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Why Your App Should Never Be Done


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Presented at Forrester's Customer Experience Forum West / Outside In 2012 by Sven Folleras, managing director of information technology at FedEx Services, and Rebecca Flavin, CEO of EffectiveUI.

“Our web app is done!” – Famous last words and possibly a sign of a bad user experience. What if your application was never actually done? FedEx Office takes exactly that approach – its web-to-print solution, Print Online, constantly evolves based on close attention to customer feedback and ongoing iteration. This session explores how FedEx is building the industry’s most intuitive web-to-print solution using an outside-in approach.

This session will answer the following questions:

• How do you incorporate customer feedback to also meet business goals?
• What kind of commitment is required to conduct ongoing usability testing?
• How can companies identify new products by listening to customer feedback?

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Why Your App Should Never Be Done

  1. YOUR APPSHOULD NEVERBE DONERebecca Flavin, EffectiveUI Sven Folleras, FedEx Services
  2. startTHERE IS NO FINISH LINE. continue
  3. TIPS Let customer feedback guide your tech decisions. Technology landscape New needs, expectations Right-to-Market, not is always changing always surfacing always First-to-Market
  4. TIPS Research should be contextual and actionable. Market research can Data analysis Include someone with only tell so much vs. creativity expertise to translate the research
  5. TIPS Include the user voice into the creation process. Clickable prototypes during design Address now, fewer revisions later
  6. TIPS Include IT/developers in the process. Get involved early Creative problem solvers Empathy
  7. TIPS Don’t launch and forget. Ask for feedback multiple ways Product roadmap
  8. TIPS Prioritize in the “SANDBOX” Everyone has In prioritization, customer Roadmap is an different goals has a seat at the table iterative process
  9. TIPS full beta/pilot testing effort A/B testing dynamic prototype static HTML prototype paper prototype sketches time/budget No time, no budget! You can still include the customer’s voice.
  10. TIPS No time, no budget! You can still include the customer’s voice. 1. Find users in 2. Step right outside 3. Incorporate customer your company feedback once launched 4. Don’t fear the results 5. Prioritize feedback
  11. Brand Reputation Return On Investment Industry Recognition