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Rails course day 4


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This class was all about RESTful nature of rails applications.
We also practiced on nested controllers and views conventions.

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Rails course day 4

  1. 1. Ruby on rails course By @AlSayedGamal
  2. 2. Views and Controllers Day 4
  3. 3. Agenda Routing Controllers and nested controllers Views and template engines
  4. 4. routing (routes.rb) General rules root 'pages#main' get '/patients/:id', to: ‘patients#show’ match 'photos', to: 'photos#show', via: [:get, :post] resources and nested resources url_for member and collection
  5. 5. Resutful Routes Note: the url helper methods
  6. 6. routing(routes.rb) get ‘:controller/:action/:id/with_user/:user_id' Naming routes (as:) via: [get, post or all] constraints: { subdomain: 'admin' }
 can save your life get 'books/*section/:title', to: ‘books#show' mount AdminApp, at: ‘/admin’ get 'こんにちは', to: 'welcome#index'
  7. 7. Controller Actions before_action layout respond_to head and status codes render views redirect_to with flash
  8. 8. Controller (Params) Hash, Array and JSON Parameters GET /clients?ids[]=1&ids[]=2&ids[]=3 def default_url_options
 { locale: I18n.locale }
 end Strong paramaters
  9. 9. Controller session, flash and cookies request object Send_data and send_file
  10. 10. Controllers
 (Request Specials) session, flash and cookies request object Send_data and send_file
  11. 11. add it to Gemfile and bundle rails g devise users rake db:migrate Notice the before_action filter Tip1: check “rails g”after installation. Tip2: check user model after generation.
  12. 12. Thanks