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The Future Of Giving: Why Students And Young Alumni Matter


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Strong student philanthropy education programs and meaningful engagement of young alumni are critical components of any annual giving shop because those two audiences are the future the alumni database. Christina Diss, Director of Annual Giving at Linnfield College and Leanne Goolsby, Associate Director of Annual Giving at University of Portland cover how their respective schools built programs to inspire students and young alumni to give back.

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The Future Of Giving: Why Students And Young Alumni Matter

  1. 1. THE FUTURE OF GIVING:WHY STUDENTS AND YOUNG ALUMNIMATTER.Leanne Goolsby, University of PortlandChristina Diss, Linfield College
  2. 2. DEFINING THE IMPORTANCE OFSTUDENTS AND YOUNG ALUMNI Percentage of the alumni base Characteristics of millennial generation  Networkers  Influence on peers  Influence on prospective students
  3. 3. DEFINING THE IMPORTANCE OFSTUDENTS AND YOUNG ALUMNI, CONT. The Pyramid  80% of $1M donors made their Estate first gift within four years of Gifts graduation (The Core Group) Capital Donor Participation vs. dollars raised Special/ Major  Building the base Donor  ROI- is there a return? Moves management Renewed Donor New Donor The Universe
  5. 5. STUDENT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION From the Student Giving Committee to the Student Alumni Association  Intuitional pride  Tradition and lifelong loyalty  Need for charitable gifts Engaging student leaders  Recruitment  Paid student workers
  6. 6. STUDENT ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Events  Thank-A-Thon  Tag Day  Happy Birthday Linfield  Tuition Free Day Connecting students with alumni
  7. 7. FROM GRADUATION TO ALUMNI Events for seniors  Grad Finale  Almost Alumni Coffee Communications  10 Ways to Stay Connected Graduation  Message of philanthropy Solicitations  Senior Appreciation Program  Honor loved ones in commencement program  Letter from Alumni Leadership Council  Introducing philanthropy as alumni  No solicitations until one year out
  9. 9. GOLD: HOW TO GET IT STARTED Identifying existing GOLD donors  Young alumni giving in the past  Who is already connected Focusing your ideas  Brainstorm and narrow it down  Pick what’s right for your University Convincing your boss  Clear game plan  3 year commitment
  10. 10. GOLD: THE FIRST YEAR What worked  Recognition  (Most) events  Affinity giving What didn’t  Leadership giving levels  Direct mail  Static website Results  How to quantify during the first year
  11. 11. GOLD: WHAT’S NEXT? Updating the program  Leadership giving levels  Events Challenges  Where do they come from?  What’s the motivation? Upgrading donors  Different approaches Solid GOLD  Celebrating loyalty
  12. 12. QUESTIONS?