7. Product Introduction for PUMP Device Manager


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Mobile Device Management solution is to control device functions in compliance with “Enterprise Security Policy”.

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7. Product Introduction for PUMP Device Manager

  1. 1. -0-
  2. 2. 01. Solution summaryPUMPTM Device Manager as a Mobile Device Management solution is to control devicefunctions in compliance with “Enterprise Security Policy”. Remote Policy Real time PDM Client Provision Surveillance Remote Control of Live(real-time) Mobile Devices to adopt connection between “Enterprise Security Client and Server to Capture Policy” monitor device status Camer a S/W Policy 3G or Wi-Fi PDM Server OS National Intelligence Initializ Service, Korean rootin a-tion g Ability to adopt Government, certified Enterprise policies PDM through its own Security Suitability Test (under way) Customizing Certification -1-
  3. 3. 02. Service Architecture BTB PPS PDM Client C2DM PDM Server APNS Smart Phone PDM Client 3G or Wi-Fi Tablet PC Legacy for enterprise hierarchy -2-
  4. 4. 03. Client Functions No screen capture  Password policy - Device lock up for unauthorized screen capture application run - Force user to set password - H/W Key operation for screen capture to be invalid (Samsung Galaxy - Define valid period and rule for password Password policy  Functions restricted - Control password change period - Control use of camera, face time, screen capture - Define rule for password(case sensitivity, number, etc) - Control use of Safari, force to set security restriction Remote device lock up  Collect information of device status - To request for password input by administration - Be able to check the device status remotely Remote initialization  Remote device lock up - To factory release state by administration - To request for password input by administration Control device access from use of Camera, Bluetooth  Remote initialization - Device lock up for an App to try unauthorized device access - To factory release state by administration No unauthorized App run  OS rooting - Device lock up for an unauthorized App to run (period of 3~5 min) - Administration get notice in case of jail break or OS rooting OS rooting  Wi-Fi - Device lock up in case of OS rooting - Adopt Wi-Fi connection rule to simplify internal access via company No Tethering wireless network - Not allow process for internet tethering device - Reliable settings provided based on CA certificates Protect App process for mobile office  Control app. installation - Block other process in case mobile office application is run - Control the installation of application not required for official purpose - Control buying app. from app. store -3-
  5. 5. 04. Admin Functions Device Management - User registration, updates, deletion by organization and hierarchy - Manage information of device and group through account system or directory service of enterprise, agency Application Management - Manage White or Black List for registration, update and deletion of each or large range applications (Android Only) Policy Management - Provisioning security policy (Android Only) - Provisioning Configuration Profiles (iOS Only) Statistics - Policy provision - Platform - Policy violation(Android Only) - Application installation Log - Log for device - Log for device having policy violation - Inquiry device having designated application -4-
  6. 6. BTB Solution Co., Ltd.8th Fl, Hansin IT Tower, 235, Guro-dong, Guro-ku, Seoul, Korea TEL : +82-2-6925-4100 Email : info@btbsolution.co.kr Homepage www.btbsolution.co.kr -5-