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Employee user guide


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First time userguide for employees at

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Employee user guide

  1. 1. Congratulations! You company has decided for an important improvement in HR – modern, efficient, people- oriented. You are going to use the elegant!
  2. 2. Click Get Started. You will receive an invitation email to start your journey at First thing first,
  3. 3. Create your own password for Then re-enter it for confirmation, and click Create Password
  4. 4. You will receive a Second email. This is a welcome email to start using Keep this email. In future, click this Log into will bring you to the system.
  5. 5. Use your email as username, and the password you created just now, to login into the system.
  6. 6. This is the dashboard of the system. It contains some FAQ, and user forum. We foresee more relevant information will be shown here in future. Please do LIKE us on Facebook! That meant a lot to us!
  7. 7. Click Leave Application button on top will bring you to this page. Select Leave Type you want to apply. i.e. Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity leave, Carry Forward, etc Then, select the Date you want to apply for the leave. Also please fill in your reason, so manager can make a right decision. Click apply and you application will be sent via email to your supervisor/manager. Aha, FUN part – Applying Leave
  8. 8. support leave application and manager approval on both desktop and mobile phone. Manager receives an email and decide to approve or reject base on the scheduling of the team.
  9. 9. Once the manager/supervisor approve or reject, an notification email will be sent to you. In contrast to a paper system, you receive the notification immediately.
  10. 10. Employee can view the previous leave application records and its status via view application. Manager can see also the team’s leave applications.
  11. 11. Employee Payroll View If the company uses Payroll system, the employee can view their payslip, and download the previous payslips. 11
  12. 12. How to do claims in The steps is very straight forward, go to claims • on your right-hand side click on ‘New claim’ • You can do similar in mobile phone too
  13. 13. • It will pop out a screen where the employee needs to key in all the claim’s details. • Submit attachment – works on both computer or mobile phone • Once the claim submitted, it will appear in the claim list and it will show the claim status (Pending, Approved, Rejected) • Then manager or claim admin can approve/reject it – depending on your setting
  14. 14. Thank you. There are more features in the system for your to explore. Why don’t you tell your friends that you’re using So sorry they’re not as modern as you yet – but you can help them to be modern too!