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Jaguar cars maths in motion


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This is a maths based challenge for ages 9-16 that uses mathematical tasks to set up a simulated racing car and culminates in a race. Further details at:
The challenge can be made available to your school in several ways:

1) As a one-off "in school" day led by us. A race takes 3 hours and is suitable for around 10 teams of 2-4 pupils. Two races in the day are possible.
2) As a software purchase and training allowing you to run your own races and compete in the annual challenge
3) As an evening event for pupils, parents, governors (often used by schools to raise the money to purchase the software and training for use in school).

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Jaguar cars maths in motion

  1. 1. Some comments! “I have never seen so many children enjoying mathematics in the same place at the same time. This is an absolutely wonderful project for schools to participate in and has to be a worthwhile experience.” Dame Wendy DaviesAssociate Director, Specialist Schools & Academies Trust “All members of our Y6 Maths in Motion Club have just achieved between 92% and 100% in a mock KS3 L5 test – staggering! We put this down mainly to the massive gain in confidence and ability that this project gives them throughout the year and the fact that they thoroughly enjoy everything about it. Maths no longer holds any fears for them – it’s wonderful to see!” Garth Hall, Peel Park Primary School, Bradford “We were looking to motivate our borderline C/D students and that aim has been surpassed. Our GCSE results have more than reflected the work we have done and we now have a real buzz in most maths lessons with this age group. I have to say that Challenge has been, and continues to be, absolutely brilliant.” Gary Young, Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys
  2. 2. Engages, motivates & delivers Simulation software can be really exciting for everyone Needs some planning – not child minding Cross curricular – opportunities to integrate into the classroom and work with teaching colleagues Maths/ICT/English/Science/Art/STEM Club……. Team co-operation whilst being individually competitive Not repetitive – maintains interest – good retention levels
  3. 3. Do fewer things really well….. Percentages Multiplication, division Calculator work (or not!) Decimals, rounding, context Ratios, chance, risk Angles, measurement, scale Speed, distance, time, mean Maths modelling Interpreting graphs Problem Solving Functional Maths Engine tuning, gears, aerodynamics, suspension
  4. 4. Puts things into a real life context – easier to understand!
  5. 5. Practical Maths Engineering Basic ScienceScience, Technology,Engineering & Maths – LINKED!
  6. 6. Why do we do maths? What’s it for?
  7. 7. Age Banded Challenge - suits most abilities Primary School (Exc. P7) KS3 and Years P7, S1 & S2 KS4 andREAL teamwork! Years S3 & S4
  8. 8. The Challenge timeline….Summer Madness Race Christmas 2012 July 2012 Fun RaceRaces In School LA Knockout Semi Final National Final March 2013 May 2013 June 2013
  9. 9. ContactBrian Egles – Accredited TrainerTel: 07785