Why i skate board


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  • awwwe tanner is my name i remember the good ole days
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Why i skate board

  1. 1. Why I skate board By me, evan
  2. 2. • When I became friends with Jo and he had a skateboard and thought he could skate so I started trying it and I decide that it might be something I want to learn more about.
  3. 3. • After that every time I went to Jo’s I would skate around and try new things and see what I could do and soon I started getting the hang of it.
  4. 4. • One Christmas my parents got me a board that’s when mi started skating with pat and tanner.
  5. 5. • Pat taught me a lot of stuff, he’s a really good skateboarder me and him use to make videos in basement of him doing stupid stuff.
  6. 6. • Tanner and I use to street skate around his house but we didn’t really do it that often so skating got old to me so I stopped for a while.
  7. 7. • So id say like a year later I saw greystone and 7/11 and he had his board with him so I decided to ask him if I could use it and he didn’t care so I was skatin’ around 7/11 not doing good at all, all I could do was ollie
  8. 8. • After that day greystone got me back into skating, witch is when he introduced me to Alex who is a really good skater. We all decide to hangout and go to the skate park.
  9. 9. • So I was at the skate park and Im just skating around trying to ollie onto stuff but then they got me to try and drop in, I fell flat on my side.
  10. 10. • And after that day at the skate park I havent skated since till about 3 days ago and first time I tried to ollie I landed it perfect.
  11. 11. • I think Im going to start skating again I forgot how fun it was and I would really like to learn more tricks also.