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Case-Study für Alexa Skill Empfangsdame


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In dieser erweiterten Case-Study fasse ich meine Erfahrungen und das Gelernte aus der Entwicklung meines Alexa Skills "Empfangsdame" zusammen. Zudem gibt es einen Vergleich zur Entwicklung des nächsten Skills.

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Case-Study für Alexa Skill Empfangsdame

  1. 1. Case Study ALEXA SKILL »EMpfangsdame«
  2. 2. Me Ralf Eggert→ Programming Since 29 years COBOL, Turbo Pascal, C64 BASIC &Assembler, ABAP/4, PHP, JS North-Frisian Islander Bornin1972 Trainer, Author, Coach, Developer & Consultant CEO TravelloGmbH
  3. 3. The idea
  4. 4. How it works Alexa! Start GUEST reception! I am very pleased Thatguests are here! Say hello to Ralf Nice to see you Ralf. Your hair colour really fits togetherwith our Pillow cases. Please welcome Martha Whereon earth have you Been such a long time Martha? Thanks Alexa I was delighted to meet you Ralf And Martha!
  5. 5. Success (may 2017)
  6. 6. My Tech Stack Alexa Skills Kit HTTPS Service End Point (no AWS LAmbda) PHP 7 ZendExpressive FRamework PHPUNit
  7. 7. Some Numbers 1 custom Intent 1 Extended Slot Type 31 defined Utterances 100 Greeting Phrases
  8. 8. CERTIFICATION PROCESS 7 days for first Feedback (february 2017) 3 Issues: - Signature validation - Single-Word invocation - NO response on »abbrechen« 23 hours to go live After re-Submitting
  9. 9. BIGGEST CHALLENGES SLOT TYPE For GERman First names incomplete Signature Validation (no problem on AWS Lambda) Setup Second END POINT Server (for testing)
  10. 10. STATISTICS Top 10 of activated Skills a week after going live 54 customer reviews so far May 2017: - 25.000 customers - 50.000 Sessions - 450.000 Utterances
  11. 11. Coming Soon Langeweile Killerin
  12. 12. Comparing Development 10 Working Days 80% time spent on Infrastructure code 20 % on Skill Code 5 Working Days (so far) 10% time spent on Infrastructure code 90 % on Skill Code
  13. 13. LEARNINGS Test and Test and Test Don't Forget the Signature Validation Do not trust the Built-in Slot Types blindly → TEST and Extend them Build more than 1 Skill
  14. 14. Thanks
  15. 15. Photo credits Entertainment Nation Wandering Wings Acoustic FolkBand FLICKR CC BY 2.0 Pete Project 365#227: 150813 Feeling Wired FLICKR PD 1.0 morebyless numbers FLICKR CCBY 2.0 Guillermoluis2 DSC_3961 (2) FLICKR CC BY-sa 2.0 U.S. Department of Defense Current Photos 170408-A-FS382-0223 FLICKR PD 1.0 European Southern Observatory ESO publication statistics... FLICKR CC BY 2.0 Alan Levine ClassicLearning FLICKR PD 1.0 Marco Verch Birnen und Äpfel FLICKR CC BY 2.0