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Sun eyes presentation6s


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Sun eyes presentation6s

  1. 1. Eflov Portable Inflatable solar station
  2. 2. 2Problem5-50Wt50-500Wt1000-5000Wt- Not enough.- There are no mobilesources of energy withaverage power of 50-500W.-Very heavy. You can notcarry in public transport.Built a summer home?But still do not have electricity?
  3. 3. 3SolutionThe mobile lightweight cheap"Inflatable Solar Power"PatentGratedYou can usein parallel:other high-powerdevices200Wt3Kg
  4. 4. -electric energy sources for tourism-electric supply of cottages-festival organizers-eco-village developers-providing nomadic people with electricitySunEyes - effective mobile andcheap, dont change thesurrounding space4Who is our customersretailers network
  5. 5. Cool Earth Solar USA+ attracted $ 21mln of investments--a dynamic pressure control isneeded--expensive installation-- not mobile Energy SwitzerlandGiant stations --A dynamic pressure control is--neededhttp://www.airlightenergy.com5The competing technologies that use thereflective film
  6. 6. SunEyes Other sources of solarenergyMobilityPower efficiency 30% 16% - solar panelWeight of 200Wt 3kg solar panel 20kg6Main competitive advantages
  7. 7. Eflov usWe are looking for a base partners for joint carry out the project!We need smart 1M$ for:- Creating a product sample- create manufacture- advertisingpayback period 2 yearsIRR 156%