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KFC - Analysis of "Love is Forever" TVC


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KFC "So Good" Campaign by Ogilvy Johannesburg.

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KFC - Analysis of "Love is Forever" TVC

  1. 1. Campaign: KFC “So Good” / “Love Is Forever” Television Commercial Agency: Ogilvy Johannesburg
  2. 2. THE AGENCY… • Ogilvy and Mather was founded by American entrepreneur, David Ogilvy, in 1948. Starting with just 2 employees, he built his business into one of the largest and most award-winning advertising agencies in the world. • He believed in creating advertising to build brands that would stand the test of time. "Every advertisement is part of the long-term investment in the personality of the brand." • Ogilvy has many departments that are responsible for different media functions. • Art directors and copywriters within Ogilvy work together to create rough sketches and story boards and oversee the production of advertising by specialists that are outsourced.
  4. 4. • Moved away from the realm of typical in-your- face, fast paced fast food commercials that we are bombarded with every day • Didn’t have the words “fried”, “artery-clogging” and “fast-food” ringing in my head • Smell is strongly associated with memory • Storyline and visual effects were refreshing - travel backwards in time. Very well produced • Goes hand in hand with the “memories” theme, and that eating KFC is somewhat of a ritual • It tugged at the heartstrings and left the viewer with that familiar “ warm and fuzzy” feeling. • Elle Goulding’s cover of the well-known Elton John song, “Your Song” worked well with the emotive tone of the commercial. Popular song at the time it was flighted.
  5. 5. This commercial got almost 400 000 views on YouTube and was in the Top 10 of Millward Brown’s most liked ads of 2011 #1 in Fast-Food category of the 2012 Sunday Times Top Brands Survey Received Gold Award in Corporate Responsibility at PRISM Awards 2013 for Journey Of Hope initiative
  6. 6. Old KFC ad done also done by Ogilvy Johannesburg Finger Lickin’ Good Play video