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eLearning software made with passion and PHP


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Why we decided to create our elearning software products in PHP and why it's the best choice, especially in the long run (this is a tech related article).

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eLearning software made with passion and PHP

  1. 1. e-Learning software made with PASSION and PHP by
  2. 2. Key ingredients we use to create our software here at Epignosis HQ: a passion for creating things, understading of the e-learning market, long hours of hard work.
  3. 3. Why we opted for PHP and how those translate into better for our customers? <?php echo "Object $obj belongs to class " . get_class($$obj); ?> should read <?php echo "Object $obj belongs to class " . get_class($GLOBALS[$obj]); ?> And, for those who are interested, full output is : veggie: CLASS Vegetable leafy: CLASS Spinach, PARENT Vegetable veggie: Properties edible = 1 color = blue
  4. 4. PHP is... UBIQUITOUS
  5. 5. PHP is serviceable from lowly shared hosting plans to Heroku or the Microsoft Azure Cloud.
  6. 6. PHP is... BATTLE TESTED
  7. 7. PHP has 15 years of continuous development. Facebook uses PHP to connect BILLIONS of people. ’95 PHP 3.0 PHP 5.0 PHP 7.0
  8. 8. PHP is... EASY TO PICKUP
  9. 9. With PHP, you can get started creating websites in a matter of hours.
  10. 10. PHP is... EASY TO DEPLOY
  11. 11. With PHP it’s enough to drop your program files in a directory in your hosting provider. You don't need to require specialized application servers.
  13. 13. You can easily find thousands of PHP projects and tons of available code and the myriad of open source projects. </></> </></> </> </> </> </> </></> </> </> </> </> </></> </></> php
  14. 14. A GOOD PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE <p>Hello World</p> PHP is…
  15. 15. Since version 5.3 PHP has grown to be a quite competitive language, fixing past mistakes and adding modern programming features. php 5.3
  16. 16. Sure, PHP has some warts, but all in all it’s a choice we haven’t regretted in the least.
  17. 17. Schedule a Demo Stay in touch Contact us efrontlearning. @eFrontLearni info@efrontlearnin Want to learn more? Contact us! Train people. Better.