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Kitchens antique


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Kitchens Antique style

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Kitchens antique

  1. 1. Antique KitchensMore about magnetsMore about Rubbermaid productsAntique kitchens have distinctive features that come from an earlier period inhistory. Whether an authentic restoration or a fresh remodel, the uniquecharacter of this style brings a sense of age and beauty to any traditional home.Old wood, aged paints and finishes, hardwood floors, and kitchen cabinet stylesthat look like old furniture can be used to create this look.Interior designers will often bring in a piece of old furniture for a new remodel inorder to give the room a more authentic character. Old furniture can be installedto create an antique island, for example, or an interesting china hutch on theside. In this kitchen, the refrigerator and freezer are built in to a custom wood surround that looks like traditional wood furniture (a "refrigerator armoire"). Carefully selected lighting, faucets, cabinet handles, and hardwood floors coordinate the look of this this antique style home.Keep in mind that old artwork, dishes, chairs, and chandeliers can give yourkitchen a sense of history, and turn your home into a work of art.Vintage:Vintage style kitchens are classic, traditional but still use clean lines for thecontemporary crowd. If youre looking for a kitchen remodel that will last,consider a vintage style kitchen. This is the perfect kitchen if you are going to sellyour house in a few years or you just really want a space that isnt themed butstill looks pulled together. Its both classic and classy. You can probably work withthe existing materials in your space to create a vintage feeling.Outdoor vintage furniture can help a vintage kitchen be more relaxed. Paint ironchairs a crisp turquoise or pink and line them around a basic white wood table.You can find vintage inspired lighting with a 40s bulb style or a lantern look.A vintage wall should be bright and cheerful. Green is a common color for vintagekitchens and it will really pop with blue ceramic bowls and bright white kitchencabinets.Vintage metal kitchen cabinets were a trademark of the day, but they werealmost always painted. This means that you can makeover your existing cabinetsto have a vintage feel with just a little bit of paint. For a more contemporarykitchen try stripping down the metal cabinets to show off the beauty of stainlesssteel that will work well with your appliances. Be aware that the finished cabinetwill be a dull steel instead of a more shiny, sparkling metal. For wood cabinets,keep the lines simple but not plain. Install crown molding around the top of thecabinets for an added architectural element. You can add more interest to yourkitchen by cutting out the middles of the upper cabinets and replacing them withglass. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your vintage crockery.
  2. 2. With a vintage kitchen style youll still need more practical appliances. If you havewhite cabinets go with white appliances that will blend in with your room andsave you money. The other option is to go with vintage appliances like an oldstove that has been refinished or repaired. The curved lines, intricate lines andsmall oven doors are a trademark of this style; just be sure that it will also workfor your cooking purposes.More about seasoning accessoriesMore about kitchen storageA vintage kitchen is neutral and special at the same time. It can blend in perfectlywith a vintage style living room or stand all on its own. You can go with a basicblack and white color scheme to add brightness to your space. White cabinets arealmost always in style and you can save money on black and white checkedflooring. The flooring will also tie your cabinets into any black appliances. Beadboard is a trademark in vintage kitchens so use it on the back of kitchen cabinetsthat have glass doors to create a display area. You can even save money by usingbead board as your backsplash; just make sure you use faux bead board or arecareful around it so water doesnt warp the wood.Marble countertops work well for baking although they do need a lot of upkeep.Marble works with all design styles and adds an air of elegance and luxury to avintage kitchen. Another option for vintage counters is butcher-block. Thesecountertops are cheap but require a lot of care and upkeep. You can also playaround with wood floors. Since checkerboard is a signature of this design stylebring the pattern onto your wood floor. You can even white wash the floor withblue and white squares if it needs total refinishing. If you want a more naturallook leave half of the squares in a wood tone and then stain or paint the rest ofthe diamonds black or a darker stain than the other squares. This will keep yourkitchen from feeling plain.Be daring with color if youre worried about your remodel being bland, like try outa pink vintage kitchen. Try pairing sleek stainless steel appliances with pale pinkcabinets. Keep all the rest of your flooring and accessory choices vintage to drivehome the feeling. Cabinets with color on them were a highlight of the retro erabut have also made a comeback in modern design. If youre lucky enough to finda vintage refrigerator that still works or can be repaired then make it the focalpoint of the room. For more of a contemporary look bring in a bright turquoisecolor. Look for glass mosaic tiles that will give you a contemporary backsplash butwill also work with vintage blue jars and glasses.Vintage kitchen furniture needs to be practical but while still keeping with thatvintage theme. In this era it would have been more likely for the family to takedinner in the dining room instead of eating in the kitchen. This means that thekitchen island wouldve solely been for cooking if there was even one at all.However, the kitchen design needs to work for your lifestyle. So decorate thekitchen island the way you would any another vintage room in the house. Youmight be able to find rolling vintage office chairs and place it next to an oversizeddesk that the entire family can fit around.Bring in an old armoire to show off items like old flour canisters or mixing bowls.The doors will also allow you to turn the space into extra storage and serve as amakeshift pantry. For more of a vintage farmhouse look add paneling to the
  3. 3. walls. Paint it white and then rub a glaze over it to make it look aged. Findpainted tin, or copper ceiling tiles to add texture to a basic white room. You canalso use anaglyptic wallpaper which is a textured paper that you can then paint orglaze. This gives a raised texture to the room and almost looks like faux tin. Plus,its much sleeker then that country apple wallpaper border. You can even washthe cabinets with layers of blue or gray so they add color to the room while stillgiving an aged appearance.A vintage kitchen might remind you of baking cookies with your grandma. Thefeeling of a vintage kitchen is still in style because of the way it feels both cleanand cozy at the same time. Give an ordinary kitchen a vintage inspiration toreally form a heart to your home. Who knows? A vintage kitchen may eveninspire you to cook.More about table linensMore about tableware