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Fused partner story


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Fused partner story

  1. 1. FusedLearning, CorpPARTNER OVERVIEWFusedLearning is a learning solutions providerthat offers technology and services in learningmanagement and mobile education.FusedLearning has partnered with Epignosis andeFront Learning to offer comprehensive onlinelearning business solutions.Innovation and Creative Online Learningdevelopment solutions are not easily attained inevery online education firm. FusedLearningstrives to provide the most advanced andprofessional eLearning services available tomake sure training is delivered without hassleand is easy to navigate by users.WHY EFRONT?“With eFront, FusedLearning is able to provideorganizations in the United States access to arevolutionary LMS that addresses vital trainingrequirements for small, medium and largeorganizations and educational institutions that iseasy to use and yet provides access to IT staff totailor the LMS to their organizations¹ needs.”“Prior to teaming up with eFront, we reviewedover 5 other top LMS companies and none had theease-of-use, flexibility and growth capabilities thateFront provides out of the box.”CHALLENGES“Most customers come to us because they need anLMS that will not only satisfy their training needs,but also meet the budgetary restrictions that manygrowing organizations are facing today. When weshow them what eFront can do and that they havefull control of the LMS, they not only feel thateFront has met their needs, but has surpassedthem.”SUCCESSES“Our partnership with eFront has allowed us toachieve some amazing goals for our clients. Notonly are we 100% sure we can meet their needsbut exceed them. The level of support they receiveis unsurpassed and the features and benefits theyreceive from the LMS continue to grow by leapsand bounds. “
  2. 2. FUTURE PLANS“Our future plans include growing in a full servicesolution where we bundle the LMS with additionalend-user customer support and customizationsservices to our customers.”CONCLUSION“The support we can offer is like no-other and thecomments made by our clients are a truetestament of the powerhouse partnership betweenFusedLearning and Epignosis.”QUOTES“We are new to eFront and starting ourexperiences with the system with a very largeimplementation. Part of that involves themigration of over 150,000 students and years ofassociated training history from the legacy systeminto eFront. eFront’s support manager has beenthere to give advice from the beginning, and due tothe size of the data imports he completed theactual data imports as well. He took the time tounderstand not just our current needs, but the bigpicture and the overall plan for our project.Because of that attention to detail, he knew wewould have several more similar data importsbefore we launched. He went above and beyondfor us, not only performing the imports but alsomaking a custom module for us that will allow usto do the future imports ourselves. He was greatabout communicating with us so that we knewwhat to expect, although I have to say that hedelivered way beyond my expectations. He wasprofessional and polite and pleasant to work withand further confirmed that our selection of eFrontwas the correct choice – not just because it is anexcellent system, but also because of the excellentsupport we are receiving from FusedLearning andnow from Epignosis as well.“-Global KnowledgeAbout usEpignosis provides top-of-class, affordable elearning solutions. Our main product, eFront, is a modern-age LMS bundledwith rich social & enterprise functionality. A cost-effective way to simplify training, evaluation and tracking procedureswithin the organization, eFront has been awarded for excellence in Learning Management Technology for Small-andMedium-Sized Businesses (Brandon Hall) and Elearning Magazine. Today, eFront is trusted by hundreds of organizationsaround the globe to support their training activities.