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Vere tech grade 8 test 3

  1. 1. Vere Technical HighSchoolSocial StudiesThis test is to be attempted by Grade 8 (Form 2) students.[Mr. D. Gooden][8/6/2012] 1|P a g e
  2. 2. Vere Technical High School This paper must be returned with the Social Studies students written work otherwise Grade 8 the test will b e v o i d and t he student will get zero Mid -Year Examination: February 2012 Students Name Grade DateINSTRUCTIONS: This paper is made up of FOUR Sections, namely Sections A, B, C, D. (i) Students are to answer ALL questions from ALL sections. (ii) A, Part ONE and Part TWO must be answered on the Answer Template provide. (iii) Section D MUST be written in standard English. (iv) Students are to ensure that grammar and punctuation mark rules are followed. (v) No cheating will be tolerated and ALL questions and concerns MUST be directed to the invigilator. Time allowed: 1 hour 30 minutes For Subject Teachers Use OnlySECTION A SECTION A SECTION B SECTION C SECTION C SECTION D TOTAL P1 P2 P1 P2 20 10 10 10 20 20 90 DO NOT TURN THIS PAGE UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO ©Property of Vere Technical High School 2|P a g e
  3. 3. SECTION A - Part 1 Multiple Choice Questions Instruction: Part 1 has 40 multiple-choice questions. Each question has four possible answers, Select the correct option that you think best answers the question and shade it in on the answer template (sheet) provided1. Jamaica is located in a group of Rivers islands called: (b)Rio Cobre and Milk River (c)Great River and Rio Minho(a) Greater Antilles (d)Black River and Carbarita River(b) Bahamas(c) Cayman Islands 6. Instrument use to locate places:(d) Lesser Antilles (a) Microscope (b) Compass2. The earth is made up of four (c) Cardiograph hemispheres. In which two (d) Ruler hemispheres would Jamaica be located? 7. The science or study of rocks:i. Northern hemisphere (a) Geologyii. Eastern hemisphere (b) Meteorologyiii Southern hemisphere (c) Zoologyiv. Western hemisphere (d) Agronomy(a) i and ii only 8. The outer layer of the earth where(b) i and iv only we live:(c) ii and iii only(d) All of the above (a) Core (b) Mantle3. Jamaica is located at ______ and _____. (c) Crust (d) Inner Core(a) 20˚South latitude and 77˚East longitude(b) 18˚North latitude and 80˚West longitude 9. ____________ rocks are those formed(c) 18˚North latitude and 77˚West longitude by the action of volcanoes.(d) 17˚South latitude and 80˚East longitude (a) Metamorphic (b) Igneous (c) Limestone (d) Sedimentary 10. 90°N and 23½°N represent: (a) The North Pole and the South Pole respectively (b) The Tropic of Cancer and the TropicUse the map of Jamaica to answer the of Capricorn respectivelyquestions 4 and 5. (c) The South Pole and the Tropic of Capricorn respectively4. Which two parishes are shaded? (d) The North Pole and the Tropic of Cancer respectively.(a) Hanover and Westmoreland(b) Kingston and St. Andrew 11. Low lands between hills or(c) Manchester and St. Elizabeth mountains:(d) Portland and St. Thomas (a) Valleys5. Which of the following rivers are (b) Depression found in the shaded region? (c) Sinkhole (d) Mountain(a)Rio Grande and Plantain Garden 3|P a g e
  4. 4. 12. In some areas of Jamaica heavy the diagram represent. rainfall loosens rocks and soils and carries them away. This process is (a)Relief rainfall called: (b)Convectional rainfall (c)Frontal rainfall(a) Flooding (d)None of the above(b) Erosion(c) Earthquake 17. What does this weather symbol(d) Drought mean?Use the diagram below to answerquestion 13. (a) Thunder storm (b) Partly cloudy (c) Sunny (d) Windy 18. Jamaica experiences a:13. The diagram above represents a (a) Tropical climate simple mountain. Identify, in the (b) Tropical Marine climate correct order, the parts labeled i – iv. (c) Tropical Mansoon climate (d) Temperate climate(a)Level plain, gentle slope, steep slope, peak(b) Level plain, steep slope, gentle slope, peak(c) Steep slope, gentle slope, level plain, peak(d) Peak, steep slope, gentle slope, level plain14. One human activity that can cause flooding.(a) Putting garbage in drains(b) Sweeping the yard(c) Planting trees Examine the diagram below, then(d) Using the river often answer questions 19 and 20.15. A terrible thing that can be caused by 19. The diagram above best represents: the careless way in which man uses his natural environment. (a)an earthquake (b)The movements of seismic waves(a) Natural disaster within the earth(b) Man-made product (c)An illustration of a tsunami(c) Man-made disaster (d)The structure of the earth(d) Accident 20. The letters A and B on the diagram represents: (a)the epicentre and the seismic waves (b)the focus and the lithosphere (c)earthquake and tsunami (d)the epicentre and the focus16. The above diagram represents a 20 marks type of rainfall. Which type does 4|P a g e
  5. 5. SECTION A - Part 2 True & False and Short-Answer QuestionsInstruction: This section consists of 10 True and False and 4 short answer questions.In the True and False section, each question has two options “T” for true and “F” forfalse, from which students are to choose the correct answer and shade it on the answersheet. Read the questions carefully then shade in the correct option that answers thequestion.Example: Usain Bolt is the fastest man in history over 100m and 200m. T or F The answer is T1. The Queen of Spain Valley is located in the parish of Trelawny.2. The above diagram represents the instrument that is used to measure the amount of rainfall that a place may get.3. Four factors which affect the climate of Jamaica are distance from the sea, winds, relief and latitudinal position.4. The Black River is the only river in Jamaica which runs from east to west.5. Lithosphere is to the earth crust as pyroclastic materials are to mountains.6. Stalagmites are calcium carbonate formation that grows down from the roof of limestone caves while stalactites grow up from the cave floor.7. Most of the hurricanes that affect the Caribbean originate from off the west coast of Africa.8. The atmospheric conditions of a particular place over a long period of time is called weather.9. The point at which the seismic waves of an earthquake reach the surface of the earth is known as the focus.10. Stalactites and stalagmites, rock pillars and underground streams are features common to Jamaican caves. 10 marks SECTION B Use the words below to fill the blank spaces and complete the paragraph. Seasons altitude tropical polar distance Climate latitude temperate zone imaginaryWhen weather elements are observed and recorded over long periods, similar patterns arenoticed from one year to the next. These long-term conditions we call _______________.The condition of a place is determined mainly by its _______________. Latitude isdistance measured in degrees, North and South of the equator. Latitude lines are_______________ lines that divide the earth into zones: ________________,________________ and ______________. The climate of a place is named partly
  6. 6. because of the _______________ in which it lies. The main reason for climate changes throughout each year is the movement of the earth around the sun. This is what causes the _______________, namely spring, summer, autumn and winter. Other factors that affect climate are _________________ from the sea, height above the sea (which is called _________________), wind and relief (shape of the land). 10 marks SECTION C - Part 1 Map and Grid Work Study the map of Jamaica below then answer the questions which follow.What direction is: Calculate the distance for the following: (i) May Pen from Port Maria (i) May Pen from Port Maria ____________ _____________ (ii) Falmouth from Spanish Town (ii) Falmouth from Spanish Town ____________ ______________ (iii) Black River from Mandeville (iii) Black River from Mandeville ____________ ______________ 3 marks 3 marks
  7. 7. Use the grid below to find the location of the following places.1. Hong Kong_______________________ 2. Keelung___________________3. Shanghai_________________________ 4. Pusian____________________ 4 marks SECTION C - Part 2 Diagrams(i) Draw and correctly label: (a)a diagram of the earths make-up (5 marks) (b)the volcano (5 marks) (c)The relief rainfall (10 marks) 20 marks SECTION D Write a composition on ONE of the following topics. Your composition must be written in Standard English on the ruled sheets provided. (a) Rocks – in this essay, you are to include the types of rock that exist, how they are formed, examples of these types of rocks and the benefits that can be obtained from these types of rocks. (b) Natural Disasters – in this essay, you are to include what are natural disaster, the types of natural disasters, the causes of these disasters and the effects of natural disasters on man and country (c) Mountains – in this essay, you are to include what are mountains, the differences
  8. 8. between mountains and hills, the benefits of mountains and the impact of man onmountains. 20 marks