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Application Performance Management - 5 Steps to Performance Assurance for Dynamic IT Environments (451 Group & eG Innovations)


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Today's IT environments are complex and dynamic. Virtualization, cloud, and BYOD create new dependencies that make it more difficult, costly, and time consuming to manage user experience and application performance. The toughest (and most costly) performance problems are the ones where users call the helpdesk and complain that "my application is slow". IT administrators struggle to determine the root-cause of the problem: Is it the application, the virtualization layer, the network, storage or desktop?

Join the webinar and find out how to deliver performance assurance for mission-critical services and applications:

- Dramatically enhance user experience, application performance, and service uptime and quality
- Remove blind spots and get complete, real-time visibility into how your mission critical applications and services are performing, and how they impact user experience
- Overcome diagnosis complexity and accelerate from a slow and reactive approach to rapid, pre-emptive problem solving
- Empower your help desk to do more and reduce the burden on scarce experts
- Reduce cost through higher uptime, scalability and improved resource utilization

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Application Performance Management - 5 Steps to Performance Assurance for Dynamic IT Environments (451 Group & eG Innovations)

  1. 1. ApplicationPerformanceManagement5 Steps to PerformanceAssurance for DynamicIT EnvironmentsPresentersDennis Callaghan (451 Research)Bala Vaidhinathan (eG Innovations)Rick Ruskin (eG Innovations)
  2. 2. 451 Research: Infrastructure Computing for theEnterpriseDennis Callaghan, Senior Analyst • IT Performance Management: APM, RUM, SLM, etc. • ITSM/IT Asset Management: Service desk, discovery, remediation, resource management, inventory management, etc • IT Business Management: Chargeback/showback, cost management, budgeting/forecasting, benchmarking, etc. @DennisCallaghan 212-505-3030 X111
  3. 3. APM OverviewSector Trends • SaaS: APM as a service • Monitor Anywhere: Hybrid Cloud • Virtualization: complexities, dependencies, capacity planning/management • App-centric view across transaction tiers • Agented vs. agentless • APM vs. NPM • Correlating the end user experience
  4. 4. APM OverviewAPM Challenges • Discovery: Where does my app reside, what resources it is using? • Diagnosis: Where exactly is the problem? » Network » Database » Storage » App server » Web server • Cloud/virtualization awareness: I/O, CPU, resource contention • Cost: Avoid throwing more IT resources at the problem, reduce support issues, prevent/shorten outages or slowdowns • Deployment/management: SaaS • End user experience: Back end metrics vs. front end experience
  5. 5. APM OverviewAPM Approaches• Automation: discovery, event correlation, remediation, resource provisioning• Analytics: auto-baselining, root cause, predictive• Total visibility: Business transaction monitoring of service calls between application tiers• Deep dive: app server, storage, database, message queue, etc.• APM as a service
  6. 6. Thank You!Dennis Callaghan,
  7. 7. Audience Poll “What is your biggest performance management challenge?”  Lack of visibility into performance dependencies and user experience impact  Expertise required to quickly diagnose and fix performance issues  Speed of notification, diagnosis and repair of performance issues  Cost control without throwing hardware at performance problems  Inadequate performance management tools© eG Innovations, Inc |
  8. 8. Application Performance Management Bala Vaidhinathan CTO eG Innovations© eG Innovations, Inc |
  9. 9. Traditional Approach to Performance Management Silo monitoring tools and manual troubleshooting were OK in yesterdays static, physical IT environments© eG Innovations, Inc |
  10. 10. IT Services have increased in complexity SAN Active Directory on ESX Switch User Virtual Desktops Network on XenServer Provisioning Server on XenServer XenDesktop DC on XenServer License Server on XenServer Profile Server Oracle Enterprise Apps on ESX vCenter Hypervisor, Virtual Desktops, Connection Broker, SAN, … a problem in any of these components can impact the user experience.© eG Innovations, Inc |
  11. 11. When a Problem Happens … Hey, I can’t I can’t run login! this program! My computer just froze…© eG Innovations, Inc |
  12. 12. Monitoring Silos Does Not Work Monitoring Silos doesn’t help Suppose the database server is 50% slower than normal USER FIREWALL WEB SERVER APP SERVER DB SERVER A problem in one application can affect all the other applications involved in the service delivery.
  13. 13. Where is the Root-Cause? Active Directory SQL SAN Switch EnterpriseClient Apps Network Web on XenApp on ESX ZDC on VMware ESX VMware ESX Profile Server What is the root cause of the service problem? Network? VMware? AD? SQL? License Server Profile Server? Storage? Oracle vCenter © eG Innovations, Inc |
  14. 14. The Troubleshooting Conference Call© eG Innovations, Inc |
  15. 15. The Result? Fingerpointing while user experience suffers “My application is Looks Not our fine Not mine slow!” problem either Talk to the other guys LAN ERP Admin Application End User Sys admin Admin Admin Everything Domain Is OK admin Firewall All lights admin Are green VMs are lightly The server is working loaded OK Database Admin Server admin Virtualization We don’t No other admin see anything complaints wrong IT Service Manager© eG Innovations, Inc |
  16. 16. Costly Inefficiencies • User Experience Impact – Loss of productivity, revenue, customers • IT team productivity Impact – Constant fire fighting mode • Management complexity – Too many tools and meetings, but not enough results • Hardware and Software inefficiency due to over provisioning • Increased downtime© eG Innovations, Inc |
  17. 17. How Does eG Innovations Help?© eG Innovations, Inc |
  18. 18. The Solution: eG Enterprise© eG Innovations, Inc |
  19. 19. Live Solution Tour – eG Suite© eG Innovations, Inc |
  20. 20. eG Enterprise Key CapabilitiesUnmatched performance Fast, pre-emptive problemvisibility and auto- detection & alertingcorrelation of all so you can fix performancecomponents and problems BEFORE usersdependencies that impact complain. Preventuser experience - across downtime, ensure greatdesktop, application, performance and enhancenetwork, storage and user satisfaction.virtualization tiers.Automatic root-cause Right-size and optimizediagnosis pinpoints your environmentproblems and accelerates and reduce hardware costdiagnosis and resolution by 20% through betterof performance issues - so utilization rates.your highly skilled staffcan be more productiverather than fighting firesall day. © eG Innovations, Inc |
  21. 21. eG Performance Assurance Benefits User Satisfaction IT Productivity “Dramatically simplify and accelerate performance Higher management. service Deliver peak uptime performance, user satisfaction and ROI.” Simplicity Cost control & ROI© eG Innovations, Inc |
  22. 22. eG Enterprise - Total Performance Visibility Desktop Apps Storage Network Compute Cloud Private, Hybrid, Public Unmatched performance Virtual visibility & auto-correlation VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, IBM, across cloud, virtual and Red Hat, Solaris physical environments Physical X86, SPARC, PARISC, RS6000© eG Innovations, Inc |
  23. 23. Delivering Application Performance Rick Ruskin Vice President Sales eG Innovations© eG Innovations, Inc |
  24. 24. Major Media & Cable Company Gets Performance Assurance  Challenge: How to scale from ZERO to 10,000 VDI users in less than one year – Requires VDI performance platform that instantaneously shows root cause and remediates issues quickly, before users are impacted  Solution: eG Performance Management – Immediate visibility to the root cause of user experience issues – Real-time identification of database, application, and network challenges – VDI user scale out proceeds seamlessly© eG Innovations, Inc |
  25. 25. Major Hospital Chain Virtualizes Citrix XenApp  Challenge: Virtualizing XenApp for the first time – No visibility to see and assess performance problems – In reality “other” VM’s were consuming the resources allocated to the Hypervisor (not Citrix XenApp)  Solution: eG Performance Management – Correlate views between the Hypervisor (ESX) and XenApp to uncover the real cause of slow performance – Deep visibility into XenApp user profiles enable higher VM density and better hardware utilization – Achieve 25% more users per server and significant cost savings across the infrastructure© eG Innovations, Inc |
  26. 26. Leading Financial Software Vendor Boosts VDI Scalability and ROI  Challenge: VDI Scalability – 15,000 Citrix VDI users experienced declining user productivity due to application performance issues (“slow applications”) – Legacy tools ineffective in diagnosing problem  Solution: eG Performance Management – Rapid resolution of performance issues minimizes downtime and user frustration – Automate diagnosis, remove guesswork and boost IT productivity – Efficient analytics remove bottlenecks to scalability – Eliminate unnecessary resource expenditures and boost ROI© eG Innovations, Inc |
  27. 27. About eG Innovations  eG Innovations helps companies to dramatically simplify, accelerate, and optimize performance management across mission-critical virtual, cloud and physical IT environments Performance Assurance  Only eG Innovations award-winning root-cause diagnosis Made Easy technology can automatically pinpoint performance issues by auto-correlating the user’s service experience with the underlying infrastructure and application components  Deliver exceptional performance, user productivity, and ROI Worldwide New York, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin, Locations Singapore, London, Chennai Customers Over 1,000 customers worldwide Certifications & Sample Awards© eG Innovations, Inc |
  28. 28. Customer Success© eG Innovations, Inc |
  29. 29. Ask the Experts &© eG Innovations, Inc |
  30. 30. Next Steps More details Send an Email Call Us +1 732-794-1259© eG Innovations, Inc |