing to numerous terms and conditions provided in Facebook’s use of data policy you allow face book to:  Collect and use your data  Allow other websites to use your information  Allow Facebook to monitor your internet activity  Make your basic information publicly available to anyone on the internet.
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