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MyPlanet, designed by Paula Comandari, Elizabeth Gan, Gina Spithakis and Felice Van der Sandt.

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  • We have some questions for you to think about. What have you done for fun today? What have you done to save the world today? What if you could do both?
  • We are all aware of what is happening to our world. Through our daily actions, you and me both are a part of the planet’s destruction. And we know this. We are witnesses of global warming, pollution, starvation, whaling, animal extinctions, torture, smuggling, wars, education, poverty and these are just a few. Image source Christopher Craig
  • The world is in your hands... with so many issues in the world we often feel powerless to help Can you make a change? Or do you feel like you can’t make a difference? Image source: 440672445_69ed634b34.jpg  woodleywonderworks
  • We hide in virtual worlds, and play games in which we get to be the hero Not Anymore Welcome to the world of MyPlanet Image source: Superman image source: unknown
  • The game that takes your virtual world into the real and lets you make a difference one cause at a time How? You go on a global adventure and save the cause that is dear to your heart. Image source:
  • Meet Jason, avid Facebook user - student by day, and whale rescuer by night. He has always wanted to join a protest movement to stop the whalers! But he's never had the courage or taken the time. So he signs up to MyPlanet. Where he decides to join the whale protest movement, where like-minded people play together for the same cause. Individuals who are in the game can interact with each other through chats   Image source: Jason facebook picture –self created People image source unknown
  • Jason plays the game for free. By taking down the boats, capturing hunters he saves the whales. On FB Jason can invite his family and friends to play the game with him to save more whales. After playing his results/stats are posted on his FB profile, for all his friends to see. E.g. ‘Jason just saved 2 greyback whales.’ Image source:
  • Strategies (free) When Jason plays for free he raises awareness among FB friends for his cause By saving whales Jason earns points. From these points he is able to acquire basic materials and other items he and his team might need for the hunt. Tents, nets to capture whalers, warm drinks, a boat, etc. Image source:
  • But these items are expensive and use up a lot of points. So alternatively jason can purchase the materials online, and the money he spends is donated to the cause of his choice. This way he can acquire what needs, continue the game while really saving his whales. Image source
  • Statistics Jason will receive a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly statistics overview of his contribution on his e-mail, his FB or other specified mediums. In this overview there is a separation in online and offline contributions. So whenever someone plays the game for free, and never donates money, that figure will always be zero, functioning as a trigger to start donating. Statistics are always shown on MyPlanet’s homepage, tributing to the best or most significant players.
  • MyPlanet will attract sponsors through offering them a borderless audience to connect to their cause/organisation. The addiction to the emotions involved in this game can/will guarantee player’s loyalty Player’s loyalty is built through the addictive part all games in general generate plus the satisfaction of real life contribution. Sponsors can: show statistics of the game on their website generate a whole new demographic target group build global networks through connecting people Sponsors can also purchase a link for their website to the game.
  • Ballpark figure Start up - ballpark will be around $100,000 - $250,000 depending on technology developments and time/growth of the game. Image source: the individuals who donate during the game
  • Influences World of Warcraft Farmville Second Life Image source: Screenshot
  • Investor’s Revenue Farmville and Mafia Wars generate $200 million per year and we project to meet or exceed that amount depending on sponsors. MyPlanet will offer a Return on Investment (ROI) is a guaranteed return of the initial investment plus 10% interest after five years on invested capital
  • How are we different? Except from really saving the world, creating awareness, raising money for the causes you are passionate about and really making a difference, MyPlanet also offers the opportunity to deduct taxes from donations made through the game. Image source:
  • Competition in this kind of games is as good as non-existent. Recently big corporations and other institutions started recognising the value and power of online games to change the world in real life. On 3rd March 2010 the World Bank Institute released EVOKE, which is a social game in Palo Alto (Sillicon valley) have launched a game to build awareness, as the quests and missions themselves involve brainstorming solutions about social problems such as hunger, poverty, disease and conflict, and posting them to the site for the other players to see. This takes place in Africa, and is a microcosm of problem solving real life issues. This game shares similar values with MyPlanet in that it creates real life awareness, however, we do the same but we add an international dimension, building a global network of philanthropy. From a business perspective it is also the first game to bridge the gap between online games, non-profit organisations and to actually generate money to invest in real causes. Image source: World Bank info
  • Choose a cause you care about future collage Local International Africa Education Energy Environment Pollution Monkeys child abuse natural catastrophes build villages Image source:
  • Thank you!
  • We hope you make MyPlanet your planet.
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