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The 5 Questions to Ask a Futurist Keynote Speaker


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The 5 Questions to Ask a Futurist Keynote Speaker

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The 5 Questions to Ask a Futurist Keynote Speaker

  1. 1. The 5 questions to ask a futurist keynote speaker
  2. 2. • In a rapidly changing world, lots of event planners look to a futurist keynote speaker to set the tone for their event. They are hoping to bring their audience compelling insights based on reliable data. As in so many things, the quality varies distinctly from speaker to speaker. • Here are some questions for you to consider before you decide on a keynote for your next event.
  3. 3. 1. WHAT TRAINING DO THEY HAVE AS A FUTURIST? • There is a big difference between being a person with some interesting things to say and a professional futurist. The field of futures studies is nearly 50 years old, with deep organizational roots in the management of large organizations such as government agencies and corporations. • Ask if the potential futurist keynote speaker has a professional or educational background in the methodologies of studying future trends, such technology foresight and scenario planning.
  4. 4. 2. HAVE THEY EVER WORKED AS A FUTURIST? • There are some people who give a few interviews with decent insights and – poof! – they are a newly minted futurist keynote speaker. Yet the real job of changing people’s minds with data and analysis takes time and experience to learn. • Ask if the speaker has actually worked with executives at major corporations and governments to find out whether they have real- world experience looking at future trends for decision makers. • Have they worked closely with executives who will push back on unfamiliar information? Do they know how to get around obstacles? Can they motivate action after the speech is over?
  5. 5. 3. DO THEY DISCUSS TECHNOLOGY ALONE, OR ITS IMPLICATIONS? Talking about new gadgets is fun and engaging. After all, you would need to be blind not to notice how technology changes our world. But the usefulness of a futurist to an audience is the ability to discuss changing technology and the critical implications on society, economics, and ultimately the industry that your audience cares about. Will the speech be broad enough to reach the audience about what matters?
  6. 6. 4. WILL THEY BRING RECENT, RELEVANT TREND DATA? The world is changing so quickly that there is no room for slide decks that date back to the last decade. Will your futurist keynote speaker be bringing relevant trend data from their own research that applies to the topic at hand, or will they be recycling information that has worked “well enough” for a few years?
  7. 7. 5. ARE THEIR PRESENTATIONS CANNED OR CUSTOMIZED? • The pharmaceutical industry and a state economic development corporation share little in common. Unfortunately, there are speakers who will attempt to take a one- size-fits-all approach to presentations, shoehorning the same content into the meetings of any number of industries. • Are you confident that the presentation will involve reliable trend data that fits your audience?
  8. 8. Interested in more tips on running a meeting about future trends? • Download my free tip guide entitled “5 Tips on How to Run a Meeting on Future Trends" at: • In it, you’ll find even more insights into how to design a successful event that provides your audience with profitable ideas (and an enjoyable time at your event.)