BillingViews Payments Puzzle


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Overview and survey of mobile payments marketplace - players, potential winners and losers.

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BillingViews Payments Puzzle

  1. 1. www.billingviews.comThe Payments Puzzle Part One
  2. 2. Purpose of the Payments PuzzleThrough a campaign of surveys, interviews, analysis and research, BillingViews aims to identify the winners and losers in the mobile payments arena.This will enable operators to:• Refine the most effective business models• Make the right partnership choices• Invest in the right technology and infrastructure
  3. 3. Things we know• Payments are going mobile• Smartphones will be the battleground• The eco-system is complicated• The market is huge - $670bn by 2015
  4. 4. The new eco-system• Banks• Payments processors• Telcos• Google, Apple and friends• Device manufacturersvs• Merchants• Customers
  5. 5. Ecosystem:Likely winners, losers and maybes Credit Cards Banks Google, Et Devices Merchants Customers c. Telcos
  6. 6. Likely winners…and why Banks –financial strength, regulations & compliance Payments processors – trust, established base? Telcos – reach, micro billing, customer relationships Google, PayPal and friends – internet innovation× Device manufacturers – except Google, Apple× Merchants – too many options and terminals, expense? Customers – too many options, ease of use, competition
  7. 7. Many flavors NFC Wallets ISIS and similar Carrier billing Credit cards – inc. contactless developments App store and in-app billing
  8. 8. Payment methods:Likely winners, losers and maybes ISIS App Store NFC Contactless Carrier Wallets
  9. 9. Take a bet!? NFC – much loved (much hyped)? Wallets – backed by Google? ISIS – serious carrier support $100s of millions invested? Carrier billing – easy and good for uptake? Credit cards – trusted and quick? App store and in-app billing – new, cool, but expensive for product and content providers
  10. 10. So, followthe smartmoney!
  11. 11. But the smart money is hedging its bets:• Carriers are supporting ISIS and other initiatives, while hoping that carrier billing will win• Credit cards are backing NFC and wallets while trialing their own contactless solutions• Everyone is supporting NFC (or pretending to), but why?• App stores are cool but expensive –ultimately merchants will not pay more than 3% and will not pay more than one provider
  12. 12. So – it’s NFC, right? 45 operators are backing it The world could move Singapore is insisting on it on while we all get ready Google and PayPal are right there for NFC prime time. Tests are positiveBUT× Hardly any handsets yet× Hardly any terminals yet× Hardly any infrastructure yet
  13. 13. So – to the Payments PuzzleQuestion 1 is:Which will be the most popular mobile payment methodin three years’ time (by the end of 2014):a. Carrier billingb. Google walletc. ISIS (or other JV between carriers)d. Contactless credit cardse. PayPal
  14. 14. So – to the Payments PuzzleQuestion 2 is:In three years’ time (by the end of 2014) NFC will be:a. Ubiquitousb. One of several contactless technologiesc. Be the only alternative to contactless credit cardsd. Have disappearede. Be part of the crowd in the mobile payment eco- system
  15. 15. So – to the Payments PuzzleQuestion 3 is:Who will be the dominant players in payments in threeyears’ time (by the end of 2014):a. Banksb. Telcosc. Credit card companiesd. PayPale. Someone else
  16. 16. Let us know: • Send us an email now with your choice for each question in the text…Question 1 Question 2 Question 2Which will be the most popular By the end of 2014 NFC will be: Who will be themobile payment method in three dominant players inyears’ time (by the end of 2014): payments by 2014: a. Ubiquitous a. Banksa. Carrier billing b. One of several contactless b. Telcosb. Google wallet technologies c. Credit Cardc. ISIS (or JV between carriers) c. The only alternative to companiesd. Contactless credit cards contactless credit cards d. PayPale. PayPal d. Gone e. Other e. Part of the crowd
  17. 17. When the results are in:• We will publish these results, analyze them, share them with the world, and take them to mainstream media outlets. That’s just the start of the campaign
  18. 18. Alex Leslie, Publisher Part Two– m-payments, lessons from emerging economies