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Interaction13 Daily Recap - Wednesday


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EffectiveUI’s team on the ground provides a daily recap of Interaction13 in Toronto, January 28-31, 2013. Today they learned how interaction designers design so much more than websites.

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Interaction13 Daily Recap - Wednesday

  1. IxD 2013 DAILY RECAP JANUARY 30, 2013
  2. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30TH We’re designing so much more than websites. IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  3. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.WE’RE DESIGNINGSYSTEMSPaul Adams talked about how Facebook is not a website,its a system of interactions that work together to create asocial experience that makes people feel both unique andconnected at the same time. IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  4. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.WE’RE DESIGNINGTHINGSThe internet is expanding into our physical world. Arduinoand the decreased technology costs have brought us awhole world of new products like the Nest Thermostat,Twine, and Karotz. Designers, like Carla Diana (Makingmeaning in an internet of things), are moving away fromscreens and focusing on how internet connectivity canenhance every day objects and tasks. IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  5. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved. • Its probably no surprise to most designers that often times, the design process uncovers business problems that lie outside the scope of our work.WE’RE • Cindy Chastain (New Frontiers: The UX professional as business consultant) hypothesizes that theDESIGNING career path of a seasoned UX professional might lie outside the product design space and in thePROCESSES business consultant space. • We can (and are) using design thinking and the discovery process to rethink the design of a company’s business. IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  6. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.WE’RE DESIGNINGIN-PERSONINTERACTIONSJulia Barrett (Social networks suck. Social computingfrees you) talked about how iPads and other devices canfacilitate a deeper person-to-person interaction. IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  7. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.WE’RE DESIGNINGHABITSWhy are people addicted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagramand many other websites? Its because these websitesactually create a habitual need within their users. Nir Eyalhas codified the 4 steps of creating an addictive websiteinto what he calls “The Hook”. IxD13 DAILY RECAP
  8. © 2013 EffectiveUI, Inc. All rights reserved.WE’RE DESIGNING FAILURES Does this sound bad or great? As designers, we understand that we learn from trying and if you try over and over, you’re going to fail. Failures, small or big, will teach us what not to do, how to improve and may even give us our next big idea. But how to we convince our clients that failure does not always equal customer alienation? IxD13 DAILY RECAP