Rules For Tourism    Web Design             2010
1. Create a lasting impression    1                                               Austin use...
2. Create a mental image of Beverly Hills                                      ...
3. Optimize Graphics                                                                         Cannon Drive    Benchmark Ide...
4. User Friendly Design and Content                                                      The website the design must be us...
Secondary Navigation Toolbar Example                         http://www.palmbea...
Calendar & Events Example                                                                           http://www.neworleansc...
Special Deals & Offers Example                                                           ...
Map Example                        Current Map       http://www.visit...
Website Redesign Example:                                 Welcome to Beverly Hills                                        ...
References     1   Collins, Robert. New Marketing Labs, “In Search of Storytellers” (2010)
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Beverly Hills CVB Website Re-Design


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Beverly Hills CVB Website Re-Design

  1. 1. Rules For Tourism Web Design 2010
  2. 2. 1. Create a lasting impression 1 Austin uses a consistent theme throughout its website. Talking virtual people are present to 2 grab the attention of the viewer as seen in figure (1). Savannah sets a relaxing ambiance by matching the background images to sounds of music and allowing the user to choose their preference seen in figure (2) This is done by storytelling. Storytelling touches on three key Storytelling uses product steps during the travel process: (1) experiences to take people on an Inspiration, (2) Research, and (3) emotional journey appealing to Planning.2 their wants and needs for something more personal and Research has discovered that with connected. It grabs their tourist the most important driver of attention and pulls them in.1 first impression was inspiration-related elements.32 lorem ipsum :: [Date]
  3. 3. 2. Create a mental image of Beverly Hills Important to help tourist imagine After evaluating (15) exemplar what a destination will be like. Travelers CVB website banners; common tend to be interested in content attributes included large rotating elements such as pictures, graphics pictures, motivating visuals of and maps that convey a “sense of major attractions, themed place.” Rich sensory descriptions do colorful graphics and top news have a positive influence in the mind stories of the destination of the consumer.4 Research discovered motivating visuals and content were most important to tourist.53 lorem ipsum :: [Date]
  4. 4. 3. Optimize Graphics Cannon Drive Benchmark Idea 1: Located in the body of the new Apply the same format already being used website create miniature frames on the website to showcase hotel specials, of pictures highlighting all of and use it to promote other attractions of Beverly Hills attractions. (i.e. Beverly Hills on the homepage Rodeo Drive, Cannon Drive, Beverly Drive, Restaurants, Hotels) Allow pictures to rotate frequently Two Outcomes: when viewing the page. (i.e. for the restaurant alter several pictures i. Determine wants and needs of guest of restaurants in one box) based on popularity of sensory influence and click impressions. Progressively monitor which ii. Use as an interactive tool to help pictures are chosen to help guest make a to-do list. After five determine: pictures are selected, offer • Where traveler would like to go suggestions pre-programmed into in Beverly Hills computer. (If guest like A,B, & C they • What they are interested in will most likely also like F) doing while in Beverly Hills • What segment visitors fall under Objective: Measure customer based on type of place, hotel preferences using click impression or restaurant they view most analyticsContinue4 lorem ipsum :: [Date]
  5. 5. 4. User Friendly Design and Content The website the design must be user friendly and provide basic and credible information.6 Tools to do this are: i. Navigation Toolbar ii. Secondary Navigation Toolbar iii. Calendar of Events and Event Listings iv. Special Deals & Offers v. Interactive Maps vi. Trip Planning Elements Navigation Toolbar Example i. Navigation Toolbar The CVB has to meet the informational needs of all types of travelers and tourists. A proper navigation toolbar gives the capability to target articles, pictures, and information geared towards those specific needs and showcase why destination is uniquely attractive based on those needs. What is clear from studies into the reading habits of users online is that people will often decide whether to stay or leave a website on what they see without scrolling. So, its important that you include key content in the window that is viewable before people have to scroll7 Example: The three CVB websites showed segment their navigation tool bar into links of target markets. By doing so the website is able to customize and target each page per segment vs. trying to market to everyone at one time Continue5 lorem ipsum :: [Date]
  6. 6. Secondary Navigation Toolbar Example ii. Secondary Navigation Toolbar A secondary navigation toolbar allows the CVB to direct travelers to the best shopping, restaurants, nightlife, outdoor activities etc the destination has to offer. It can be formatted in a variety of ways, but it is important to keep in mind the short window of opportunity the CVB has capture the attention of the viewer. The goal must be to display the most desired attributes of the destination without overdoing it. We found most attractive is to offer a visual element with the attribute. In the following examples CVB’s have chosen to display their top qualities as a destination in a more colorful way than simple text writing.Continue
  7. 7. Calendar & Events Example iii. Calendar of Events Research found that customers ranked “rapid information” and “user-friendly system” as most important to potential customers and e-buyers.8 Research also found that successful National Tourism Organization websites need to provide localized and detailed information on activities and have communication available to actually plan a trip online.9 Enable key tasks to be completed from the homepage. Experience from travel web sites shows that people like to transact from the home page . Users should be able to do such things as see a selection of forthcoming events and/or look for accommodation from the homepage10 Thus, a calendar can be used as a powerful business tool. It provides to customer access to quick information based on date of choice, while giving localized and information on activities for upcoming weeks or months, and if combined with a reservation system it creates the ultimate user-friendly system for the customer. Consider the importance of making the booking process easy for users when developing a calendar of events. A functional calendar that combines rates of OTA’s, Hotels, Rooms etc. will be of greater value to the customer and may ultimately help convert viewers into purchasers due to the simplicity of the process. Continue7 lorem ipsum :: [Date]
  8. 8. Special Deals & Offers Example iv. Special Deals & Offers Beverly Hills did an excellent job promoting their Breakfast Special. However, this should not be the focal point of the homepage. Instead use placement strategy to display the ad near the reservations system where guest might be persuaded to make a purchase. Continue8 lorem ipsum :: [Date]
  9. 9. Map Example Current Map v. Make Maps Interactive Link websites to surrounding businesses and integrate user-generated content, reviews, and recommendations into the map. This strategy can help target Staycationers, and gain the support of local businesses by drawing local consumers looking for places to eat, stay, and visit on their staycation. Pair 360 view map with regular map to help traveler or tourist find direction and location of specific places not for touring purposes Continue9 lorem ipsum :: [Date]
  10. 10. Website Redesign Example: Welcome to Beverly Hills Family Fun Cannon Drive Shopping Special Deals & Offers Select Arrival Date: ‐ News Article ‐ Website Links ‐ Social Media ‐ Weather ‐ Upcoming Events ‐ Map ‐ Reservation System10 lorem ipsum :: [Date]
  11. 11. References 1 Collins, Robert. New Marketing Labs, “In Search of Storytellers” (2010) 2 Cole, Robert. RockCheetah LLC, “Web 2.0 Technologies in the Hospitality Industry” (2009) 3 Kim, H. and Fesenmaier, D.R. (2008). “Persuasive Design of Destination Web Sites: An Analysis of First Impression.” Journal of Travel Research, 47(3), 3-13. 4 Lee, W., Gretzel, U. and Law, R. (2009). “Quasi-Trial Experiences through Sensory Information on Destination Web Sites.” Journal of Travel Research, 0, 1 -14. 5 Kaplanidou, K. and Vogt, C. (2006). “A Structural Analysis of Destination Travel Intentions as a Function of Web Site Features.” Journal of Travel Research, 45(2), 204-216. 6 Kim, H. and Fesenmaier, D.R. (2008). “Persuasive Design of Destination Web Sites: An Analysis of First Impression.” Journal of Travel Research, 47(3), 3-13. 7 The Tourism Company, “Design Tips for Tourism Destination Websites” (2010) 8 Cheung, C. and Law, R. (2009). “Have the Perceptions of the Successful Factors for Travel Web Sites Changed Over Time? The Case of Consumers in Hong Kong.” Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, 33(3), 438-446. 9 Han, J.H. and Mills, J.E. (2006) “Zero acquaintance benchmarking at travel destination websites: what is the first impression that national tourism organizations try to make?” International Journal of Tourism Research, 8(6), 405-430. 10 The Tourism Company, “Design Tips for Tourism Destination Websites” (2010) See Also: The Tourism Company, “How to improve the effectiveness of tourism destination websites” lorem ipsum :: [Date]