NRN Workshop, Who Creates The Content


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NRN Workshop, Who Creates The Content

  1. 1. The Content Puzzle: Who Creates All This Content? Eric GervaseTwitter @egervase Email
  2. 2. Content Curation • You do not have to source ALL of the content •Collect stories that you like from around the web and share them with your audience • This works on the blog through editorializing other people’s content • Also works on social media sites for quick, relevant status updates • Builds credibility and makes relationships with other content producersTwitter @egervase Email
  3. 3. Content CurationTwitter @egervase Email
  4. 4. Guest Contributors • Through curating others’ content, you begin to grow a network of content producers that might want to contribute • Gain new audience • Adds a new voice/flavor to your content • May add a different specialty area of content that you’re not capable of producing • Ultimately “rounds out” the content that you produceTwitter @egervase Email
  5. 5. Elicit stories from your audience • These tend to be the “heartfelt” stories • Really gets to the meat of why people should help you with your cause ($ and time) • Gives the person sharing their story an incentive to share with others • Informs you on the things going on within your organization • Can create a wealth of information and become a weekly/monthly topic on your blog or in your newslettersTwitter @egervase Email
  6. 6. Elicit stories from your audienceTwitter @egervase Email
  7. 7. Elicit Stories from Your AudienceTwitter @egervase Email
  8. 8. Partnering With Schools • Mutual need • Students have the need to work on client projects and get real experience • You have the need for low cost content and support in creating it • Schools areoften looking for these types of projects, make it easy on them • Expectations • You should have a defined vision of what you want and be able to express it • If it is a free/volunteer project, you need to know that there are limits to what you can ask forTwitter @egervase Email
  9. 9. PCAD DesignathonTwitter @egervase Email
  10. 10. LVC Digital CommunicationsTwitter @egervase Email
  11. 11. Syracuse University, comm.UNITYTwitter @egervase Email
  12. 12. You Have a Choice • Bulk of content production will fall on you • How much of the content you are responsible for is up to you • Your challenge is to find ways to lean on your supporters for helpTwitter @egervase Email