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Automation As An Ally


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Chad Kennedy and Lindsey Rominsky from Lockheed Martin discuss automation at Eggplanet.

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Automation As An Ally

  1. 1. Automation as an Ally October 10, 2019 Chad Kennedy Lindsey Rominsky
  2. 2. eggplanet 2019 Overview • Leading the Effort – The Cultural Shift (Individual) • Leading the Effort – The Cultural Shift (Team) • Our Approach on What to Automate • Our Approach on How to Automate • Eggplant AI • Automate Anything • Automate Anything (Particular Time Savers) • Summary
  3. 3. eggplanet 2019 Leading the Effort – The Cultural Shift (Individual) • Cost benefit/ROI • Create Videos and Screenshots for demos to management, customers, training and Quality Assurance • Paradigm Shift to all • Utility is simplistic • Creativity encouraged • Why do we need to automate • Repeatability • Reliability • Speed • Record-Keeping Reliability Repeatabili ty Speed Record- Keeping
  4. 4. Leading the Effort • Management/Leadership too critical • Making the effort the same • What’s wrong with our methods • ‘Party pooper’ mentality • Micro-management The Cultural Shift (TEAM)
  5. 5. eggplanet 2019 Our Approach on What to Automate • Automate anything mundane/tedious tasks that are done repeatedly • Automate uninstall and install • Automate setup/configurations/check versions • Automate tests to run in different configurations • On different hardware • On different operating systems • Using different data inputs • Automate tests to run for a certain period of time (x hours or x tasks) • Automate running multiple tests for load bearing performance numbers • If it is on the screen, automate it
  6. 6. eggplanet 2019 Our Approach on How To Automate • Make automation easy and simple to maintain • Use global variables and/or database to control variables • Use Helper Suites to easily re-use code • Automate test procedures • Start with simple, mundane tests that are run more often (smoke test) • Build up functions for re-use • Add in complexity as you go • Test Report • Simple view of results for Management and Customer
  7. 7. eggplanet 2019 Eggplant AI • Completely different approach that melds the entire product’s lifecycle • Mirrored prototype • Matured model as code matured • Provides pretty pictures (models) to represent the system to both technical and non-technical people • Visual Maintenance of the system • Visually show the system and its interactions • Visually show test coverage
  8. 8. Automate Anything • Demos • Installs/Uninstalls/Verify versions • Win7 vs Win10, Windows vs Linux, RDP vs VNC, old machines vs new • Timing Tests: Loop for 10 hours or loop for 1000 tasks • Use excel files to manage/update labs • Orchestrate other scripts and tools for a comprehensive system checkout
  9. 9. Automate Anything (Particular Time Savers) • Automate Automation • Document inspections
  10. 10. eggplanet 2019 Summary • Test automation is a powerful process that can be tailored to the application and required outcome • Automation has the potential to be better, faster, and cheaper than its manual counterpart when properly planned and executed • Create videos, screenshots and reports for other purposes © 2019 Lockheed Martin Corporation