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Creating Communities of Interest Around Museum Collections: Smithsonian on the Flickr Commons


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Creating Communities of Interest Around Museum Collections: Smithsonian on the Flickr Commons

  1. 1. Smithsonian Flickr Commons 2 Years Since Launch (2010)
  2. 2. •Library of Congress •State Library of New South Wales •Library of Virginia •State Library of Queensland, Australia •DC Public Library •The National Archives UK •The National Archives USA •Texas State Archives •Getty Research Institute •Swedish National Heritage Board •New York Public Library 39 National & International Institutions
  3. 3. 12 Smithsonian Divisions, 2038 photos in 23 Sets
  4. 4. Original Goals • Increase public knowledge of/ access to the Smithsonian’s collections • Develop a Smithsonian online community • Encourage Use and Re-use • Improve public outreach.
  5. 5. • 3.7+ Million Views • Numerous blog posts, tweets, Facebook posts, and delicious and digg bookmarks Results
  6. 6. “I love this set – so inspirational!” “What a gift from the Smithsonian. Thanks.” “Hello, this is my grandmother… please let me know what information, if any that you would like about the Sabin, Goodwin family.” “Piece of history. Fabulous.” “I used this in a graphic design experiment, creating a fake album cover for a fictional band - on display in my Imaginary Record Shop!” Comments
  7. 7. DONATION! Ms. Henrietta Silverman Jenrette contacted us through our website requesting that we accept her donation of 10 photos of the trial that her father attended with his previous high school biology teacher. The reason? “I appreciate the way the photos the Smithsonian has are available online for all to see.” INFORMATION! We have posted photos where we have had little information about the content of the photograph. There is a hard-working community ready to do research and give source links! More Results