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A class assignment in Networks


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A class assignment to create a network diagram of the digital media and entertainment industry as it pertains to five target companies and their connections.

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A class assignment in Networks

  1. 1. Digital Media andEntertainmentA Network Perspective for a class assignment
  2. 2. Industry StackOTT Services Advertising Platforms Hardware TelecomsDistributionDevelopment& Production
  3. 3. Strategic Network
  4. 4. Company Perspective: TimeWarner
  5. 5. Company Perspective: CBS
  6. 6. Company Perspective: Comcast
  7. 7. Company Perspective: Amazon
  8. 8. Company Perspective: Netflix
  9. 9. Key Notes • Digital Media and Entertainment network is incredibly interconnected, with most companies holding multiple connections • Very few gaps • Distribution flows through multiple channels and companies in the network, with gaps quickly filled as soon as they emerge • Challenge for companies in this space is to constantly keep up with new innovations (e.g. UltraViolet)
  10. 10. Thank youDerek EvensonAbram GuerraErica HansenJoanna HuhJoel Samen