final examination to present about tablet pc


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final examination to present about tablet pc

  1. 1. Name : I KadekMeganjaya NIM : 10112203 Class : IF-6 Tablet PC Tablet PC is a wireless, portable personal computer with a touch screen interface. The tablet form factor is typically smaller than a notebook computer but larger than asmartphone.The most common type of tablet is the slate style, like Apple's iPad or Samsung’s galaxy tab Surface. These devices which are what that most people mean when they refer to a tablet have electronics integrated into the touch screen unit and lack a hardware keyboard. However, external keyboards are available for slate-style tablets. Some keyboards also function as docks for the devices. In 2010, Apple released the iPad, which uses the operating system and touch-screen technology similar to that used on the iPhone and be the first mobile tablet computers to achieve commercial success worldwide. This has fueled a new market for tablet computers and a variety of other manufacturers have produced their own versions, including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, RIM, Sony, Amazon, HP, Microsoft, Archos and many others. Each tablet competing brands premises using a variety of operating systems, although the main contenders are iOS (Apple), Android (Google), Windows (Microsoft) and QNX (RIM). In 2012 31% of Internet users in the U.S. are reported to have a tablet, which is used primarily for published content such as videos and news. Function of tablet PC : 1. Browser Wireless cellular functions (using 2G, 3G, 4G or WiFi) 2. E-mail and social media device (usually with application integration to bring all the feed to display the same) 3. Functions that are on the phone, like (messaging, video calling, speakerphone or headset using the phone) 4. GPS satellite navigation 5. Stills and video camera functions, photo and video viewing and editing
  2. 2. 6. E-book readings (including the electronic version of the magazine) 7. Download applications (games, education, utilities) 8. Portable media players (media player tool) 9. Weighing about one or two pounds (0.5 to 1 kg) 10. Old batteries three to twelve hours depending on usage patterns Today is many product of tablet pc, but the most popular product of tablet pc are product from samsung namely samsung galaxy tab and product from apple namely apple ipad. Ipad is made byApple Inc. The new product of ipad is Ipad 3 which is a continuation of the iPad 2 which is already marketed in 2011. The New iPad has a shape that is almost look similar to the iPod Touch and iPhone, only it was bigger than both of these products. There are many features like for audio-visual media such as ebooks (electronic books), movies, music, games, applications and web content. Shape and weighs more compact than notebooks and netbooks, with capabilities almost equivalent to a notebook and netbook. iPad works with the iOS 5 operating system, the same as used on the iPod Touch 4th generation and iPhone 5thgeneration. Apple's App Store provides more than 600,000 applications, which supports using Apple iOS devices such as iPod, iPhone, and iPad with more effective, efficient and useful to carry out operational lifestyle, education, business and other activities. Galaxy Tab is made bySamsung. Samsung is a leading global electronics company specializing in digital media and devices , semiconductors , and systems integration also enliven the tablet PC market by releasing products Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 version .The Samsung Galaxy Tab supports 3G broadband technology HSDPA - HSUPA for high -speed transfer services . This product carries capactivive TFT touch screen 10.1-inch , 16 M colors with a resolution support of 800 x 1280 pixels , which runs on the Android platform technology version 3.0 ( Honeycomb ) . Samsung Galaxy Tab has been equipped with highly capable brain processor , 1 GHz dual - core . This product is also equipped with Wi -Fi wireless technology and equipped with 16/32/64 GB internal memory and a microSD slot for expansion up to 32 GB capacity . There is an integrated 3.15 MP camera which can also be used to record high- quality video ( 720P ) . Powered by the features of Google Mobile
  3. 3. Services ( Android Market , etc. ) . For the working document provided Mobile Office for Word , PowerPoint, Excel . likepolaris office Both of product have equation and difference : Equation  Both have large screen Galaxy tab and ipad have large screen. It makes us more comfortable in reading ebook, games etc.  Both are tablet pc product Galaxy tab and ipad are tablet pc product. If ipad made by apple but galaxy tab made by Samsung.  Both Can read e-book and office document both of these product can read e-book and office document like word document, excel document, etc. Above are some of the similarities of the iPad and Galaxy Tab. Difference  Design and Display Differences iPad and Galaxy Tab in terms of design and appearance: The iPad and Galaxy Tab are relatively comparable in size and weight. It's just that the Galaxy Tab offers a slightly larger screen and lighter weight than the iPad. Galaxy Tab screen resolution is also higher than the iPad. However, the iPad offers consumers more choice with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi plus 3G and 16.32 and 64GB. While the Galaxy Tab is available in 16 and 32GB with Wi-Fi only.  Application In terms of the availability of applications and games, the difference iPad and Galaxy Tab is located at the source. Applications and games are very important for Tablet PC users. It was made into a preferred tablet PCs and allows users to work or entertainment. For iPad users, the application can be obtained through the Apple App Store while the Galaxy Tab users have access to applications through a play store. Apple's App Store has more apps than the play store. Apple's iPad as the developer has complete control of the App Store, which causes the application is available only applications that have been through the approval process so it is relatively safe for the
  4. 4. Apple iPad. While Android is very flexible. Allows anyone to upload the application or game without prior verification process so vulnerable to the dangers of viruses and malware.  Camera and Video For iPad and Galaxy Tab, there are two cameras - one in front and one behind. Dual camera in both of these products allows for video chat. However, the Galaxy Tab has a more powerful camera than the iPad. The camera on the Galaxy Tab can also record videos at a faster rate. The Galaxy Tab also has the advantage of being able to play Adobe Flash video format.  Operating System IPad is powered by Apple's iOS operating system while the Galaxy Tab uses the Android Honeycomb operating system from Google. This affects the operating system and application features of each tablet. The iPad comes with Safari web browser, iTunes, iBooks and Apple's Game Center. The Galaxy Tab comes with Google search, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and other Google products.