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Hsmai newsletter best

  1. 1. HOSPITALITY SALES & MARKETING ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL ! SPRING 2009 HS M AI Newsl etter University of Houston Conrad N. Hilton Cougar Chapter Dear HSMAI Cougar Chapter Members, New Email Account Thank you for a wonderful year. We To receive the latest information ARTICLES OF can proudly say that we are now one of about HSMAI Cougar Chapter please INTEREST: the fastest growing and most active log-on to: organizations in the Conrad N Hilton HSMAI.Cougarchapter@gmail.com 1.1 College. With only one year under are This email account has been INTRODUCTION belt we have successfully added more created to provide us with an efficient than fifteen active members to the and accessible means of HSMAI organization. A job well done, I communication amongst one another. 1.2 NEW EMAIL ACCOUNT would like to congratulate each and The email account is available for all everyone of you for making this members to use and will allow organization come alive. This however is everyone to send emails and updates 2.1 only the beginning as the future looks related to HSMAI. The use of a COUGAR GROUNDS even more promising for the HSMAI members email account will allow us PROJECT Cougar Chapter. We are clearly to develop an organized database of becoming the most innovative and contacts with email address, and dynamic student organization in the phone numbers that will be easily 3.1 college. Driven to become future leaders accessible and overtime lead to a UPCOMING EVENTS in the Tourism, Travel, and Hospitality large networking pool of contacts. Industry we strive to use HSMAI as a Also, with time this email account source for sales and marketing will be used to record or store 3.2 information, knowledge, business previous documents for future FUTURE GOALS development, and networking. As student members to use, whether it be “How members of the Cougar Chapter we will to run a fundraiser” or a “Thank You” 3.3 use the knowledge learned in class and letter allowing members to view all INSTALL MEAGAN AS apply it to develop skill-full projects that previous messages will save time and PRESIDENT will enhance are professional image as an eliminate confusion. May I add that If organization and individually. We will you wish to personalize your message strive to become an organization of you can still leave your name at the highly developed students with footer of the email. Future plans for dependable skills in Marketing, Public bettering the email account would be Relations, Event Planning, and Revenue to create member profiles and post Management. Last but not least, we will meetings/event on gmail calender. make HSMAI Cougar Chapter the most Again, this email account is for all to enjoyable and sought after organization use and I hope it will be a useful and to be apart of because we will have FUN continuos tool for present and future along the journey to success. HSMAI cougar chapter members. Remember Password: marketingTO BE THE LEADING SOURCE FOR SALES AND MARKETING INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, AND NETWORKINGFOR PROFESSIONALS IN TOURISM, TRAVEL, AND HOSPITALITY.! http://www.hsmai.org/
  2. 2. HOSPITALITY SALES & MARKETING ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL ! SPRING 2009 THE COUGAR GROUNDS STUDENT MARKETING PROJECT OBJECTIVES OF HSMAI For those of you looking for a great opportunity to experience research development in consumer expertise and intelligence, strategic marketing, marketing communications, and public relations join us to develop the first ever student based marketing project for Cougar Grounds Coffee Shop. COUGAR GROUNDS enthusiasm please join others and myself Class would like to correlate with us on PROJECT as many mornings as you would like. The this project. Objectives of project include more time we spend consistentlydeveloping marketing strategies for Cougar progressing the better the outcome.Grounds Coffee Shop that will stimulate Recently, We had a conference callsales growth, revenue optimization, and with Qualtrics the online surveyname recognition to obtain maximum software company. The call consisted ofperformance levels. Provide students with them navigating us through the processan opportunity to employ professional of designing a survey. Some advantagesmarketing concepts in business of using Qualtrics software is that itatmosphere. Provide students with gives you the option as survey builder toleadership and management skills. create a unique and interesting layout of Currently: We are trying to create a questions that will capture the attentiondatabase of people interested in working of survey takers and keep themon the Cougar Grounds project. If you motivated to accurately answercould send your hours of availability, name, questions. It also provides organization,and phone number to and other easy to use tools. We can haveHSMAI.cougarchapter@gmail.com we can a brief overview of the system whenbegin to form groups with one another time permits us to.and start collaborating ideas to move this The next step in the Cougarproject in a progressive direction. Grounds project will be a Analyzing Meeting times as of now are 9 a.m. Consumer Purchase History, CostMonday-Friday in Cougar Grounds or by Control Analysis, Obtaining Detailedtime requested. Morning meetings will be Record of Sales, Determine focus pointsbeneficial towards us because it will allow of survey, and Distributing Survey. I alsous to witness a steady inflow of consumers believe Professor Lattin’s Consultingand their behaviors. Based on your TO BE THE LEADING SOURCE FOR SALES AND MARKETING INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, AND NETWORKING FOR PROFESSIONALS IN TOURISM, TRAVEL, AND HOSPITALITY.! http://www.hsmai.org/
  3. 3. INVESTOR NEWSLETTER ISSUE N°3! SPRING 2009 THE HILTON UNIVERSITY HOTEL BRANDING AND MARKET POSITIONING PROJECT OVERVIEW The Hilton University of Houston Hotel and Conference Center is getting a facelift. A $12 million facelift! Through a consulting services agreement with Hilton Hotels, the Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management is redeveloping the existing hotel property into a state-of-the-art hotel and conference center that, upon completion, will provide hospitality students studying at the top-ranked College with a new training facility and enhanced experiential learning program second to none. Renovation is slated to begin in late fall with completion targeted for December 2009.Leadership Experience HSMAI Involvement A new Student Leadership Program will allow We learned that “market positioning refers to thestudents to work directly with the University Hilton’s activities that a firm undertakes to place the brand ingeneral manager in student management positions on a customers’ minds so they understand what the brand isnumber of hotel operational projects, including receiving and who its competitors are”. With the renovation ofhands-on experience in the multi-dimensional aspects of the Hilton Hotel we are presented with the opportunityan actual hotel remodeling project. to experience the procedures of repositioning a hotel. A When the renovation is complete and the Student skill set usually obtained in the later years of a career,Leadership Program is implemented, our facilities and we as student members of HSMAI can gain an edge onprograms will be like no other,” attests Bowen. “Without the competition by using this opportunity to deepen area doubt, the stature of the Hilton College will be marketing skills in areas such as Branding, Marketsignificantly elevated within academic circles and Positioning, Repositioning, and Public Relations.throughout the hospitality industry. This upgrade will We will support the Student Leadership Programresult in better-trained graduates for all sectors of the and build a relationship with all those who will sharehospitality business and keep with Conrad N. Hilton’s with us knowledge and guidance towards our goals. Thewish to create American hotel managers and top goal of the project will be to develop and present aexecutives who can compete globally.” analysis of the desired position market after renovation, Building a relationship with the Hilton Hotel will forming ways of promoting the newly renovated hotel,afford hospitality students an enhanced experiential along with working along side the Hilton Hotellearning environment designed to better prepare Marketing and Sales Staff to further develop knowledgegraduates to succeed in our fast paced and dynamic of the repositioning process.industry.”TO BE THE LEADING SOURCE FOR SALES AND MARKETING INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, AND NETWORKINGFOR PROFESSIONALS IN TOURISM, TRAVEL, AND HOSPITALITY.! http://www.hsmai.org/
  4. 4. FUNDRAISER CONCEPT IDEAS 1 II & III! SPRING 2009 Conrad N. Hilton 1st Annual Cook-off 5k Run! Competition 1ST ANNUALCONRAD N. HILTON 4 ON 4 BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT WHY DO WE NEED A FUNDRAISER? ! The outlining purpose of establishing a We are a student organization of very fundraiser is to raise money to provide ambitious and innovative students who scholarship funds for all active members who together can reach any goal set before us. display enthusiastic interest in Hospitality Sales Planning a fundraiser of this magnitude will be and Marketing. Therefore, the money raised challenging. However, if we set forth attainable from the fundraiser will be used as an incentive goals and work in a progressive movement for students to join HSMAI, because not only and start now we can accomplish a successful Goals will they be receiving the leading source for fundraiser event. sales and marketing information, knowledge, business development, and networking by In the end, the fundraiser event will give joining but also funding that will cover their Short Term us a pool of connections and networking HSMAI initiation fee. Timeline! opportunities by having built key No matter which fundraiser we choose relationships. The fundraiser will teach us Establish Event Com mittee ! to pursue, the goals of each are very similar. skills in Event Planning, Event Marketing, Research “How To” Besides raising money we want to build Public Relations, Team Management, and ! relationships. We want to build connections hours of experience. Determine and bring together the people of Conrad N Rules and Re gu la tio ns Hilton College, University of Houston, Houston Area Professionals, HSMAI Houston Create List of Cont Chapter Members, and surrounding local acts! communities. We are in the business of Locate Sponsors hospitality, the business of bringing people Create Advertisem en t! together for the common purpose of celebrating life. TO BE THE LEADING SOURCE FOR SALES AND MARKETING INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, AND NETWORKING FOR PROFESSIONALS IN TOURISM, TRAVEL, AND HOSPITALITY.! http://www.hsmai.org/
  5. 5. HOSPITALITY SALES & MARKETING ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL ! SPRING 2009Upcoming Events Cold calls like it or not will help HSMAI•Social at Buffalo Wild Wings and Pool/ us in the long runVolleyball Social @ U.H. Recreational Us the basketball tournament asCenter an incentive to reach out Following up with people we have met or have come in contact with via thank you letters etc. Improving the general public within the Hospitality Industry of HSMAI•Guest Speaker provided by Heather Focus on recruiting for the futureKennedy Develop presentations for•HSMAI Cougar Chapter Elections classrooms to promote HSMAI and•Lunch-Ins with Houston Chapter projects Develop shadowing program NEWSLETTER STAFFFuture Goals within HSMAI for future undergraduate Eric Frankum members to take leadership rolesBuild a relationship with the Bauer Chief Editor Establish at least one mandatoryCollege of Business & meeting to meet and greet with newEntrepreneurship HSMAI MEMBERS members Set up booth at Bauer College President Meagan Tomlin Create visible profiles of currentOrganization Fair members to make ourselves approachable Let Business students aware of Vice President Greg Kirkham and accessible to all students interested inthe fact that we exist and they can join learning about HSMAIHSMAI Social Chair Ethan Koczka Create mission statements thatCreate Committees within will attract students to want to join us inorganization for added support our mission to succeed. Public Relations Freddie Floyd Event/Project Committee Public Relations/Communications Educator Michelle Wilkerson Committee Next Meeting: Recruiting Committee March 23rd @ Event/Project Chair Eric Frankum Educational Committee 1 2 : 0 0 P. M . Treasury Distinguished Staff Member Dr. Social Committee Stowe Shoemaker Fo r t h e l a t e s tFocus on building a network of updates log-on toprofessional contacts We need to develop the right hsmai.cougarchapter@contacts to gain a competitive edge of gmail.comother Universities By attending more lunch-ins and University of HoustonHouston Chapter Events we can network Conrad N. Hiltonwith people who will enhance ourchapter and careers HSMAI Cougar ChapterTO BE THE LEADING SOURCE FOR SALES AND MARKETING INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, AND NETWORKINGFOR PROFESSIONALS IN TOURISM, TRAVEL, AND HOSPITALITY.! http://www.hsmai.org/