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FrontEnd platform based on AngularJS


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Our experience in creating frontend platform based on AngularJS framework

Published in: Technology
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FrontEnd platform based on AngularJS

  1. 1. Frontend Platform based on AngularJS
  2. 2. • Backbone Agenda ≈ customer’s problems ≈ AngularJS overview ≈ Application architecture overview
  3. 3. Application structure Design of the application Deferent libraries and frameworks Customer’s problem API documentation
  4. 4. Our team
  5. 5. • Backbone Backbone › Custom API › Custom structure in backbone › No custom api documentation › No tests › Middle entry point
  6. 6. • Backbone Customer Super Framework …No API documentation …No tests …Deferent ways in architecture …High entry point
  7. 7. Ⱶ Good API documentation Ⱶ Big community Ⱶ Strong structure Ⱶ Middle entry point Ⱶ Good Testability AngularJS
  8. 8. Module Directive Controller Service Value
  9. 9. Module-1 Directive Controller Service Value Module-2 Directive Controller Service Value Dependency Injection
  10. 10. • Backbone AngularJS is a better way ♪ Angular’s module as key unit of application (interlock/creative) ♪ Structured api is a good point for code generate ♪ AngularJS based application has a good testability ♪ Easiest api documentation -> module == interlock/creative
  11. 11. Creative Directive Controller Value Module Directive Controller Value
  12. 12. Creative Directive Service Interlock-3 Directive Interlock-2 Directive Interlock-1 Directive
  13. 13. Widget 1 Widget 2 Widget 3
  14. 14. Creative Directive Service Interlock-1 Directive Interlock-2 Directive Interlock-1 Directive Showcase Interlock-2 Directive
  15. 15. ∑ Code generating with Yoman ∑ widget development in showcase ∑ better architecture for all future customer’s applications finally
  16. 16. questions Graphics-