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Case study of implementation of TimeTrax at Haier, in Pakistan.

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  1. 1. Inefficient operations Lead to ‘Haier’
  2. 2. Haier was incorporated in 1984, solely as a producer of household refrigerators. Over thenext 20 years, the company witnessed significant prosperity and is now a transnationalorganization widely recognized in the world community. Haier currently manufactures awide range of household electrical appliances, 15,100 varieties of items in 96 product lines,and exports its products to more than 100 countries.Inefficient operations Lead to ‘Haier’ Costs InefficientManufacturing costs are directly affected by the productivity of employees. With 300workers across the company at Haier Pakistan, the firm needed a more efficient method operations Leadof collecting time and attendance records and readying the information for payroll. to ‘Haier’ CostsThe process the firm employed in the past required employees to fill-in paper timesheets,while signing in and out each day. At the end of the pay period, each employee had tocomplete paperwork and give it to his or her team leader for verification prior to enteringit into the payroll system. This process took about 15 minutes per worker (about 75 hoursor roughly 10-man-days of data entry and verification per month), time that could be betterspent on the manufacturing process!A unique solution to everyoneIn late 2009, Haier started searching for a solution to eliminate the manual process. Theybegan the process of reviewing options and collecting bids for a new Time and Attendancesolution. They pulled together a list of requirements for their new system and after carefully Integratedweighing in options, they chose TimeTrax over other competitors because TimeTrax wasthe only Web-based Attendance Solution that had the features they wanted and the only Attendance,company that followed through on each requirement they had. They were also impressed Payroll,by the feedback from satisfied clients of EfroTech and the responsive and helpful nature Leaveof TimeTrax personnel. & TravelWorking with TimeTrax, a pioneer time and attendance solution provider, they were Managementintroduced to TimeTrax’s biometric solution. Haier discovered the utility and ease of usewith employees using their finger/thumb impressions for identification when entering orleaving the factory premises.The system uses company-defined rules & policies to calculate the time each individual hasworked which can then be passed to the payroll system for processing payments. It supportsmultiples shifts, provides department & employee-wise shift scheduling and it’s a completeattendance register which gives late coming & early going details. Attendance & absencesummary is also viewable. TimeTrax’s Biometric system helped them eliminate buddy 02 EfroTech Inefficient operations Lead to ‘Haier’ Costs
  3. 3. punching as well.Smoothing Out the Path AheadAs Haier’s management weighed this workforce management options, they realized thatonly TimeTrax could provide real-time reporting and HRIS capabilities flexible enoughto meet their changing needs and diverse workforce. Furthermore, decision-makers couldleverage this information to gain actionable insight into workforce performance, thereby Inefficientenhancing operational agility. TimeTrax provided Haier with the tools needed to streamlinethe workforce attendance process, eliminating inaccuracies and time-consuming procedures. operations LeadThe centralized web-based solution significantly reduced maintenance and upgrade costs to ‘Haier’ Costsby eliminating the need for multiple timekeeping systems. The system is more user-friendlyand more information is accessible in real-time.The Haier HR team expects to cover the investment made into the system procurementand deployment with the first year of its operation and hopes to reap the benefits for yearsto come.A grown-up system that develops your businessEmployees can enter and report their work and take benefit of web-based interface oronline time entry interface. This system is flexible enough to be used as per desired: different Integratedlocations using it in different ways. Some employees can use it like a time-clock (IN, OUT, Attendance,Labor Transfers, etc.) while others use it only for reporting leave-time on an exception Payroll,basis. TimeTrax.Net can even run on your LAN, WAN, Intranet or across the Web. Plus,this premier solution is also more cost effective than other Time and Attendance solutions Leaveavailable in market. Add all this to a fundamentally accurate payroll processing application &and you have significant cost savings at hand. TravelThe system easily implemented the rules for labor collection and supported corporate HR Managementpolicies & rules for Haier. This has enabled them to track their labor efficiencies veryaccurately and develop efficiency reports for accounting. Plus they can compare the amountof labor used to manufacture product against the forecasted costs to make certain thenumbers balance out. This information helps them plan their hiring, track their overtimeusage, and determine the output per person in each area. In all they have now in place agreat HR tool.More details about TimeTrax is available on the following 03 EfroTech Inefficient operations Lead to ‘Haier’ Costs
  4. 4. TimeTrax OverviewServing over 500 satisfied clients with this robust Human Resource Management system acrossPakistan in 27 cities and deployed in 17 countries across the globe; including UAE, South Africa,Korea & Brazil, with embedded payroll logic for various industries, TimeTrax is the ultimate softwaresolution for Integrated Attendance, Payroll, Leave & Travel Management. We are proudly assistingcompanies in building transparency into employee productivity for the last 14 yearsContact Us InefficientHead Office operations LeadAddress Suite # 301, Progressive Center, PECHS, Shara-e-Faisal, Karachi.Phone +92-21-34389620-2 to ‘Haier’ Costs +92-21-32043020-1Fax +92-21-34389623Email info@efrotech.comLahore OfficeAddress 523-A, Faisal Town, Opp. Jinnah Hospital, Lahore.Phone +92-42-36115220Fax +92-21-34389623, +92-42-35164696Email Integrated Attendance, Payroll, Leave & Travel Management 04 EfroTech Inefficient operations Lead to ‘Haier’ Costs