Bio Oil - Situational Analysis


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Comprised of a Micro and Macro Analysis, SWOT, Key Issues and Objectives.

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Bio Oil - Situational Analysis

  1. 1. Bio-Oil Developed by Union-Swiss, privately owned company based in CT. No.1 best-selling scar and stretch mark product since its launch in 2002. Uses unique ingredient, PurCellin Oil™ which ensures that vitamins and minerals in the oil are easily absorbed. Made in accordance with the current Good Manufacturing Process. Each batch is laboratory tested and monitored over a 5-year period.
  2. 2. DPESTEL/MACRO ANALYSIS Demographical: • Women are mainly prone to stretch marks. They are also notoriously hard to get rid of therefore the demand is high. • If any of the ingredients prove to be beneficial for children and/or men, then it will open up another market. • Price fluctuation will determine what demographic of women can afford it. Political: • External reviews that do not bode well for Bio-oil that pertain to their preferred clientele could lead to boycotting of the product. Environmental: • Due to the product’s oily nature might be seen a hazardous for the environment or user’s health. • Any ingredient that can be deemed harmful within the contents of the bottle at any stage will affect bio-oil’s popularity
  3. 3. Social: • Ethical issues/feminist issue: May argue against the removal of natural occurrences. Technological: • Improvements in faster and more effective stretch mark and scar removal. Economical: • Sales are in accordance with inflation as product is a luxury good. Legal: • If one of the ingredients is proved to be harmful at any point they will face major litigation action.
  4. 4. MICRO ANALYSIS • Union Swiss - privately owned multi- national skincare company based in CT • They research, develop, manufacture locally and license out to international companies; employees of Union Swiss and its subsidiaries and outsourced employees • Skincare community; competitors and affiliates are affected by anything that happens to the Bio-Oil product i.e. Clicks and Justine Tissue Oil
  5. 5. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: • Product most recommended by doctors for scars and stretch marks • All the packaging is made from recyclable materials • No harmful emissions or waste generated from production of Bio-Oil • Received multiple international awards for being Best Treatment Oil • Member of Beauty Without Cruelty International • Top of mind product
  6. 6. Weaknesses: • No other products under the Bio-Oil brand • Has caused breakouts in some people • Only clinically tested on Causcasian women • Synthetic ingredients like mineral oils can clog pores • Slow progress Opportunities: • Bio- Oil lotion or cream or lip balm for a more absorbent product and expanding the line Threats: • Competitors with similar and cheaper products • Competitors with more advanced products that may be more expensive but are more effective and end up costing less in the long run
  7. 7. KEY ISSUES • Lack of product line and extensions • Improved formula may be needed • More product affiliation or brand – relationship
  8. 8. OBJECTIVES To extend the Bio- Oil range with at least one more product within 3 years and subsequently increase Bio-Oil sales by 8% after one fiscal year of said product’s launch. To improve the formula within 3 years so as to extend the range and provide a more satisfactory product thereby increasing documented customer satisfaction by 10% within one year of it’s the improved bottle’s launch Stronger brand affiliation or brand coalition with medical doctors and fore runners in Health retail store market, through redirecting 15% of our marketing budget to in- store and selective promotions so as to build credibility.