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A SPECIALIST SCIENCE COLLEGE                                       July 2007 
    Issue No. 6 

            Awards Evenin...
Dear Parent 

What a year!  Back in September I said that we were aiming to achieve even more successes for our staff and ...
On two occasions this half term, we welcomed
164 new pupils to Eggar‛s as part of the Year 6
transition from primary schoo...
Overall, it has been a fantastic year for Year 7.   This term, Year 7 have been working on their
Well done!!              ...
On Friday 22nd June, I and the rest of
Year 7 stood outside the school huddling
into our fleeces due to the cold - well it...
YOUNG                                          If we do not combat the devastating
School Calendar 2007 ­  Dates for your diary

Autumn Term 
September        3    INSET DAY 
                 4    First d...
This  final  term  and  indeed  this  year,  seems  to 
have flown by so quickly, with Year 8 maturing 
just  as  fast  an...
On Tuesday 10th July some of the        We then had to create counter
Year 8 were invited to participate in   arguments to...
Wow!! What a successful year this                                 YEAR 9
                    has been...                  ...
We  started  out  very  early,  about  5.30am  in  the 
morning.  All  the students  were wide awake, whilst 
the staff we...
At seven o’ clock on Thursday 24th        Our next morning began in Gerona,
June, 41 Eggar’s students set off for     whic...
Voucher collections
                                                                      SCHOOL TIES 
We have collected a...
An “outstanding evening‛s entertainment”      The standard of performance maintained
was provided at the 4th Eggar‛s Schoo...
A final note from
          Mr Farris…

It is with great sadness
that Miss Lisa Hampson
lea ves     the    Music
Two of our Year 10 students have been
making the news recently following their
running success with Aldershot, Farnham
ROUNDERS                                       ATHLETICS

Rounders this term has been a great            Unfortunately, du...
On  reflection,  this  academic  year  has  been  a          Attendance  to  nets  has  steadily  improved 
success  for  ...
The day was a great success and having the 
 Silver Artsmark Award                                  award opens doors to m...
Music from the Big Band... 

                  7OW Cake Stall
Mr Wheaton, Robert Headleand, Charlie Riddle & Mrs Cox

Local artist, Madeleine Allison, spent time with our Year 7 students drawing and painting
her brood of chickens!
This even...
On the 16th and 17th  July, Year 10 took  park in 
On  Friday  6th  July  Year  10                      two fantastic days...
HOPPING TO                   44% GAIN A CERTIFICATE 
                SUCCESS IN THE                 in the UK Junior Mathe...
Mr Sullivan talking to parents at the Year 6 Induction Evening

As a school, Eggar‛s constantly strives to    This questio...
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July 2007 School Newsletter


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July 2007 School Newsletter

  1. 1. A SPECIALIST SCIENCE COLLEGE  July 2007  Issue No. 6  Awards Evening at Eggar‛s Senior Prefect Awards presented to Head Boy Richard Hibbert 10KMc, Head Girl Hayley Ward 10CB, Deputy Head Boy Richard Jarvis 10CB and Deputy Head Girl Rosemary Croft 10KMc On Thursday 5th July we celebrated the The Victor Ludorum Sports Award went to achievements of our students at the Louise Small of 10SKi and the Outstanding Awards Evening Ceremony. We were Artist Award to Ben Knights of 9SCa. delighted to welcome Mr Chris Jones, who Throughout the event proud parents, pupils, is an ex-Eggar‛s student from 1981 and is staff and guests were entertained by the now the Chief Executive Officer of Big Band and the evening closed with a Harcourt Education. speech made by our Head Boy Richard Pupils were awarded for excellence in Hibbert and Head Girl Hayley Ward. curriculum subjects, valued work in the All our students should be congratulated on school community, school sporting colours their achievements. as well as Tutor and Head of Year Awards.
  2. 2. Dear Parent  What a year!  Back in September I said that we were aiming to achieve even more successes for our staff and pupils  in the forthcoming twelve months, and I am very pleased to tell you that we have achieved our aims.  Once again you can see in our newsletter that our pupils have enjoyed many rich and exciting experiences this term.  We  have  enjoyed  visits and trips  out  of school  and  welcomed  visitors  to  our school.    You  will  find the  details  of  many of these within these pages.  I am particularly delighted by the consistency of the praise our teachers receive  about the conduct of our children whether they are on a trip in this country or abroad.  Visitors to our school always  praise the courtesy and the maturity of our pupils.  There is no doubt they are a great credit to you their parents and  to us their teachers.  I am certainly very proud of them.  We continue to achieve high academic success with some of the best results ever for our Year 9 pupils in their Key  Stage 3 results.  Congratulations to all those pupils, their teachers and tutors and Mr Eost their Year Leader. Year 11  worked their way through their examinations with application and commitment and we are hopeful that they will all  do well this year. We are fully subscribed for the new Year 7 joining us in September and they have already spent a  very exciting day here with us as part of their induction.  This year: th  · we have achieved the accolade of being the 7  most improved school in the country at 5 or more high grade  GCSE’s with Mathematics and Science · we continue to be in the top 25% of all schools nationally for the value we add to our pupils at both key stages · we have  just been  identified as  a High Performing Specialist School and are in the process  of  choosing  our  second specialism · I was successful in becoming a National Leader for Education (identified by the National College of School  Leadership) and Eggar’s is a National Support School · This week I was informed that this will continue for a further year, and just last week I received some amazing  news, which again reflects brilliantly on our great teachers, support staff and pupils  As a Consultant Head with Eggar’s as a Consultant school we have begun to work with partner schools to  share the very best practice in leadership, teaching and learning  As you may be aware the new Secretary of State for Education, Mr Ed Balls has announced that with the Prime Min­  ister he will be setting up a National Council for Educational Excellence.  This  will comprise of about 18 – 20 top  professionals from the world of industry and education: their remit to work to achieve world class education for our  land, and……………… I have been asked to join this group!  What an accolade for our school!  So, this week I go to  London for the first meeting!  Meanwhile the Summer holidays are around the corner and after all the achievements and hard work this year we are  all  looking  forward  to  a  relaxing  break.    May  I  take  this  opportunity  to  thank  you  all  so  very  much  for  all  your  support and many kind comments throughout the year.  I wish you a wonderful summer holiday.  Let’s hope we see some good weather!  I look forward very much to seeing  you again next term to share with you even more successes for our children and the community of our school.  Yours sincerely  Felicity Martin  Head Teacher
  3. 3. On two occasions this half term, we welcomed 164 new pupils to Eggar‛s as part of the Year 6 transition from primary schools to Eggar‛s in September. The Induction Evening on 14th June was an incredible success with the hall crammed full of new pupils, parents, guardians and teachers! The pupils met Head Teacher, Mrs Martin, for the first time and were very excited about meeting their Tutor and Tutor Groups. Even our new Art teacher, Miss Masterman, managed to travel all the way from Devon for the evening! Induction Day was one of the best we have seen; the Year 6 pupils formed a rainbow of Any one for tennis? colour in their uniforms as we sat in the gym. I can‛t wait to see them all in their blazers come September! Although a few of the Year 6 looked a little nervous at the beginning of the day, by the end of the day they didn‛t want to leave! And it‛s no wonder why…. Mr Smith‛s hand clapping music lesson, the wonderful art work created using different types of materials, the big bangs and colour changes taking place in the Science Department, future tennis stars showing off their racket skills, Mummies in the English Hard at work… Department, pentominoes in Maths and dreaming in Drama… just a few of the activities Pupils also had which took place during the day. the chance to experience what Mr Rabani making a ‘Big Bang‛ in the a typical day is Science Department! like at Eggar‛s and had the opportunity to meet many of our teachers and support staff, as well as the current pupils. This proved an excellent chance for the Year 6 to find their way around Eggar‛s and for them to get rid of those nerves ready for September. I can‛t wait! I wish you all a fantastic summer break and I look forward to seeing you all in September! Mr J Wordsworth
  4. 4. Overall, it has been a fantastic year for Year 7. This term, Year 7 have been working on their Well done!! Eco­system Projects in Geography and some Once September starts you will be Year 8s and spectacular work has been submitted. there will be the new Year 7s who will look to I am sure you’ll enjoy this poem by Jasmine you for your help and guidance. You will be Weston of 7OW. their role models and I will be counting on you to set the right example and I have every Mediterranean Poem confidence in you. The Year 7s have certainly been busy in this last half term, some of which has included:- Continued fundraising for the Kware Project with the year group raising £500. We were very pleased to hand over a cheque to representative, Benn Mugisha, who was A gentle breeze brushes against my cheek, delighted with the amount. Congratulations on A silent murmur drifts across the open lands, your efforts! The sea calls across the hills, calling to the wind, Who waits for winter, innocently, quietly. During June, Julie Bianchi-Gray of 7CG took part in a dancing concert called ‘Out Of This Nature fills the lands, every corner, World’ at Swanmore School. Julie performed in Some stand in the open, elegant and tall, the roles of ‘The Sun’, ‘Milky Way’ and ‘Cosmic Whilst others await their prey behind the thorny Girl’. The performances were a mixture of ballet bushes, and modern dance. Julie has been dancing Ready to pounce on their victims, dauntlessly. now for nine years. Well done! The waves writhe back and forth impatiently, Congratulations also go to Joseph Bennett of The sun forbids its rights until the time, 7CG on his Stage 1 Certificate for the electrical When the cold engulfs its rays, bringing misery, guitar. He beautifully played a piece during a The happiness fades from nature, they hide from recent assembly on the classical guitar. cold, Free are the wind and sea, tossing and turning, Merits, merits and more Tearing any trace of light or warmth from the merits!!! lands, Blizzards tear the sky in two, pieces everywhere, The year group has been going The snow sleeps on the empty floors, delicately, into overdrive in gaining merits for their hard work and progress All animals hide away from the deadly misery, throughout the year. Some They sleep soundlessly waiting for their turn, individuals have hit staggering When the winds will let the sun take over once amounts! more, Not a tip‐toe to be heard, mysterious, unknown. Bethany Martin 7JW – 667 Hannah Steel 7JW – 592 Emily Bailey 7PJ – 518 Cameron Reid 7JW - 458 Well done Year 7, Mr Gibb and I really enjoyed reading your projects. Have a brilliant but safe Summer holiday. And see you all in September ready for Year 8! Mr A Wheeler Mrs Sutehall Year 7, Year Leader Geography Curriculum Leader
  5. 5. On Friday 22nd June, I and the rest of Year 7 stood outside the school huddling into our fleeces due to the cold - well it was June and it was 4:30am! Although it was very strange being up at such an early hour I could tell everyone else was as excited as I was as we were about to travel to Boulogne. The coach journey was very noisy and anyone thinking they would catch up on some sleep were sadly mistaken. After three hours of chatting, paper games, songs and more chatting we arrived at Dover and clambered onto the Mr Colburn-Jackson and Mrs Cox ferry. Despite the occasional bout of sea enjoying the sights in Boulogne old sickness the ferry was very enjoyable. On arrival we travelled by coach and This unique experience was followed by the thought the scenery was disappointingly grand finale of the day: Cite Europe! This English but when we saw all the road signs was filled with thousands and thousands of written in French it suddenly sunk in; we shops, there were also huge sand sculptures were in France! on one floor. I spent a very happy two First we went to Nausica Sea-life centre, hours wandering in and out the various it was very dark inside and was lit by shops buying souvenirs. I had dinner at a violet neon lights. There were lots of place called ‘Flunch‛ where I had a salad and tropical fish, blue lobsters, sharks and some sumptuous chocolate cake! stingrays, which you could touch with your fingertips as they flew past. I think this was the best school trip I have ever been on and I would highly recommend it to the next Year 7. The ‘must have‛ Year 7 fashion item — a French beret! By Emily Lovelock 7CG
  6. 6. YOUNG If we do not combat the devastating effects of global warming, then those GEOGRAPHER OF THE dreams will be dead. Our dreams and our world, along with any hopes for a better YEAR 2007 future. However, it does not have to be this way. Unfortunately we didn’t reach the finals of this We as individuals can fight, fight against competition, there’s always 2008! However, pollution and global warming. Recycling is there were some marvellous entries by our so quick and easy, yet it can have an young Geographers here at Eggar’s. The theme enormous effect on our world. It is simple for the competition was “Can recycling save but effective and in years to come could the world?” and they needed to produce an save lives. Many household objects are 800 word article on this topic. recyclable and you can tell There were some excellent entries and it was very hard for me to choose a winner as they all whether an object is recyclable made such an effort. However judgements from the green recycling symbol. had to be made so:­  If we all recycle, then our children and future generations will have a First prize ­ Katy Taylor 8KN  wonderful world to live in with clean water Second Prize – Harriet Granville­Jones 8KN  and cleaner air. If we recycle then we will Third Prize – Bryony Jones 9AV  reduce the amount of goods being manufactured which will result in the Also a special mention to Lucy Chubb who made a book about recycling which was very lessening of the amount of fossil fuels special, so well done Lucy. burned. I am sure you’ll find the following section from As well as harming ourselves through Katy’s entry very informative. polluting the Earth we are also causing many of Earth‛s species of animal to die Mrs A Sutehall out as they fight the sudden changes in Geography Curriculum Leader climate. Thousands of young animals are being born too early in a sudden heat wave and are then dying out when the temperature drops again before they have CAN RECYCLING SAVE  even had a chance to live. There are THE WORLD?  currently over 7,200 species of named animal threatened by extinction and over ND  22  March 2007  8,300 species of plant also endangered. THE QUESTION ON  This is due to the sudden severity of EVERYONE’S LIPS...  weather we are receiving in Britain today. Many years ago a famous activist spoke the It is not a question of whether recycling immortal words ‛I have a dream‛. In the same can save the world it is a question of way we should each have a dream, a dream whether we, as human beings have enough for a better future. Martin Luther King Jnr‛s respect and can put in the effort to save dream, and the dreams of so many others, our beautiful jewel of a planet. The Earth are all supporting our constant search for a is in our hands. better future. By Katy Taylor 8KN
  7. 7. School Calendar 2007 ­  Dates for your diary Autumn Term  September  3  INSET DAY  4  First day of term for Y7 with Assembly at 8:40 in the hall ­ Y7  parents welcome  Y11 Prefects in school to assist Y7  5  Whole school starts  Y7 Bonding Day to Fairthorne Manor, Nr Botley  13  Fotek photography taking tutor and individual photos  17  Y10 Leisure & Tourism trip to Paultons park  19  Science Lecture — Science magic for Y7 and Primary pupils  Community Lecture from 19:00 in the hall  20  Y6 Open Evening starts 18:30  21  Y6 Open Morning starts 09:15  26  Y9 30 MFL/Science students depart for Loubatas  Centre, France  Y7 Curriculum information evening from 18:30 in the hall  October  2  Y11 Art Trip  3  Y9 30 MFL/Science students return from Loubatas Centre, France  Y9 30 MFL/Science students depart for Loubatas Centre, France  10  Y9 30 MFL/Science students return from Loubatas Centre, France  11  Alton College Open Evening from 18:30  12  Y11 Holocaust Imperial War Museum trip  17  Y9 34 Geography Students depart for Isle of Wight  Field Trip  18  Alton College Open Evening from 18:30  19  Y9 34 Geography Students return from Isle of Wight Field Trip  22­26  HALF­TERM  29  Return to school  30  Revision booklets issued to Y11  November  1  Y10 Curriculum & Work Experience Evening at 18:30  14  Y11 Drama Exams  15  Presentation Evening for GCSE Certificates  16  Y11 Boulogne Day Trip  19  Y11 MFL Mock oral exams all week  Y11 GCSE Coursework catch­up afterschool sessions  21  Science Lecture — Lovely Liquid Nitrogen for Y8/9 + Primary  pupils  Evening lecture in the Hall at 19:00  28  Y11 Drama exams  29  Y11 Mock exams begin  30  Y10 Art trip ­ TBC  December  5  Rehearsal for Advent Carol Service at Holybourne Church  6  Advent Carol Service from 19:00­20:00 at Holybourne Church  7  Y10 Lille day visit  11  Senior Citizen Christmas Party from 13:30 — 16:30  13  Yuletide Concert in the hall from 19:00  14  Academic Review Day 1:1 reviews with pupils, tutors and parents  19  Last day of school before Christmas holiday  Y11 pupils with overdue GCSE coursework to stay in school until  15:10 
  8. 8. This  final  term  and  indeed  this  year,  seems  to  have flown by so quickly, with Year 8 maturing  just  as  fast  and  many  of  them  already  taller  than me!  During this final term as Year 8 they have been  On Saturday 23rd June Eggar‛s Mock Trials team working very hard and have stayed focused on  represented the South-East in the National their work. They have also been congratulated  Finals. It was held in Nottingham and we were up for  their  hard  work  in  school  as  many  were  rewarded at Awards Evening.  against 17 other schools, all of which had The Mock Trial team have been very successful  already beaten many others. this  year  and  I  was  delighted  when  our  The competition started. The defence was first candidates  got  through  to  the  final  round  in  and performed excellently. The other team Nottingham.  didn‛t stand a chance! It was then the Many Year 8 pupils showed prospective parents  Prosecutions turn, I was really anxious. The around the school and were a credit to Eggar’s  Lawyer from the opposing team started her as  they  were  very  polite  and  answered  all  the  questions in the cross-examination. Her questions.    The  Student  Voice  Group  have  questions were alright to begin with but then been  very  active  and  we  like  to  encourage  all  she started to ask the same question again and students  to  have  a  say  in  Tutor  time,    special  again until she got the answer she wanted. thanks  to  Laura  Fitzgibbon  who,  as  Student  Finally, Katie Davis stood up and said that she Voice  Representative,  has  given  assemblies  to  was badgering me! I was relieved. The real the whole school.  Magistrate agreed and told the Lawyer that she A group of selected students were also able to  was also running over her time limit. But she take  part  in  a  recent  philosophy  workshop  in  carried on! At last the Magistrate stopped her school. The guest speaker was delighted by the  in her tracks and she had to sit down. questions asked and believe Year 8  is bursting  with young philosophers.  Once all the schools had finished, we sat down in We sadly have some goodbyes this year.  Tutor  the entrance and waited for the results. We group  8LH  are  sad  to  be  saying  goodbye  to  waited… and waited… and waited. It was a long Miss Hampson, but they all wish her good luck  while until the judges appeared to reveal the at her new school.  Tutor group 8KN have been  winner. The judges handed out certificates and saying goodbye to Mrs Nessa, they will all miss  declared the Mock Trials Champions. her and wish her every success in her new job.  Disappointingly, we didn‛t win, although we were Finally  Mr  Deadman  who  has  been  tutor  to  still very content with our performance . After 8SMo will be leaving and we all wish him every  all, we came in the top 18 out of 384 different success in his new school.  teams! It was a great experience for everyone. This  does  not  mean  that  we  will  be  missing  We had worked really hard and learnt a lot. It tutors of course.  I am pleased to say that 8LH  was amazing and fun. Also, through mock trials, will become 9NW as their new tutor will be our  we had formed a group with terrific teamwork new  Technology  Teacher  Mr  Waite.    8KN  will  and bonded together as the competition carried become  9KM  as  they  will  have  Miss  Mitchell  on. Mrs Nessa said, “I‛m so proud of the whole and 8SMo will go across to Geography and be­  team for getting this far and contributing this come 9AS with Mrs Sutehall.  much effort toward it but the real highlight was I  hope  everyone  has  a  lovely  summer  holiday  and  look  forward  to  seeing  everyone  in  the  seeing them work so well as a team.” new academic year.  Thank you Mrs Nessa for helping us through and Miss L Rogers  supporting us the whole way, from Aldershot, to (soon to be Mrs Ashover)  Southampton, to Nottingham. We couldn‛t have Year 8, Year Leader done it without you!
  9. 9. On Tuesday 10th July some of the We then had to create counter Year 8 were invited to participate in arguments to whatever the other a Philosophy morning with Mr Ken participants had chosen. Wilby. I picked a fairy because then you It was very interesting and he did could just wish for everything else! some activities which really made me It was however very interesting to think! hear the other groups choices and In the first part of the morning we their arguments. did three activities which prepared After this we looked at famous us for the afternoon session. My quotes about education and read favourite one was when we got asked a piece of text and wrote questions which we would rather have , out of about it. the following choices—what would My favourite bit was yet to come. At you choose and why?:- break-time the teachers from the English Department came in with snacks for us all! Everyone tucked in and soon the plates were empty. A real live fairy I can tell you we found some interesting combinations to do with salsa! In the second part of the morning A real live dinosaur we picked our favourite question and then argued it out. This took us to lunchtime and the end of our session. A never empty purse I really enjoyed this experience and it was interesting watching my fellow students argue their points of view. A door to another world I would like to thank Mr Newman and Miss Mitchell for organising the Philosophy Morning with Ken This decision took some careful Wilby. Also thank you to the thought as to which would be the canteen staff for the yummy food! most useful. Once we had made our choices we had to create an By Beth Saward 8SMo argument saying why we had chosen it.
  10. 10. Wow!! What a successful year this  YEAR 9 has been...  WELCOMES It seems like no time at all that the year group  VERA SCHAUFELD were  starting  in  Year  7  and  here  we  are  with  Year 9 students and staff had the rare privilege to them  starting  their  GCSE  courses,  with  some  listen to the enthralling story told by Vera Schaufeld, who is a survivor of the Nazi GCSE subjects already underway.  Holocaust. The group as a whole have really grown up this  Students heard of her parents’ heartbreaking decision to send her at the tender age of nine, on a year  with  them  developing  into  young  adults.  train to England from Prague as part of the kinder transport, late in 1938. As Vera described, this This  has  shown  in  their  attitude  and  work  was the only way to save their child, although, un­ known to her at the time, Vera would never see her towards the  recent SATs.  parents, grandmother and other relatives ever With  the  SATS  results  just  in  for  Science  and  again, as they were all murdered as part of the Nazi Final Solution. Maths I can report they were outstanding, with  The Year 9 students were able to ask lots of questions of Vera, who answered with great the  year  group  out  performing  the  predicted  eloquence and no hint of hatred and bitterness for grades.  The  boys  Maths  results  were  the  best  the past. Indeed, Vera impressed upon her young listeners just how important it is for all of us to be they have ever been! Congratulations to all Year  vigilant against any hint of prejudice and discrimination. The striking thing that emerged 9 pupils,  these      results  bode well  for  the next  from her talk, was just how Vera’s story highlights the survival of the human spirit against all odds. couple of years.  I am  sure the English results  will  be equally  as  good.  I  would  like  to  take  this  opportunity  of  thanking  the  Science,  Maths  and  English  team  on behalf of Year 9 for all their hard work.  We have many of the Year 9 pupils involved in  many  extra  curricular  activities  including  sport,  music, languages, drama, dance, science, mock  trials  and  Student  Voice.  I  would  like  to  congratulate these pupils in giving up their time  to  give  something  back  to  the  school.  It  does  make a real difference. Well done!  Vera Schaufeld being presented with a basket of flowers by Year 9 students I hope that  every  one has  a  relaxed,  enjoyable  Vera’s career since living in the UK has been as a and safe summer holiday ensuring we are back  very successful teacher as well as re­building her life to include meeting a fellow survivor, marrying, in September ready for the hard work ahead!  and now she is the proud mother of two and grand­ Mr R Eost  mother of four grandchildren. Mrs C Gerlach Year 9, Year Leader Religious Studies Curriculum Leader
  11. 11. We  started  out  very  early,  about  5.30am  in  the  morning.  All  the students  were wide awake, whilst  the staff were half­asleep!!  The  Flanders  Field  Museum  was  our  first  destination in Ypres.  It is designed to give visitors  an insight into what the conditions were like during  WWI,  especially  as  Ypres  was  the  scene  of  three  major  battles.    In  pairs,  students  were  given  a  name  of  an  actual  person,  who  could  be  tracked  during  the  visit.  Students  could  learn  about  the  impact  of  the war  on  an individual.  And  of  course,  they  would  discover  if  their  individual  survived  the  war.    Some  poor  soul  had  to  be  Hitler,  who  was  The Cross of Sacrifice at Tyne Cot  gassed in an attack in 1918.  All  of  the  students  laid  a  poppy  on  one  of  the  graves.    Each  pupil  having  their  own  personal  reason  for  whom  they  had  chosen.  Many    also  tried to find their surname on the roll of honour.  The  German  Cemetery  at  Langemark  is  completely  different  from  Tyne  Cot.  German  soldiers were buried together in the same graves,  as  opposed  to  British  ones,  where  the  British  soldiers  have  their  own  individual  graves.  The  Year  9s  certainly saw the stark  contrast  between  the two cemeteries.  Flanders Field Museum  For  some  students,  (they  will  remain  nameless!)  one of the highlights of the day was the visit to the  chocolate  shop  in  Ypres!  The  shop  owner  did  a  roaring trade!  Langemark  Hill 62 allowed the students to  gain an idea of the  trenches from WWI and in some cases how muddy  The  ferry  crossing  was  certainly  memorable.  they  could  be!  Wellies  were  a  necessity  and  some  After  a  two  hour  delay  due  to  weather,  the  students  even  went  into  the  bunkers  and  tunnels  crossing  was  a  little  ‘choppy’.  Quite  a  few  which were pitch black.  students  certainly  felt  the  impact  of  the  For  Chris  Knight,  the  visit  to  Tyne  Cot  Cemetery  choppiness,  including  Jordan  Taylor!!  He  turned  was  very  personal  and  moving.  His  an interesting shade of green!  great­grandfather  is  laid  to  rest  there.  Chris  found  All  of  the  students  had  a  thoroughly  enjoyable  his  great­grandfather’s  name on  the roll  of  honour  day which was eye­opening and moving.  and  he  laid  a  cross  down  for  his  family.  All  of  the  students became aware of the huge cost of the war  Mr Adam Wheeler  in  terms  of  human  lives.  Tyne  Cot  is  beautifully  History Department preserved and looked after. 
  12. 12. At seven o’ clock on Thursday 24th Our next morning began in Gerona, June, 41 Eggar’s students set off for which was not at all like Barcelona, Spain dragging four members of staff it was very peaceful and relaxing. with them! We then went to the Dali Museum Th e c o a c h j ou r ney wa s g ood and saw many of his surrealist considering the time in the morning. works. He was a nutty genius! We left Heathrow for Barcelona at It was a long journey back to the 11:15am. When we arrived at hotel but enjoyed our dinner on Barcelona the weather was lovely. arrival and followed it with a game of After waiting half an hour we mini­golf. It was good fun but the embarked on our coach journey to weather wasn’t! Luckily the sun Calella. After arriving at our 3 star shone for the rest of the week — so hotel we settled into our rooms and af­ we couldn’t complain. ter a few interesting problems and a Sunday was the day that everybody few extra grey hairs for the Teachers, had been waiting for. It was Port we ate at the hotel then left for Aventura, which happens to be one bowling, which was good fun. of the best theme parks in Europe. Returning to the hotel we got to bed at 10:30pm with lights out at 11:00pm This was our first day in Spain. We woke up eager to see the standard of our hotel breakfast which was good before setting off at 9:00am to Barcelona city. We visited the Gaudí park and the ‘Sagrada Familia’ and even had time for shopping and watching the street entertainers along Everyone had a spectacular 5 hours Las Ramblas. at the theme park! On return to the hotel we had to get ready for the next day, but did have time to visit the beach and had a game of volleyball. It was fantastic. The teachers also treated us to an ice cream! The next morning gave us an hour for shopping in Calella before packing and leaving for Barcelona airport. We arrived back at Eggar’s exhausted but happy. Despite the After ordering our lunch in Spanish, pouring rain our spirits weren’t we then headed off for our journey to dampened — even though our the Nou Camp. This was a huge and shorts and sunglasses looked a little impressive stadium. out of place! Our evening was spent relaxing at the Harry Frost 9JF and hotel. Jack Bailey 9DS
  13. 13. Voucher collections SCHOOL TIES  We have collected almost 30,000 Sainsburys We  are  increasingly  finding  some  Active Kids vouchers during the recent pupils  misplacing  or  forgetting  their  school  promotion. The order has now been despatched ties.    Although  we  have    a  few  in  place  for  and we look forward to receiving it at the loan  for  the  day,  these  are  not  being  beginning of next term. returned  to  the  office,  despite  pupils  being  Another very successful collection with a total of reminded.  We  would  really  appreciate  over 11,000 Tesco Computers for Schools parents checking children’s schoolbags and  vouchers matched the number ‘banked’ from bedrooms during the summer break for any  2006. This has enabled us to have a new digital borrowed  ties  and  returning  them  to  the  camera for use by both pupils and staff. office  in  September.    If  you  wish  to  On behalf of everyone at Eggar’s I would like to purchase  a  new  tie  these  can  be  obtained  express my thanks to those who have sent in from the  office for  just £4.00 each.  vouchers, your efforts are much appreciated. Order  forms  for  school  uniform  items  are  Thank you. always  available  from  the  school  office.  On  Mrs H Pennington placing  an  order  please  return  with  a  School Librarian cheque payable to 1st Grade (please ensure  your child’s name and tutor group is on the  reverse),  the  orders  are  generally  collected  on a Friday and if the item is in stock these  will  be  delivered  to  the  school  office  for  collection the following Friday.  School Canteen  As we approach the end of the academic Owing to Government  year, some of you will be planning to Legislation being  move and relocate. If your child is to implemented in  change school, it is obviously a sensible September 2007, there will be changes  decision to plan such a move during the to the service provided in the School  holidays in order to minimise disruption to Canteen.  your child’s education. It is essential that you inform us as soon as Mid­morning break: No cakes or biscuits will  you know that your child will be leaving so be on sale during mid­morning break.  that we can send the relevant records onto the new school. Lunch­time: Cakes and biscuits can only be  Mrs M Pester purchased as part of a lunch i.e. hot food +  cake/biscuit or Sandwich + cake/biscuit.  Admissions Secretary  Thank you for your support.  Mrs L Varney  Catering Supervisor
  14. 14. An “outstanding evening‛s entertainment” The standard of performance maintained was provided at the 4th Eggar‛s School Big by our Big Band was outstanding and Band event on Friday 29th June in congratulations must go to all of the preparation for the Big Band tour to musicians who worked so hard towards the Germany. event. Notable solo performances came Following a similar format to previous from Tally Burkitt-Jones on tenor sax, years, the audience enjoyed three hours of Meredith Tiala, Charlie Yarrow and Chris live music as they set up their tables with Capper all on alto sax, James Smith food and drink to see them through the playing drums and Kati Whitehead on evening. flute. Many of these solos were However, this year the Big Band welcomed performed during a blues composed by local musician Phil Singleton with his own Phil Singleton, as Eggar‛s pupils duelled Big Band to share the evening which against players in the Phil Singleton Big followed on from an afternoon workshop. Band in a marathon display of improvisational skill! This event has now firmly found itself as a regular annual event and each year the audience gets bigger and the standard gets higher. Excellent! Mr Matt Farris Music Curriculum Leader
  15. 15. A final note from Mr Farris… It is with great sadness that Miss Lisa Hampson lea ves the Music Department at Eggar‛s after two years of outstanding work. During her time at the school she has continued to maintain and develop the standard of singing in the school choir and chamber choir and has worked tirelessly to uphold the high standard of music in the school. As she moves to her new job, we wish her every success and are sure that she will impress her new colleagues with her passion and enthusiasm for music. Good luck! We now look forward to Mr Nathan Smith joining the Music Department on our return to school after the
  16. 16. Two of our Year 10 students have been making the news recently following their running success with Aldershot, Farnham and District Athletics Club. Oliver Aitchinson of 10CB qualified with a time of 4.07 to represent Hampshire in the 1500 metres at Birmingham. Oliver At the beginning of this summer term, Eggar‛s is particularly relieved after School lacrosse team played their first recovering from a recent knee friendly match against Perins School. injury, which clearly hasn‛t Congratulations go to the Eggar‛s team for hindered his success. Also running the 1500 winning the match. metres is Louise Small of 10SKi. Louise has Special thanks should go to East Hampshire District Council, who have provided funding to recently qualified to represent Britain in the allow a Street Dance Club to be set up at Czech Republic and will be running in the Eggar‛s School, every Thursday after school, under 17 age group, which is an amazing from 3.30pm until 4.30pm. achievement as she will be competing against Thank you to our Year 9s for their recent help athletes two years older than herself! in organising two very successful events. The Louise ran a comfortable 4.25 to qualify first was a multi-skills Festival at Binsted within a time of 4.28. Well done Oliver and Recreation Ground for Year 2 pupils. All the Louise, and good luck with the forthcoming primary schools pupils thoroughly enjoyed the competitions, we look forward to hearing afternoon‛s activities. On Wednesday 13th how you get on. June, Eggar‛s hosted a Primary school Finally, it must be ‘running in the family‛ for Athletics Festival. Over one hundred pupils took part and special thanks should go to our the Aitchinsons! We are delighted to report Year 9 students for their help. Well done! that Megan Aitchinson of 8REo recently not I would like to add my thanks to all pupils and only won the 100 metres at the District staff from Eggar‛s School and the Primary finals, which meant she qualified for the Feeder Schools for the enthusiasm and County Championships, but also won at this positive support that you have shown me event and is now the ‘County Champion for during my three enjoyable years working as the 100 metres!‛ - the School Sport Co-ordinator here at Eggar‛s. well done Megan! As I am relocating to Derbyshire in September, I wish you all every success for the future. Julie Greatorex School Sport Co-ordinator,
  17. 17. ROUNDERS ATHLETICS Rounders this term has been a great Unfortunately, due to the inclement weather success. When it hasn't been raining.!!!! this term, many of Practices have been held after school fixtures have been cancelled. Years 7, 10 and for everyone and participation rates have 11 all took part in small events and all years been the highest I've seen in 3 years. All were able to take part in the Aldershot and those involved have been really keen and District Championships held at Palmer Park in their ability has grown from strength to Reading gaining the following success — well strength. There have been teams from done everyone: years 7, 8 and 9 that have competed and Year 7Girls: gained success. Just last week both years 7 Anna Harris 4th in the 100m and 8 beat Perins School in the last match Year 7 Boys: of the season. On Monday (the last Josh Grant 3rd in the 100m Matthew Clarke 2nd in the High Jump practice of the year) we held Mr Eost v Year 8 Girls: Miss Carter Rounders matches. Even Megan Aitchison 1st in the 100m though Jenny Happel did catch Mr Eost out! Camilla Hudson 4th in the High Jump I hate to admit that my team did lose all 3 Year 8 Boys: matches. Apart from the rain it has been a Anthony Beard 5th in the 400m really enjoyable summer term and I wish all Year 9 Girls: the girls much success for the future. Well Jess Hoare 2nd in the 100m, and 6th in the Done!!! Long Jump Amira Sahraoui 5th in the 200m, and 4th in the High Jump Hannah Gray 5th in the Long Jump Chloe Daniels 4th in the Shot Putt Sophie Johnson 2nd in the Javelin Girls 4 x 200m Relay 2nd Year 9 Boys: Jamie Head 5th in the 100m George Carroll 6th in the 200m, and 4th in the Long Jump Chris Capper 3rd in the 800m Boys 4 x 100m Relay 3rd Sean Smith 3rd in the Shott Putt Hugh Jowett 6th in the Discus Years 10 and 11: Louise Small 1st in the 1500m Oli Aitchinson 2nd in the 1500m Miss S Carter Boys 4 x 100m Relay 6th PE Department James Milburn 6th in the High Jump Lee Lucas 3rd in the Long Jump Dom Beardsall 6th in the Shot Putt
  18. 18. On  reflection,  this  academic  year  has  been  a  Attendance  to  nets  has  steadily  improved  success  for  the  PE  Department.  The  number  throughout the  season  thanks  largely  to  Ben  of  pupils  opting  for  GCSE  PE  &  Dance  are  at  Jansen  from  Alton  CC  and  the  ‘Chance  to  an  all  time  high  and  the  first  full  year  in  the  Shine’  initiative.  Numbers  are  such  that,  for  new  facilities  has  given  pupils  access  to  high  the first time since I have been here, Eggar’s  quality  facilities  and  in  turn,  high  quality  will be able to field full teams in Year 7, 8 & 9  teaching and learning.  next  academic  year!  Roll  on  next  year,  I  am  The provision for extra­curricular activities has  really looking forward to this!  seen  a  great  deal  of  diversity,  ranging  from  On a more sombre note, it is with regret that  lacrosse to a girls only fitness club have been  several  members  of  the  Department  are  on the ‘menu’. The number of pupils accessing  leaving  us  this  year.  Ms  Carter  is  moving  to  two  hours  of  high  quality  PE  has  seen  an  another  School  due  to  promotion,  Mrs  improvement year on year. We improved from  Greatorex is re­locating to Derbyshire and Mr  57%  last  year  to  68%  this  year  and  have  Gibb  has  joined  his  fiancée  and  daughter  in  shown  a  massive  improvement  in  the  last  5  Norway.    Much  of  the  success  of  the  years (from 10% to 68%).  All credit has to go  Department  is  owed  to  them  so  they  have  to  the  PE  Staff  for  facilitating  this.  I  look  my thanks for all the hard work they put in. A  forward to reporting more success in this area  big thank you also, to those members of staff  next year.  who  have  worked  hard  this  year  in  creating  In  inter­school  fixture  competitions  we  still  opportunities for Eggar’s students.  continue to hold our own against similar sized  For  every  cloud,  there  is  a  silver  lining.  schools  with  the  highlights  being  the  senior  That  lining  comes  in  the  form  of  Ms  first 15 Rugby squad getting to the Hampshire  McCready  and  Mr  Michael  (who  most  of  you  Plate  final  at  Winchester  RFC,  the  Year  8  have  seen  around  the  School  recently).    I  Football  squad  getting  to  the  final  of  their  look forward to their arrival in September and  respective  league,  the  Year  10  Basketball  the  contribution  they  will  be  making  to  the  squad  getting  to  the  final  of  the  District  Cup.  Department.  More success next year, I hope.  Thank  you  for  everyone’s  continued  support  this  year  and  have  a  restful  summer  and  Cricket News…  here’s  looking  forward  to  continued  success  next year!  Our U13 Cricket team (a mixture of Year 7 & 8  pupils) made a very shaky start to the season.  Mr S Laycock  Since then the team has consistently improved  PE Curriculum Leader and are now a competitive team. 
  19. 19. The day was a great success and having the  Silver Artsmark Award  award opens doors to many arts  activities in  which  the  school  can    participate  in  the  for Eggar’s!  future.  Eggar’s  School  has  cause  for  celebration  this  Mr P Colburn­Jackson  term  as  we  have  been  awarded  the  Silver  Art Department Artsmark award by the Arts Council.  This  prestigious  award  was  gained  through  the school’s ongoing commitment to all forms  Ceramic artist Ali Cooper of  art.    The  awards  event  took  place  at  the  Some Year 10 students have now Capitol  Theatre  in  Horsham  Sussex.    The  school  sent  three  representatives;  art  completed their first GCSE in Painting and teacher,  Mr  Colburn­Jackson  and  students  Drawing and have begun their next GCSE in Meredith  Tiala  11SD  and  Alex  Gillan  11MB  Ceramics. On the 4th July we were visited (pictured below).  by local Ceramic Artist Ali Cooper, as seen in the photo with her son Stefan Romer 10SL. Ali was able to talk to us about her work and show us some examples. Students were able to question her and gather a greater understanding of how an artist works with clay. The  students  selected  to  collect  the  award  represent  some  of  Eggar’s  most  talented  artists, musicians and  actors.  Alex  appeared  in  the  school  production  of  ‘Anything  Goes’  earlier  this  year  and  has  an  interest  in  amateur  dramatics  outside  of  school.  Meredith  is  a  talented  saxophonist  and  plays  in  the  school  orchestra  and  Big  Band.  The awards were presented by the Poet, John  Agard,  who  gave  an  extremely  entertaining  and  funny  recital  from  a  selection  of  his  poetry.    There  was  also  music  from  a  swing  singer and a jazz ensemble. According to our  two  representatives  our  own  Big  Band  are  much better!  Mrs S Kinteh - Art Curriculum Leader
  20. 20. Music from the Big Band...  7OW Cake Stall Mr Wheaton, Robert Headleand, Charlie Riddle & Mrs Cox A  big  ‘thank  you’  to  the  PSA  for  helping  to  organise the School Fete.  The afternoon was a  great success and luckily the sun kept shining!  Thank  you  also  to  the  many  volunteers  and  pupils, and to those of you that came along to  enjoy and support this worthwhile event. ‘Exceedingly good Jam Tarts!‛ Mrs Campbell
  21. 21. Local artist, Madeleine Allison, spent time with our Year 7 students drawing and painting her brood of chickens! This event was thoroughly enjoyed and as you can see from this small sample, the students produced some excellent artwork.
  22. 22. On the 16th and 17th  July, Year 10 took  park in  On  Friday  6th  July  Year  10  two fantastic days of art exams.  held  a  Barbeque  to  In Mr Colburn Jackson’s group the students learnt  celebrate the success of the  a  new  skill  of  making  felt  images.    They  were  prefect  and  senior  team  based  on  the  work  of  artist  Ana  Maria  Pacheco.  appointments.  It  ended  up  An  example  of  which  is  shown  here  by  Edward  as a small affair but a highly  Barney of 10SW.  enjoyable one.  Our  Head  Girl,  Hayley  Ward,  organised  the  event  with  the  help  of  other  senior  prefects.  Mr  Ward,  Hayley's  father,  very  kindly  became  chef  for  the  evening  and  not  a  burnt  sausage  was  seen  all  evening.  In  fact,  all  came  back  for  seconds  and  thirds!  There  were  games  and  dancing  and  a  lot  of  laughter.  I  do  In  Miss  Carew’s  class  the  believe  there  are  some  pictures  floating  students  made  the  most  around  somewhere,  courtesy  of  Nathan  amazing three­dimensional  Dibley.  I  have  a  feeling  that  these  will  sculptures  using  willow  make  an  appearance  in  the  Year  11  based  on  natural  forms  of  leaving  assembly!  It  was  a  night  to  be  shells.  Seen  here  by  Olly  remembered  and  an  addition  to  my  Smith 10KMc.  memories  of  the  year  group.  Thank  you,  Hayley,  for  all  your  hard  work  and  to  all  the  other  students  and  staff  who  helped  to make this a success.  In  Mrs  Kinteh’s  class  students  made  three­  dimensional masks using  clay  based  on  an  exam  paper  with  the  theme  ‘Beginnings’  as  it’s  title.  Seen here by Sophie Pullen 10MR.  Amazingly,  we  are  now  at  the  end  of  Year  10. Time  is  flying  by and it is quite  frightening to think that the Year 7s I still  clearly  remember  are  now  turning  into  young adults and Year 11s! Year 10 has  been  a  successful  year  and  l  look  forward  to  more  of  the  same  with  a  healthy addition of hard work as we head  towards the GCSEs.  Have  a  wonderful  and  relaxing  summer  All  the  students  were  very  successful  and  the  holiday and see you all in September!  results will be going towards their GCSE exams.  Miss N Curtis  Mrs S Kinteh  Year 10, Year Leader  Art Curriculum Leader
  23. 23. HOPPING TO 44% GAIN A CERTIFICATE  SUCCESS IN THE in the UK Junior Mathematics  KANGAROO ROUND Challenge Back in February of this year Eggar‛s School In April 123 pupils from Year 7 and Year 8 entered 106 pupils in the Intermediate entered the UK Junior Mathematics Maths Challenge, which resulted in two of Challenge. Nationally nearly 250,000 pupils completed the challenge. our students being particularly successful Eggar’s is delighted that 44% of our and they were asked to enter the next pupils who entered gained a certificate. round. There were five gold awards for Tom Joy Nationally, 5,000 pupils were invited to 8SMo, Seb Tanner and Carlo Alveros both enter the Kangaroo Mathematics Challenge. of 8REo, Louis Knight 8RCo and Paulo Ledesman 7JH. A total of 18 Silver Pictured below from left to right is Tom Certificates were awarded. These went Fabian of 9SCa who was entered for the to Year 7 students Thomas Jewell and Grey Kangaroo paper and Stuart Gagen 11SD Becky Brown of 7JW, Emily Bailey and who was entered for the Pink Kangaroo Ross Torry 7PCJ, Cobbi Innes 7JH, Henry paper. Harrison 7JH, Sam Mealing 7CG, Adam Parks 7NCa and Edward James 7JH. The remaining Silver award went to Year 8s Helena Macnaghten and Richard Verner 8LH, Claudia Vogt, Emily Wang and Richard Verner 8SWa, Harvey Tanner 8RCo, Travis Richmond and Natalie Owen 8KN and Laura Fitzgibbon of 8RCo. Eggar‛s School was delighted that Stuart‛s The 31 bronze certificates were awarded to Ben Edwards, Olivia Walton and Beth score placed him in the top 25% of entries, Burns of 8SWa, Eleanor Sorsby and David which gave him a Certificate of Merit. Boxall 8RCo, Stuart Sharpe and Abi Despite a terrific effort Tom‛s score fell Boyce Reo, Lucy Stone, Katy Browning just short of the top 25%. The first round and Jessica Lock 8LH, Rachel Craven 8KN, Max Wheeler and Emily Cook 8SMo. is a very exacting test of logic and the Eggar’s School is delighted at the second Kangaroo Challenge is extremely achievement of all the entrants. challenging, so both boys did really well in Well done! achieving this level of attainment. Eggar‛s School is proud to have two such superb Mrs S Woodward Maths Department mathematicians amongst its pupils. 
  24. 24. Mr Sullivan talking to parents at the Year 6 Induction Evening As a school, Eggar‛s constantly strives to This questionnaire will help us to review the provide the best for our community, we situation as well as our Food and Nutrition are currently looking at the lunch Policy, it would be very helpful if you could provision for our students. return this to the school office. Over the last few years there have been If you would like some ideas for a healthy radical changes to the lunchtime provision, lunchbox we have enclosed suggestions “To we actually started this before Jamie give your child a healthy start in life”. I Oliver started his drive to improve school would also like to take the opportunity to meals! The menus have become more bring an interesting website to your notice, it diverse and much more nutritious for our is and it contains a lot students, this improves their health as of information about all aspects of food. well as behaviour and attention with the removal of additives. We have also ensured that chilled filtered water is Mr Patrick Sullivan available to all. Deputy Head Teacher In order to help us with this we are asking both students and parents to spend a few minutes completing the attached questionnaire.