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Product Manager at Oncase (a Pentaho's consulting company)


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This is my presentation at 2o ProdConf about our challenge to transform Oncase's culture to a product-driven company instead of project delivery.

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Product Manager at Oncase (a Pentaho's consulting company)

  1. 1. Product Manager at Oncase* Éfrem Maranhão Filho @efremfilho * Oncase is a IT consulting company and represents Pentaho more information –
  2. 2. Rewind a bit 2006 Become a professor 2013 Bitten by startup bug 2014 Pivoted PM world
  3. 3. Our BIG objective Change Oncase’s culture for product focus service company (must have) …and do some products of our one (nice to have)
  4. 4. Four month later… What is our actual challenges?
  5. 5. Challenge #1 What is the product and project differences?!
  6. 6. Challenge #2 PM(Product Manager) vs PM(Project Manager) And yes, for us is just about two letters difference!
  7. 7. Challenge #3 Resources sharing (with Project Manager) …and complete lack of them!
  8. 8. Challenge #4 Expectation management I really f*cked it up!
  9. 9. Challenge #5 Show your results Aka Overcome your fear of failure
  10. 10. Product Manager at Oncase Éfrem Maranhão Filho @efremfilho