Manage Company Email Using Google App


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Some simple ways to show you how to manage your company email through using Google Apps.

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Manage Company Email Using Google App

  1. 1. (Professional Website Design & Consultation) Manage Company Email Using Google APP Prepare By : Esther E : W : B : F :
  2. 2. (Professional Website Design & Consultation) Step 1 : Get Started Are you having your Gmail account and Business email at the same time? Or you feel that your web server email system wasn't good enough? Nowadays, most of the business owners forward all the Company Emails to their personal email and send emails to their client through their personal email address. Although it works well but it wasn't look professional at all. For eg : You would like to send a billing invoice to your client, but you are using a personal email address, let's say, your client might feel that you are a small business owner and lost faith on the products/services that you are providing. I am going to share with you some simple ways to help you setup a Company Email System through Google App. Google App provides lots of features that able to help you manage multiple email account through using one single email account. Get start by registering an account in Google App Standard Edition please click on this link and click the button 'Get Started' E : W : B : F :
  3. 3. (Professional Website Design & Consultation) Step 2 : Sign Up Company Domain If you are the Administrator and you have control over the domain, please click on the 1st choice else please click on the 2nd choice. I assume that you are end user. Click on the 'End-user: I am a member of this domain' and enter your company email address (For Eg: and click ‘Get Started’. Remember to enter a correct company email address as Google will send a Email Verification to the email address you enter. You may follow as the image shown below. Step 3 : Create Account Please fill in the forms with your personal information. After you have entered all the information, click the button 'I Accept. Continue to Google Apps You may follow as the image shown below. Step 4 : Email Verification E : W : B : F :
  4. 4. (Professional Website Design & Consultation) In order to verify that you are the owner of that domain, Google will send email verification to the email address you have entered just now. Now you may login to your Company Email and check for the Email Verification that was send by Google with the Subject title 'Google Apps : Sign-Up Verification'. To verify the account, please click on the link that was located inside the email. Step 5 : Account Created! After verifying the account, please click 'Click here to Continue'. Now your account is successfully created with Google Apps. You may login to your account by enter the email address and password you registered just now. In the future, if you would like to access Google Apps account to modify some setting, your link will be As for me, i will be clicking on You may follow as the image shown below. Step 6 : Customize Appearance E : W : B : F :
  5. 5. (Professional Website Design & Consultation) After login to your account, you may change your password. First thing I would like to do now is change the appearance. Please click 'Customize Appearance'. You may follow as the image shown below. To make your Google Apps looks interesting, you can upload a custom log through using the Upload functions. If you would like to change the background colours, you may choose the colours that you like. After modifying everything, you may click the button 'Save Changes' After save the changes, you may click the button 'Sign Out' located at the top right. You may follow as the image shown below. Step 7 : Verify Domain Ownership E : W : B : F :
  6. 6. (Professional Website Design & Consultation) If you do not miss out anything, you have successfully created a Google Apps account. At this moment you still do not able to receive emails through Google Apps. You only have limited access to the Google Apps. To make full use of Google Apps, there's still some steps need to be finish. No worries, we will guide you through all the steps. Please click on the link ‘Learn More’. You may follow as the image shown below. Please enter a email address (email address must be out of this domain), you may enter your personal email address. Click ‘I Accept. Continue to activate’ You may refer to the image below. There will be 2 ways to verify your domain. Over here, I will explain how to ‘Upload HTML file’. E : W : B : F :
  7. 7. (Professional Website Design & Consultation) • Open your notepad (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad), copy the text 'google1f2c107327ccfe82' (Your text might be different from mine, please enter the text provided by Google) and paste it into the notepad and save as 'googlehostedservice.html' • Now is time to upload to your server. Make sure you upload to this path '' If you know how to upload to the server, skip the following step. 1. Download your FTP, you may click HERE to download. FTP is a tool you can use to upload all your files into your server so that it can view live. 2. Username & Password After you registered a Hosting Package, normally they will email you the details such as Host Address, Username and Password. Please refer to their email. After you finish the installation of the Filezilla or any other FTP program that you are using. Enter the details Address : Username : Your Username Password : Your Password Port : 21 Upload the file 'googlehostedservice.html' into your server. 3. Once you have uploaded the file into your server successfully, is time to verify your domain. You may click the button 'Verify'. You may refer the image as shown below. Step 8 : Activate Email Account E : W : B : F :
  8. 8. (Professional Website Design & Consultation) After you have verified your Domain Ownership, you will be able to see this page. On top, there will be a message ‘We are checking domain ownership. This may take 48 hours to complete’. At this moment, your Email is NOT ACTIVATED yet. Click on the link ‘Activate Email’. Please refer the image shown below. Step 9 : Change Main Exchange (MX) Record E : W : B : F :
  9. 9. (Professional Website Design & Consultation) To make sure you able to receive email through using Google Apps, you need to change the MX Record in your hosting company. There are many ways to change your MX Record, it depends on where you hosted. You may choose ‘Show instruction for’ based on which hosting company you are currently using now. If you hosted at GoDaddy, you may follow the instruction based on GoDaddy. At this moment, I will explain ways for ‘Any hosting company’. Please refer image shown below. Login to your hosting company account and look for MX Record. CPanel will name it as ‘MX Entry’ If you are using CPanel, you may refer the image shown below. E : W : B : F :
  10. 10. (Professional Website Design & Consultation) • Please choose the right domain in case you host multiple domains at the same hosting company. • Delete the current MX Record before you proceed to create a new MX Record. • Add New Record, enter 10 as the priority and ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM into the Destination. Click ‘Add New Record’ After you have complete all this steps, please go back to your Google Apps page and click the button ‘I have completed these steps’ Now you email is activated. You may click on the link as show in Google Apps, it E : W : B : F :
  11. 11. (Professional Website Design & Consultation) should be As for mine, will be Step 10 : Finish!!! If you did not miss out anything, you have finish and successfully activate your Email Accounts. Now is time to access your email, you may click on the link ‘’ as for mine will be ‘’ E : W : B : F :