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Elearning for-sales-training-presentation


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Elearning for-sales-training-presentation

  2. 2. learn more > SALES are HARD what you’re selling YOU HAVE TO KNOW: your customers your leads how to follow up your market
  3. 3. learn more > The way we overcome the hard part in selling, is like we overcome the hard part in everything else: from learning how to code to speaking French WITH TRAINING
  4. 4. learn more > o keep your sales o date with the s techniques. On the other hand, you also need to keep them selling, without spending extra time on seminars and such.
  5. 5. learn more > Ideally you want some form of training that they can complete on their own time, but you still want to be able to track their progress E-learning offers exactly that.
  6. 6. learn more > Time is money
  7. 7. learn more > Your employees don’t need to commute to attend seminars. They can study at their own pace, either at the office when workload is low or even at home. And it’s available 24/7!
  8. 8. learn more > You still are in control of training time: you can set timeframes for courses’ and lessons’ completion to meet your deadlines.
  9. 9. learn more > Money is money The costs of e-learning compared to traditional training are much, much lower.$
  10. 10. learn more > ‣ you don’t have to take staff off of work ‣ you don’t have to rent a classroom ‣ you don’t have to hire people to do seminars ‣ you don’t have to provide printed materials Why?
  11. 11. learn more > Whether you go with deploying a custom e-learning solution (like eFront) or signing up for a cloud service (like TalentLMS), the costs are nothing compared with the traditional training costs.
  12. 12. learn more > Change is inevitable
  13. 13. learn more > Online training material is easily updated. You can update your content at any time you want.
  14. 14. learn more > There are tons of great training material available for you, either commercially or for free, that you can install or adapt for your e- learning courses. YOU DON’T HAVE TO CREATE YOUR OWN MATERIALS.
  15. 15. learn more > You’re the boss
  16. 16. learn more > Using LMS features such as “skill levels” and “certifications” you can also tie training progress to bonuses or promotions, in order to further motivate your employees. ONLINE TRAINING ADDS INSIGHT & ACCOUNTABILITY INTO THE LEARNING PROCESS
  17. 17. learn more > Knowledge retention
  18. 18. learn more > The training material serves to retain and transfer company knowledge and operational procedures.
  19. 19. learn more > Low Risk .
  20. 20. learn more > ONLINE SALES TRAINING IS ALSO A VERY LOW RISK INVESTMENT A lot of e-learning solutions you can get for a free trial period, or get the cheaper tier and upgrade as your needs grow.
  21. 21. learn more > Have I closed the sale? How about a trial? :)
  22. 22. This presentation is brought to you by eFront Learning. Visit to try our Cloud e-learning solution