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Pep VS Mr Price - Comparative Brand Analysis


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Comparative Brand Analysis of 2 leading South African fashion retailers with completely different target audiences.

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Pep VS Mr Price - Comparative Brand Analysis

  1. 1. By Cath, Nat, Zee, Emma May 2013
  2. 2. Brief Background: Mr. Price • Mr Price was started by Stuart Cohen and Laurie Chiappini , who both have extensive experience in the retail and fashion industry. • They were both part of the management team for Ackermans and helped breathe life into the brand in 1979. • In 1986, the first Mr Price factory shop .By 1995, Mr Price had established 237 stores • Mr Price has a wide range of clothing that caters for men, women, children and they also have a great selection of maternity and career-wear, as well as underwear and accessories. • Mr Price recently underwent a rebranding, by collaborating with European visual merchandisers Dalziel and Pow to bring a fresh, up-to-date feel to the Mr Price stores
  3. 3. Brief Background: Pep • Pep is a successful multinational brand, which is based in and operates out of 11 countries. • In 1965, the first Pep store was opened in the Northern Cape. • Variety of products; clothing and footwear for men, women and children, home-ware, beauty, cellular and airtime products. • Helpful services such as cash-backs, loans, funeral policies and electricity tokens.
  4. 4. Perceptual Map
  5. 5. • Dictates who their target audience and target market will be • Various Approaches to Positioning; benefits, quality, price etc. • Helps carve out market share and place in consumer’s mind Importance of Positioning
  6. 6. Positioning PEP Low prices for your family’s needs Reliable, family oriented faciliatate or enable low- income consumer access to certain services i.e. insurance and telecommunications Top-Of-Mind (family Mr Price Fashionable trends at low prices Repositioned Low Price strategy Relevant Top-Of-Mind (affordable trend- setters, fashion) Youthful brand
  7. 7. How each brand communicates Creative concepts: PEP Simple Message Appeal: Feel good, cognitive; Pre- emptive and generic Message design: colors, Taken out negative stigma with low income Identifiable selling point Mr Price Message Appeal: Feel good and sex News Announcement Platform Pre- emptive; trend setter Early adopter of international trends at low prices
  8. 8. Brand resonance Both brands do resonate with the consumer, because: • Message designs exhibited by both brands follow all the basic principles for successful communications with the target market and audience Mr Price: • Exudes a personality that is fun, trendy and accessible • Message appeal is one of feel good, cognition of latest trends at a low cost with a veneer of sex appeal. • Communication strategy fits well with contact points that are most utilised or seen by their target audience Pep: • Blue and yellow give a sense of health; stability and reliability, which is congruent with their brand promise and helps attract their target audience who consist of decision makers in low income homes. • Pep has managed to erase the stigma of indignity that is attached to poverty or low- income households