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PRESS RELEASEShttp://www.musicdish.com/mag/?id=12653(Pop Up 2010: Leipzig Becomes Music Independents Fallback PositionThe ...
What is your booking policy? Do you prefer to liaise with booking agents and artistmanagements, or with the artists direct...
What are the advantages of networking with other trade fair organizers/eventpromoters and clubs (locally and/or worldwide)...
Matthias Puppe: (Pop Up is a place where people from all over Germany andneighboring countries meet to put the focus on mu...
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Pop up

  1. 1. POP UP http://www.leipzig-popup.de/ Next event 20-21.05.2011DESCRIPTIONBuilt to spill, we are building a new town!Down with the borders between fans and creatives, the fair is dead, long live thedialogue. The debris of traditional structures and experience from one decade are thebricks to build a new town. But the cornerstone is you!We invite you to the 10th (Pop Up fair in Leipzig at Werk II hall which will take placeon May 20 and 21, 2011. To leave behind even the last barriers between industryand audience the stands will make room for a concept of complete openness. Fortwo days the (Pop Up will present itself as a room of exchange, interaction andinformation for makers of music and pop culture as well as for music lovers. For this,we will build a town with town hall, post office, DIY store, record store and otherplaces to communicate, try and discuss at Werk II. Music makers, experts andinterested folks from Germany and abroad will meet somewhere between museum,art café, club and cinema as citizens among their own kind. New impetus within thepop discourse is given by four panel discussions about controversial topics andvarious festival stages provide what it’s all about: great music.NOTELeipzig Pop Up is on Facebook!REGISTRATIONFor the registration see the following link:http://register.leipzig-popup.de/
  2. 2. PRESS RELEASEShttp://www.musicdish.com/mag/?id=12653(Pop Up 2010: Leipzig Becomes Music Independents Fallback PositionThe capital of Germanys federal state of Saxony will again become "the placeone can see the whole world in one"By Anthony Kammerhofer, GATEWAYmusic(more articles from this author)2010-04-28Bach? Wagner? Schumann?Mendelssohn? Yes, all of these classicalcomposers were once "there". On May 7-8, 2010, the capital of Germanys federalstate of Saxony will again become "theplace one can see the whole world in one"(quoting German philosopher GottholdEphraim Lessing). This time its about theworld of German independent music,building on the debris of the old musicindustry. MusicDish caught up with (PopUp trade fairs Matthias Puppe to talkabout it.Looking at your website, we find that thefocus on live performances is clearlyinnovation. When organizing such a tradefair in Germany, is it like you are being"forced" into offering diversity when nottrying to cover mainstream music and, inaddition, trying to bank on competitiveadmission fees and rental space?Matthias Puppe: Right from the start,(Pop Up has been organized by the Pop Universell e.V. association, which operatesstrictly through volunteers. Specifically, there is a team of 20 people who dedicatetheir free time to prep-work and programming the content of this trade fair for a year.With the trade fair actually coming to fruition, there are another 70-80 hands involvedin setting up and breaking down, checking admission to the venue, being the most-friendly security worldwide or carrying monitors around as stagehands. Basically,voluntary work saves a lot of money, which means we dont have to add anyadditional costs for our (expert) audience to pay. Further, all artists, bands andspeakers have to be eager to attend (Pop Up, as we are not able to lure them into itwith high fees. However, all those attending know we really kneel into it, and are notin it just for our own good, but want to organize a great event for everybody involvedfor everybodys benefit - even if it "only" boils down to a great weekend in Leipzig.
  3. 3. What is your booking policy? Do you prefer to liaise with booking agents and artistmanagements, or with the artists directly? What has your experience been whenworking with local acts that bring their own fan base to the (Pop Up events? Can actsfrom North America, Asia or other European countries also find a new fan base at(Pop Up events in Germany?Matthias Puppe: There is no preferred booking strategy, except that we have to loveit and it has to be affordable. We put the focus on new music and would like tosurprise our audience with things they have not been exposed to before - in Leipzig -and which will not too easily slip their minds again. We’re not as concerned with themanner in which things transpire – whether it happens because of our well-informedbooking team pursuing their own ideas, bands introducing themselves, or via offersby labels and agents. As long as our "budgeting fairy" Jana does not suffer a stroke,we have a pretty wide leeway. Of course, we are also trying to reflect the localLeipzig music scene in our programming - Pop Universell e.V. has taken up the fightto also show the music business what is available in our hometown.What are the main challenges you are facing when booking acts from overseas,particularly from outside the European Economic Area?Matthias Puppe: There is always one big challenge: Funding a bands way intoLeipzig. Great ideas sometimes fail due to travel expenses.There is no question about your regulars being open to new developments in thearts. What are the avenues of "customer retention" you consider most favorable forpromoting your events (regular newsletters, postings/presence on social networkingsites like Facebook etc., text messaging campaigns, vouchers, meet-and-greetevents for artists and fans, etc.)?Matthias Puppe: The best strategy for customer retention is creating a great event.Of course, we know that our trade fair suffers setbacks when it comes to big deals, ifonly because of how it developed in an area remote from the so-called major musicbusiness. Or, lets put it this way: If a potential exhibitor is keen on meeting theminister for cultural affairs at the trade fair or striking a five-year-deal with a ring tonegiant from the Far East, then he will be utterly disappointed. However, on the otherhand, (Pop Up means that there are no smoke-and-mirrors as each exhibitor is giventhe same priority. You are mingling with creators who may not have a business planat their fingertips, but do have a lot of ideas and fancies. You can’t reach thosepeople by deploying voucher or text messaging campaigns. However, we are in favorof newsletters and working the social scene.
  4. 4. What are the advantages of networking with other trade fair organizers/eventpromoters and clubs (locally and/or worldwide)?Matthias Puppe: Networking is one of the cornerstones of (Pop Up, even if it mightnot always be easy to maintain. When we started 9 years ago, the trade fair was acollective effort by various promoters and clubs in Leipzig who then all becameinvolved. Without this structure, (Pop Up would not have been possible in thebeginning. Later, partners like VUT (Association of Independent PhonogramProducers in Germany) and music magazine De:Bug teamed up with us on thecontent side of things. For example, last year we had an exchange programorganized with c/o-Pop (another regional music business trade fair in Germany). Tomake a long story short: Networking is a major concern, but networking is what (PopUp is all about.How could (Pop Up act as a platform for acts outside the European Economic Area?Do you think that such acts may consider Pop-Up as key to entering the Germanmarket in terms of booking, PR, etc.? Could participating in Pop-Up even beconsidered making sensible in terms of entering the Germany/Switzerland/Austriamarket?Matthias Puppe: It depends on what the respective band or artist wants to achieve.(Pop Up is certainly not a train stop on a short-cut route to Rock am Ring (a majorGerman festival) or Sonys casting couch. We are more about having the reps ofsmall- and medium-sized music businesses meet (also known as the independentscene), or, the way we would put it: the creative part of the music business. This, ofcourse, includes lots of booking agents, labels, web portals, magazines, campusradios and, last, but not least: music fans. (Pop Up is especially acclaimed in this,lets say, segment, and is used as a platform for communication and presentation.However, we cannot promise that any band will have booked-up European tours afterperforming at the trade fair. Wearing the copywriters hat, I would put it this way(tongue-in-cheek): People gather at (Pop Up whose ideas will be paying for otherpeoples big cars in the future.What are the benefits to participating artists/managements/booking agents/labels,etc. who work with (Pop Up?
  5. 5. Matthias Puppe: (Pop Up is a place where people from all over Germany andneighboring countries meet to put the focus on music and not on compatibility withtarget groups or possible rewards. You will meet the part of the music business andaudience who will, sometimes against all reason, move any mountain for artists.Personally speaking, I cant imagine a better (expert) audience for music. Forcreators, (Pop Up is predominantly a platform for meet-and-greet, sharing views andnetworking. This has grown in importance particularly with the implosion of businessstructures over the past years. Taking this further, intensive discussion at (Pop Up issupposed to tackle the questions of our time within the business, weigh argumentsand, as a best-case scenario, present ways to move ahead. The latter is a particularfocus of the trade fair organization team so that, with a lot of effort, high-quality expertpanels can be offered – appealing to all exhibitors.How is (Pop Up focusing on the local scene in the federal state of Saxony? Are thereany quotas or conditions issued by supporters/sponsors?Matthias Puppe: There is no quota with (Pop Up. Still, as mentioned above, we havealso taken up the fight to presenting a high-quality local and regional scene to themusic industry.Could we describe (Pop-Up as a kind of Central European South-By-South-West?Matthias Puppe: Lets put it this way: South-By-South-West is a wonderful festivaland can be seen as a role model in a lot of ways.Picture reference: All pictures © Klaus Nauber/Leipzig (Pop Up., Leipzig/Germany