eFront - partner value proposition


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eFront - partner value proposition

  1. 1. Value Proposition for Partners
  2. 2. Business OpportunityCurrent eLearning solutions do not cater for the needs of SMESSMEs need a solution that is: cost effective, fast to implement, all-in-one, easy-to-use,standards certified, multilingual, extensible, professionally supported(Taken from Bersin and Associates Research)
  3. 3. SMEs represent a fast growing market share• The LMS market is growing (~15% per year)• The SME segment is particularly promising (~30% per year) LMS 2009 – Facts, Practical Analysis, Trends and Providers Profiles (Bersin & Associates).
  4. 4. We cover this market need with eFront =Modern LMS with rich Enterprise and Social functionality
  5. 5. End-customer Value Proposition• complete (create, deploy, communicate, assess, certify, analyze)• user friendly (icon-based interface, natural walkthroughs, the interface is the usage manual!)• competitive priced (based on active users)• proven in practice (extensive satisfied customers base)• open in nature (all editions come with their source code)• awarded (Brandon-Hall and eLearning magazine awards)• certified (one of the few LMSs that support SCORM 2004 4 edition) th• especially suited for medium enterprises (carefully crafted with their needs in mind)• professionally supported (dedicated support channels)• try first approach (start with the open-source, buy with confidence whenever you feel ready)• mobile friendly (IPAD enhanced themes)• premium functionality (social extensions, custom report generators, skill-gap tests, branch management etc, dozens of extensions, API for communication with other services)• no vendor-locking (all editions come with their source code, you can export/import everything)
  6. 6. Competition• High-end (e.g. SumTotal) or open-source (e.g. Moodle) Open-source High-end e-FrontEmphasis on userexperience   Cost effective   Rich enterprisefunctionality   Not overlycomplex   
  7. 7. Awards and Recognitions
  8. 8. Trusted by important companies
  9. 9. Partnership types
  10. 10. What to expect from us Lead Generation Training Marketing Resources Technical and Marketing Support Commissions that Scale with Sales Volume
  11. 11. What we expect from you Established business with strong financial health Ability to commit and deliver on a revenue target Availability of dedicated sales and marketing resources A good understanding of e-learning space Ability to establish and maintain a pipeline of customers andleads A minimum of one sales and one technical representative
  12. 12. About the company• Founded in 2003 (Epignosis LTD)• Incorporated in the US during 2012• Specialized in e-Learning systems and technologies• Vendor of eFront e-Learning platform• eFront in numbers: – 3 Editions – Open-source / Educational / Enterprise – Over 1M downloads for the open-source version – 1000+ paid customers around the globe – 50+ partners