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  • M2M fragments – into different verticalsM2M disappears – we stop talking about it as ‘M2M’ – it is simply business as usualExpectations change – we will expect our houses and cars and famiies to be connected as part of an offeringThe models change – from great value add to commoditisation via third party haggling
  • M2M for slideshare

    1. 1. M2MBusiness models and opportunities
    2. 2. How big is the market?• Over 100 million now – Berg Insight• 50 billion by 2020 – Ericsson• 225 million connections by 2014 – Cisco –who also say 50 billion by 2020• 4.3 billion connections by 2020 – Strategy Analytics• 24 billion connections by 2020 – GSMA and Machina Research• $4.5 trillion by 2020 – GSMA and Machina Research “50 billion is more likely to be the number of devices that are ‘internet capable’. The question is ‘will society allow it?’” Mike Short, VP, Telefonica
    3. 3. Conclusion…
    4. 4. What will affect the market? Enterprise =/= Consumer• Society – human behaviour• Timing – chicken and egg• Security and trust• The right partnership choices – partly trust issue• Human/machine interaction and prioritisation• The right technology and infrastructure
    5. 5. Spare a thought for the carrier
    6. 6. 1 million vehicles, 14,000 metrics, $8 billion maintenance – are they a vehicle or data management company
    7. 7. Roaming Camel? M2M roaming is a serious issue
    8. 8. Things we know• Human behaviour will make it invisible• The eco-system is not complicated• There is no single model• There are many verticals – Health, buildings, auto, advertising, monitoring, spying• No reason for it to be different
    9. 9. Not just ONE device
    10. 10. Not just ONE market Source: Machina Research
    11. 11. Not just ONE market Source: Machina Research
    12. 12. Roles• Telcos• Service providers• MVNOs• Suppliers Note to self:• Advertisers Insert funny picture of cloud• Security• Provisioning• Monitoring and reporting• Billing
    13. 13. What is actually different?• M2M is a great cultural fit• The models will not be massively different• Different collaboration and partnerships – Who is the customer? Who is the provider of service?• Scale will be vital
    14. 14. Show me the money!Connected HomeConnected Family valueHealth and othersNice to haveCommercial
    15. 15. Show me the money! Greatest value –Connected Home bundles, special offers, Part of Home –Connected Family safety, security, healthHealth and others Vertical markets – health, auto, travelNice to have Customer pays Gadgets Fleet management, Advertiser,Commercial temperature, security, product pays performance management Supplier pays
    16. 16. What are the barriers?
    17. 17. Is a telco prepared?• M2M is a great cultural fit• The models will not be massively different• Collaboration and partnerships will be more• Scale will be vital
    18. 18. Is a telco prepared?• M2M is a great cultural fit• The models will not be massively different• Collaboration and partnerships• Scale will be vital
    19. 19. The future• M2M fragments – becomes part of different verticals• M2M disappears – stops being a market in itself• Expectations change – customers will expect ‘M2M’• The models change – from ‘value’ to ‘expected’ Read this: Stanford University and wipro
    20. 20. Resources• Telco 2.0 – http://www.telco2research.com/categories/m2m• Ericsson Labs – https://labs.ericsson.com/developer-community/blog/internet-things-comes-alive- smart-objects-interoperability• Telecom Engine – http://www.telecomengine.com/article/reports-china-leads-m2m-connectivity- boom• Pyramid Research – http://www.pyramidresearch.com/store/operator-m2m-success-and-flexible- pricing.htm?sc=SM0409_M2M• Machina Research – http://www.machinaresearch.com/ #M2M
    21. 21. Recent news• M2M Data to Be Value-added Service for Telcos, Says Frost & Sullivan – http://www.prnewswire.co.uk/cgi/news/release?id=352540• M2M partnership aims to boost remote healthcare – http://www.itpro.co.uk/639553/m2m-partnership-aims-to-boost-remote-healthcare• Machina Research launches its M2M Leaderboard, ranking global MNOs – http://www.machinaresearch.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/machina_research_press_release_m2mleaderboard_22Feb12.pdf• Machina Research offers ten predictions for M2M in 2012 – http://www.machinaresearch.com/10predictions.html• Ford explains connected cars future – http://www.telecoms.com/40805/ford-explains-connected-cars-future/• Business Impact of Connected Devices could be worth US$4.5 Trillion in 2020 – http://www.mobileworldcongress.com/articles/mobile-world-congress-press-releases/connected-life.html• Ericsson M2M solution supports fish farming project in China – https://labs.ericsson.com/developer-community/blog/ericsson-m2m-solution-supports-crab-farming-china
    22. 22. www.billingviews.comalex@billingviews.com @billingviews