Making of Europe IV Ancient to Postmodern


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Snapshot review of art history from the Ancient Greeks to the 20th centuruy.

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  • Creator: Jacques-Louis David, French, 1748-1825\r\nTitle: The Death of Socrates\r\nDate: 1787\r\nMaterial: Oil on canvas\r\nMeasurements: 51 x 77 1/4 in. (129.5 x 196.2 cm)\r\nDescription: Signed, dated, and inscribed: (lower left) L.D / MDCCLXXXVII; (right, on bench) L. David; (right, on bench, in Greek) Athenaion (of Athens)\r\nRepository: The Metropolitan Museum of Art\r\nRepository:\r\nCollection: Metropolitan Museum of Art - Images for Academic Publishing\r\nID Number: 543\r\nSource: Data From: The Metropolitan Museum of Art\r\nCredit Line: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Collection, Wolfe Fund, 1931 (31.45)\r\nImage Copyright Notice: Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art\r\nRights: This image was provided by The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Contact information: Image Library, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10028, (212) 396-5050 (fax),\r\nRights: Image © The Metropolitan Museum of Art\r\nRights: This image is available for uses permitted under the ARTstor Terms and Conditions of Use, such as teaching and study, as well as for scholarly publications, through the Images for Academic Publishing (IAP) initiative. If you are seeking to use this image for scholarly publication, you should click on the IAP icon below the thumbnail image.
  • Creator: Wright, Joseph (of Derby), English\r\nTitle: A Philosopher Giving a Lecture at the Orrery\r\nDate: 1766\r\nLocation: Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby, England\r\nMaterial: o/c\r\nMeasurements: 1.47x2.03m.\r\nRelated Item: Gardner 10: 25-21\r\nCollection: Art History Survey Collection\r\nSource: Catalogued by: Digital Library Federation Academic Image Cooperative
  • Making of Europe IV Ancient to Postmodern

    1. 1. Dipylon Vase - amphoraGeometrical Style (750 BCE)Ancient Greek
    2. 2. Beauty inheres in the commensurability ofthe parts, such as that of finger to finger,and all these to the palm and wrist, and ofthese to the forearm, and of the forearm tothe upper arm, and of everything toeverything else, just as it is written in the"Canon" of Polykleitos. For having taughtus in that treatise all the commensurateproportions of the body, Polykleitos madea work to support his account; he made astatue according to the tenets of hiswriting, and called it, like the treatise, the"Canon‖- Galen, writing in second century CEPolykleitos. Spear Bearer (Doryphoros).c. 450–440 BCEAncient Greek -- Classical
    3. 3. Zeus or Poseidon(460 BCE)Greek Bronze found inMediterranean sea
    4. 4. Dorphorus, or Spear Bearer(450 BCE) Ancient Greek-ClassicalAugustus of Primaporta(1st century CE) Roman Imperial
    5. 5. Augustus of Primaporta. Early 1st century CE. Height 6’ 8‖.
    6. 6. God as Architect of the UniverseOld Testament illustrationVienna Psalter,mid-thirteenth century
    7. 7. Schematic Drawing of Chartres Cathedral.
    8. 8. Plan of the Choir of the Abbey Church of Saint-Denis. 1140–1144.
    9. 9. Ambulatory and Apse Chapels of the Abbey Church of Saint-Denis.1140–1144.
    10. 10. Salisbury Cathedral. Church building 1220–1258; west façade finished 1265;spire c. 1320–1330; cloister and chapter house 1263–1284.
    11. 11. Plan of Salisbury Cathedral.
    12. 12. Cosmological diagram, 13th centuryRose window at Chartres
    13. 13. God as Architect of the UniverseMedieval and Renaissance images
    14. 14. Michelangelo. David.1501–1504.Renaissance
    15. 15. Raphael,Philosophy (School of Athens)(1509-11)Renaissance
    16. 16. Raphael,School of Athens (1509-11)RenaissanceJacques-Louis David,Death of Socrates(1787)Neo-Classical
    17. 17. Jacques-Louis David. Death of Socrates. 1787.Neo-Classicism
    18. 18. Joseph Wright of Derby. A Philosopher Giving a Lecture at the Orrery. 1766.Neo-Classicism
    19. 19. Thomas Jefferson. Monticello. 1769–1782, 1796–1809.Modern: Neo-Classical
    20. 20. Thomas Jefferson. Monticello. 1769–1782, 1796–1809.Modern: Neo-Classical
    21. 21. Caspar David FriedrichWanderer above the Mist(1808)Romanticism
    22. 22. J M W Turner,Snowstorm: Hannibal and his Army Crossing the Alps (1812)Romanticism
    23. 23. John Constable, Weymouth Bay (1816) EnglishRomanticism
    24. 24. John Constable, Salisbury Cathedral (1825) EnglishRomanticism
    25. 25. Monet: Rouen Cathedral Series (1893)Impressionism
    26. 26. Claude Monet: Rouen Cathedral Series (1893)Impressionism1033387-screen.jpgLink to interactive
    27. 27. ―When you go out to paint, try to forgetwhat objects you have before you—atree, a house, a field, or whatever.Merely think, Here is a little square ofblue, here an oblong of pink, here astreak of yellow, and paint it just as itlooks to you, the exact color andshape, until it gives your own naiveimpression of the scene before you.‖--Claude Monet
    28. 28. Thomas Eakins, Fairmount Park(1887)Modern: Scientific Realism
    29. 29. Eadward Muybridge,Horses Galloping (1887)Modern: Scientific Realism1032597-screen.jpg
    30. 30. Cezanne: Mt. Sainte-Victoire, 18901036292-screen.jpg
    31. 31. Cezanne: Mt. Sainte-Victoire,19021022559-screen.jpg
    32. 32. George Braque, House at L’ Estaque, 1908Modernism: Cubism1002826-screen.jpg
    33. 33. Pablo Picasso. Ma Jolie (painting) and Guitar (sculpture)1911–1912
    34. 34. Balla: Speeding Automobile 1912Italian Futurists -- Modern1016701-screen.jpg
    35. 35. Umberto Boccioni. Unique Forms of Continuity in Space. 1913.Italian Futurists
    36. 36. Rene Magritte: Treachery of Images 1928Surrealism1018702-screen.jpg
    37. 37. Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Chairs, 1965.
    38. 38. Jackson Pollock. Autumn Rhythm (Number 30). 1950.Abstract Expressionism
    39. 39. Hans Namuth. Photograph of Jackson Pollock Painting. 1950.
    40. 40. Roy Lichtenstein.Little Big Painting. 1965. 65 x 80‖.Postmodern: Pop Art
    41. 41. Andy Warhol. Marilyn Diptych. 1962. Each 6’ 10‖ × 4’ 9‖.Postmodern: Pop Art
    42. 42. The Post-Modern and the Medieval
    43. 43. Andy Warhol, Brillo Boxes (1964)Andy Warhol, Campbell’s Soup (1964)Postmodern: Pop Art
    44. 44. Roy Lichtenstein. Oh, Jeff … I Love You, Too … But …. 1964. 48 × 48‖.Postmodern: Pop Art