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Full Situational Analysis, Creative Concepts, Campaign Rollout and Budget for Western Province Blood Transfusion Service.

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  • Intro to us: What we stand for, our values
  • How do these solve the key issues
  • Archetypes? New age yuppie?
  • Vega Brand Challenge Client - WPBTS

    1. 1. We are a highly passionate and motivated branding agency, dedicated to providing the simplest and clearest solutions to every strategic and creative need. Essence Clarity Values Precision, Simplicity, Synergy Tone Classic and timeless Mantra Creativity through Simplicity About Us
    2. 2. The Brief
    3. 3. 1. Recruit new donors and increase active donor base by 5000 2. Ensure that 50% of these donors are blood-type O 3. Encourage new donors to successfully convert to active donors (more than one donation in a 12-month period) Noir tackled this challenge by doing a situational analysis to find key insights and develop an fully integrated communications campaign in order to meet the objectives presented to us. Objectives
    4. 4. Challenges and Constraints We have identified challenges/constraints that we either need to solve or work around in order to produce a successful campaign. Only 1.3% of the population makes up the active donor base. High barrier of entry to donate (need to encourage less risky lifestyles) WPBTS seek mainly blood-type O, but don’t want to single them out and reject other donors
    5. 5. Our Research
    6. 6. Methodology Online and physical surveys (sample size: 160) Online research Physical site visits WPBTS Website
    7. 7. Research Objectives To discover the key reasons for people not donating blood, as well as understand the general attitude toward WPBTS. To determine: Do they know their blood type? Are they regular donors? What are the reasons that are preventing them from donating? What would motivate them to donate? Do they know about WPBTS? Do they know where the closest blood clinic to them is?
    8. 8. Findings Preventative factors to donating Time/convenience Fear Iron levels Seek remuneration Attitude toward WPBTS General lack of knowledge Those who are aware commend the service
    9. 9. fear convenience iron 50% 30% 20%
    10. 10. Situational Analysis
    11. 11. PESTLE Analysis (External) Political • Legal system demands altruism and not incentives for good deeds • Conflict between government and blood services
    12. 12. Social • Majority of youth are unaware of their blood type, but recognise of knowing it • Negative association with blood donation, fear of needles and general dislike for doctors • Most of the youth lead lifestyles which do not condone blood donation • Most people want something in return for donating blood
    13. 13. Technological • Nucleic Amplification Technology (ID-NAT) - Method of shortening the window period for recognising the HIV antibody • ID-NAT under scrutiny for reliability as a testing model and if implemented could shorten the window period for potential donors involved in risky activity.
    14. 14. SWOT Analysis (Internal) • Inability to gain exposure • Not recognised as separate entity • No SA Statistics • Strict safety regulations • Non-specific campaigns • No sponsorship • Preconception of time wasting • No clear regulatory authority • Provincial, Unable expand to a national base • Negative Associations with Blood • Unable to compete for attention with national NGOs • Fantastic Service • One of the most advanced blood services globally • Knowledgeable • Great training program in place, Sustain growth • Sponsorship options, Cape Town based Companies • Celebrity endorsement • Create personal environment • Linking up with other compatible NGOs
    15. 15. Key Stakeholders
    16. 16. Competitor Analysis
    17. 17. CANSA South African Red Cross Society Heart Foundation of South Africa AIDS Foundation South African National Bloods All competitor NGOs selected are part of the health sector, and are thus the closest indirect competitors to WPBTS in terms of exposure and support. Competitors
    18. 18. Strengths • Access to more resources • Established interactive events • Sponsorship Weakness • Lack of educational efforts • Overshadow smaller NGOs (don’t support) • Most rely on size of NGO opposed to marketing efforts to gain exposure • Associated products overshadow cause/identity Opportunities • State funding/support • Product approval recognition Threats • People desensitised to NGOs Competitor SWOT
    19. 19. Insights
    20. 20. Good facilities and staff. However, the contact points do not link up effectively due to a lack of effectiveness of the brands media communications. The brand fails to attain much needed exposure, resulting in blood donations not being a priority and stand-out point in peoples’ minds.
    21. 21. Insights • Large amount of people unaware of WPBTS as a brand • Brand communications go unnoticed • More inclined to go with someone (bring a buddy) • Need to be made aware of mobile clinics • Would prefer if WPBTS came to them • Want remuneration/recognition for donations • Want communications on platforms they are active on • Appreciate the refreshments and freebies
    22. 22. Key Issues
    23. 23. 1) How can we craft a stronger identity for the brand? Why? Brand goes unnoticed People don’t always distinguish from SANBS
    24. 24. 2) What can we do to build a more focused interactive communications strategy? Why? Communication efforts fail to break through clutter General public unaware of brand communications
    25. 25. 3) How can we rework the brand data infrastructure? Why? People have the preconception of having their time wasted People claim to not have very much time to spare
    26. 26. 4) Who could we approach for brand sponsorship or endorsement? Why? To help fund brand communications To align with a like-minded brand/personality to gain more exposure and increase appeal/credibility
    27. 27. SMART Objectives
    28. 28. 1. To restructure the brand concept by October 2013. 2. To increase brand awareness through the implementation of a more effective Integrated Brand Communications campaign by January 2014. 3. To increase efficiency of information processing through an online database by October 2013. 4. To align the brand with a company for sponsorship by September 2014.
    29. 29. Target Audience
    30. 30. Age 20 – 30 Both male and female DEFINING CHARACTERISTIC? Healthy & Compassionate
    31. 31. Positioning The Western Cape Blood Service lays the foundation for the individual who would like to join our blood donating community of saving lives together.
    32. 32. Message “Together We Save Lives.” Strategic Focus Join our blood donating community of saving lives together.
    34. 34. Identity Map Essence Extended Identity Core
    35. 35. Look & Feel
    36. 36. Logo
    37. 37. Monochromatic colour palette
    38. 38. Tone of Communication Welcoming, call-to-action, refreshing take on tradition
    39. 39. The Concept
    40. 40. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts - Aristotle Our concept emphasizes the idea of strength in numbers. We value the idea of unity, and use it as the grounding theme throughout our ideas. We aim to build a movement surrounding blood donations and offer a community for the individual to be a part of. We believe in a holistic approach to thinking, placing value on the culmination of the strengths of each individual part.
    42. 42. Traditional Media
    43. 43. Print Advertising
    44. 44. Placement
    45. 45. Radio ad “50 Things You Can’t Do Alone” Radio Station: UCT, Maties, Good Hope, KFM Time: 15 Seconds MVO: 50 things you can’t do alone. [pause] MVO: number 48. MVO: Tandem cycling. MVO: Western Cape Blood Service. Together we save lives. SFX: drum roll SFX: drum cymbal Sunday braai, Underground Poker Tournament, Ride a gondola, Road tripping in a Kombi, Club-hopping, Table Tennis
    46. 46. Stickers
    47. 47. Placement
    48. 48. Blood Drives
    49. 49. New Media
    50. 50. Online Advertising
    51. 51. Advertisement  QR Code  Website  Option: First time donor/Regular donor  Enter Name & Surname  Donor password (enter updated details for Lifestyle Questionnaire) Online Submission Form
    52. 52. Social Media Proposed changes and recommendations for Facebook and Twitter • Remove “redness” from background • Don’t use blood drops • Follow sponsorship companies on Twitter & make it known that they are associated with them • Add more photos of people actively donating (especially local bloggers and celebs, these “excursions” must also be blogged) • Encourage trend of using hashtags when they tweet after they’ve donated #CTblooddonation #savinglivestogether • “Have you seen the Big Red Blood Bus in your area?” • “The next mobile clinic will be at UCT Upper Campus on 20 September from 10am-1pm
    53. 53. Alternative Media
    54. 54. Bus shelters
    55. 55. Campaign Rollout
    56. 56. Medium Media Type September October November December January Magazine Full Circle Newspapers Cape Argus Cape Times Community Papers Radio KFM Maties FM UCT Radio Good Hope FM Social Media Facebook Twitter Youtube Mobile Bus Decals Bus Shelter Ads
    57. 57. Brand Exposure Loop
    58. 58. Customer Contact Loop
    59. 59. Expenses
    60. 60. Medium Quantity Cost Per Unit Total Radio Ad’s KFM Good Hope FM UCT Maties 2 Times/ Week 15” 15” 15” 15” NGOs Free NGOs Free NGOs Free R199,347,70 NGOs Free NGOs Free NGOs Free Posters A4 Flyers A3 (Posters) A2 (Posters) Stickers (Vinyl) 10000 1000 500 560 R0,71 R2,25 R 15 R80,00 R 7,175 R 2,250 R 7,500 R 44,800 Mobile Bus Shelters (Primedia) 8 R3900 P/M R11,700 Magazine Full Circle Wellness Warehouse (Online) 3 Months 120000 monthly views R4655 R350 Per 3000 views R13,965 R 42,000 Newspapers Cape Argus Cape Times Community Newspapers 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months R72,000 P/M R58,305,5 P/M R168,814.60 P/M R216,000 R174,916.56 R506,445.80 SMS Bundles Vodacom 5000 R 394,74 per Bundle of 2000 R 1184.22 Total R1, 227,284.28