2011 Media Kit Revised Schedule 1


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2011 Media Kit Revised Schedule 1

  1. 1. A lifestyle resource for today’s active adult Triangle Edition: Serving Wake, Durham, Orange, Lee, Chatham, Johnston, Moore, and Harnett Counties Triad Edition: Serving Alamance, Forsyth and Guilford Counties In the US alone, one adult turns 50 every eight seconds, or a total of 4.7 million annually (and will continue for the next five years...) MARKET ~ Boomers dominate the market for most consumer goods and services, estimated to be at $930 billion annually MEDIA ~ Boomers and mature adults consume all forms of print, and comprise the major readership of mainstream publications (AARP, the Magazine has the largest circulation in the world) EDUCATION ~ Boomers are the most educated generation in history EMPLOYMENT ~ 80% of Boomers are still employed, and many will continue working. This is the first generation of fully-employed women FINANCE ~ Net worth is nearly double the national average, 48% earn over $100 thousand per year, 37% have assets over $1 million HEALTH ~ Mature adults are very proactive about their health and wellness; they want to stay and look healthy! LIFESTYLE ~ Boomers work hard and play hard: they attend cultural events, travel, enjoy fine wine and good food, love movies and sportsBoom! is the only lifestyle magazine in the Triangle and the Triad that specifically targets the lucrative active older adult market. Advertising with us will make your business boom.
  2. 2. Boom! 2011 Editorial Calendar Boom! Magazine inspires, educates, and delights readers with a vigorous new image of phase two living. Monthly topics include financial news for “living smart” (new for 2011, a series on the new tax laws), an in-depth health and wellness report for “living well” (including a year-long series on National Awareness Months, and a four-part series on memory), and travel destinations for “living large”. The Lifestyle section this year incudes a series on “Keeping it Simple”. NOTE: The Triad edition of Boom! is bi-monthly and will publish alternating months beginning with the January issue and will include all the editorial listed below for January, March, May, July, September, and November with some of the articles from the alternate months as space provides.NOTE: This schedule may change due to MAY SEPTEMBERunforeseen circumstances. However, we will • Income Taxes, Pt 5: Adjustments • Income Taxes, Pt 9: Miscellaneousmake every attempt to cover these topics as to Income Deductionspublished. • Investing for Income • Retirement • Hypertension • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome & Your HandsJANUARY • Stroke Awareness Month • Adult Immunization Week• Income Taxes, Pt 1: Form 1040 Overview • Discovering North Carolina: Gaston County • New Zealand: Beautiful One Day,• Economic & Investment Outlook • Keeping it Simple, Pt. 5: Simplify Your Perfect the Next• Bariatric Surgery• Cervical Health Awareness Month Cleaning Products and Go Green! • Keep it Simple, Pt 9: Car Maintenance• Charming Charleston, SC Made Easy• Keeping it Simple, Pt 1: Getting Started, JUNE The Quest for Simplicity • Income Taxes, Pt 6: Standard or OCTOBER Itemized Deductions • Income Taxes, Pt 10: Tax Credits • Real Estate • Elder CareFEBRUARY • Sinuses - Nothing to Sneeze About • Obstructive Sleep Apnea & Insomnia• Income Taxes, Pt 2: Dependents • Headache Awareness Week • Healthy Lung Month & Exemptions • Cleveland, Ohio? You Bet!• Tax Planning • Breast Imaging and Taking Charge • Keeping it Simple, Pt 6: Gardening Made • Discovering North Carolina: Lake Norman• Skin Conditions, Symptoms & Treatments• Heart Health Month Easy - Containers! • Keep it Simple, Pt 10: Tackling the Garage• Cruising from Charleston to the Bahamas• Keeping it Simple, Pt 2: Removing Clutter JULY NOVEMBER • Income Taxes, Pt 7: Medical & • Income Taxes, Pt 11: ProblemsMARCH Tax Deductions & Penalties • Education Funding Strategies • Estates, Trusts & Asset Protection• Income Taxes, Pt 3: What is Income? • Chiropractic and Massage Therapies • Wound Treatments• Mutual Funds • Therapeutic Recreation Week • Diabetes Awareness Month• A Better Diagnosis (Talking to Your Doctor, • Discovering North Carolina: Yadkin Valley, • Limb Loss and Prosthetics Quality Ratings for Hospitals)• Patient Safety Awareness Month Wine Region • Panama: It Will Never Leave You • Keeping it Simple, Pt 7: Organize Your • Keeping it Simple, Pt 11: What to Wear?• The Amazon Uncovered• Keeping it Simple, Pt 3: Cooking Made Book & Music Libraries (Yes, That Simplify Your Wardrobe Easy: The Right Tools Simplify the Task Means Digital) DECEMBERAPRIL AUGUST • Income Taxes, Pt 12: State Tax Issues • Income Taxes, Pt 8: Sectors & Industries • Financial Planning & Year End Strategies• Income Taxes, Pt 4: Capital Gains • Insurance & Risk Management • Toxins in Our Environment & Losses • Rheumatoid Arthritis (Non-Surgical and • Safe Toys Month• Investing in Stocks• Inflammatory Bowel Disease Surgical Options) • Discovering North Carolina: Beech • Cataract Awareness Month Mountain Retreat & Gastro Intestinal Issues • It Must be Maine • Keeping it Simple, Pt 12: Simplify Your• IBS Awareness Month • Keeping it Simple, Pt 8: Organize Personal Care Products Organically• A Romantic Trip to Philadelphia• Keeping it Simple, Pt 4: A Simplified Your Computer Alternative Gift Giving Guide Fitness Routine 2011-2012 Performing Arts Calendar Regular columns also include home improvement, second careers (Transitions), legal advice, sports, gardening, wine and food, books, computer advice, car reviews, fitness, style tips, visual and performing art reviews, commentary, humor, the environment, social security, Medicare and retirement issues. International and national celebrities grace our covers while local personalities are featured in Fifty and Fabulous. Additional features may be added throughout the year as new ideas are explored frequently. THE TRIAD EDITION OF BOOM! MAGAZINE IS PUBLISHED BY KNEW LIFE PUBLISHING, INC. 110 Burgwin Wright Way • Cary, NC 27519 • 919.624.1797 Email: eddie@boomnc.com • boomnc.com © Copyright 2011, Knew Life Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved. THE TRIANGLE EDITION OF BOOM! MAGAZINE IS PUBLISHED BY PRIME COMMUNICATIONS OF THE TRIANGLE, INC. 106 Huntsmoor Lane • Cary, NC 27513 • 919.302.3329 • Fax 919.462.0141 Email: barbara@boomnc.com • boomnc.com © Copyright 2011, Prime Communications of the Triangle, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Boom! 2011 Triangle Ad Rates Serving Wake, Durham, Orange, Lee, Chatham, Johnston, Moore, and Harnett Counties (35,000 Monthly Circulation – 60,000 Average Monthly Readership*) *Circulation numbers verified by a Circulation Verification Council (CVC) Audit. In response to the audit, Senior Publications Media Group (SPMG), a national media-buying agency has included Boom! Magazine in their list of the 100 top-rated senior newspapers in the country.Rate Sheet - All Rates Are NetPrices listed are per month - frequency discounts are for a 12 month period.SPACE Open 4x 6x 8x 12xFull page full bleed 1700 1600 1550 1500 1425Full page 1650 1550 1500 1450 13753/4 page 1350 1275 1225 1175 1100Half page 950 875 835 800 7503/8 page 800 750 725 700 6501/4 page 575 525 500 475 4251/8 page 325 300 285 275 250Booming Business Ads NA 100 90 85 75 Boom! 2011 Triad Ad Rates - Bi-Monthy Serving Alamance, Forsyth, and Guilford Counties (25,000 Circulation)ISSUE Months Covered Date IssuedWinter January/February January 3Winter/Spring March/April February 28Spring/Summer May/June May 2Summer July/August June 27Summer/Fall September/October August 29Fall November/December October 31Rate Sheet - All Rates Are NetPrices listed are bi-monthly - frequency discounts are for a 12 month period.SPACE Open (2 mos) 3x (6mos) 6x (12 mos)Full page full bleed 1875 1650 1475Full page 1725 1500 13253/4 page 1400 1200 1025Half page 925 825 7253/8 page 800 700 6001/4 page 550 500 4501/8 page 400 350 300Booming Business Ads 200 175 150 10% discount available for insertions into both editions.• Deadline. Space reservation is the 20th of the month preceding publication. Art deadline is the 22nd of the monthpreceding publication. (Dates may fluctuate slightly during holiday seasons. Please discuss with your account executiveif you have any questions.)• Ad creation charges are in addition to the rates listed above.• Prepayment is required for first time advertisers.OPTIONAL CHARGES, per monthCOLOR: 4-color: $200 for full and 3/4 page; $100 for 1/2 and 3/8 page; $75 for 1/4 page; $50 for 1/8 page.INSERTS: $40 per thousand for single sheet; $55 per thousand for 4 pages; $70 per thousand for 8-12 pages.Internet Advertising RatesTile Advertising: $75/month home page, $50/month secondary page, $150/month for all five main pages(Can be static jpg or an animated gif or Flash file, maximum of three rotations). Additional sizes available, discusswith your account executive.Boom! Blast Enewsletter: $150 month (total of 2 blasts).
  4. 4. Boom! Ad Sizes (shown as decimals, width x height) and Specification Information FULL PAGE Full Bleed: w 11.125” h 12” Trim: w 10.625 h 11.5 FULL PAGE 3/4 PAGE 3/4 PAGE Live Area: No Bleed: (horizontal) (vertical) w 9.925” w 9.6” w 9.6” w 7.1625” h 10.8” h 10.8” h 8.0625” h 10.8” HALF PAGE HALF PAGE 3/8 PAGE 3/8 PAGE (horizontal) (vertical) (horizontal) (vertical) w 9.6” w 4.725” w 7.1625” w 4.725” h 5.325” h 10.8” h 5.325” h 8.0625” 1/4 PAGE 1/4 PAGE 1/4 PAGE 1/8 PAGE (square) (horizontal) (vertical) (horizontal) w 4.725” w 9.6” w 2.2875” w 4.725” h 5.325” h 2.5875” h 10.8” h 2.5875” Acceptable File Formats, Print: • Adobe Acrobat PDF files (preferred) Booming Business ads • EPS Files are grouped together • Adobe Photoshop files on the puzzle page. File Formats, Online: BOOMING • Tile ads 144ppi square: jpg, gif or Flash 1/8 PAGE BUSINESS (vertical) ADS (Additional sizes available, call to discuss) w 2.2875” w 2.2875” • Banner ads for Boom! Blasts: h 5.325” h 2.5875” 5” wide by 1” high, 72dpi, jpg onlyNote: Please make sure all the necessary elements are included when transmitting your art work electronically to Boom! Magazine. Allscreen and printer fonts and graphic files must be included when submitting native files. All Freehand or Illustrator EPS files musthave fonts converted to paths. Photoshop and Acrobat PDF files must be CMYK or grayscale. WHEN CREATING YOUR PDF FILES,PRINT COLORS “AS IS” (QUARK) OR WITH “NO CONVERSION” (InDESIGN). PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PDF FILES ARE NOTLOCKED AND ALL FONTS EMBEDDED.Production Specifications:Offset printing on a web press requires special care when setting up your files - due to the high-speed of the presses, and the potentialfor paper stretching, here are some recommendations for ad design:• Uncoated paper absorbs more ink than coated. Keep in mind that most colors will appear darker in print than on your monitor.• Keep all colored type (4-color CMYK screen builds) larger than 16 point. Any type 14 point or smaller should be printed in black.Make sure your black is black and not a CMYK build. If you are using black type over a colored background, set the black to overprintrather than knocking out of the background.• Keep all reversed type larger than 16 point as well.• Graphics such as logos and illustrations are best reproduced as EPS files. Photos (CMYK or grayscale) are best reproduced as Tiff orEPS files. Bitmapped files are not recommended.• All Pantone colors or any other color matching systems are converted to CMYK files. Therefore, we do not guarantee color matching.Do not submit any files in RGB color.• Use a line screen of 100 lpi. Set the resolution at 200-300 dpi for your images.• Include a print proof with CDs.• If you have an “ad slick”, we can scan and convert to an electronic file, although we do not guarantee its quality.• We cannot accept any file formats other than those specified here. If you have an ad that does not fit into our requirements, we cancreate your ad in-house.